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It’s My Way To The Highway

| Updated Jul 3, 2013

MapThe DeLORME (I can’t figure out why they spell it that way) Atlas and Gazetteer is mandatory for every state I travel.  You can order from them directly or from Amazon. Big Box Bookstores carry them, but they never have the state you want.

I found out about them from my girlie birder friends, who are fellow Missouri Master Naturalists and introduced me to the joys of birding. (And when I say “joys” I mean it.) We’re talking bad weather. We’re talking ticks, schlepping heavy scopes, binoculars, mud, a lot of books and arguing about whether the dang thing that was right in the sun had a wing bars or not.) To bird, you have to know what time of year, time of day, type of habitat, where and how to get there.

The Atlas can get you where you think you need to be. It is a large format, thin booklet that IMG_5973shows every farm road, back road and toll road – plus every rail line, stream, park and town.  When you aren’t hooked up to NASA satellites, or are a technical black hole like yours truly, a good old-fashioned map is just the thing to get you on those wonderful, scenic back roads. I happen to love maps anyway. Call me a Luddite. This does not mean you are going to see a particular bird, however. I wish the DeLorme people would get on that. But you will see that waterfall!IMG_1299

When I first brought my Roadtrek Adventurous home in Oct. of 2011, I was going on a 10 day canoe trip the very next day. My gear, clothing, food and canoe was all in the garage, ready to stow.  I am also a sailor used to small quarters and knew what to bring.  The cabins are very similar in van and boat, except for a few things like airbags instead of life vests. My 12 foot canoe is sort of an open, flat kayak and fits right down the aisle of the van, tilted up to rest on the bed. I put blankets around it to protect the cabinets.

_MG_3043I did have a passenger on that trip to the Buffalo River in Arkansas, and I learned a valuable lesson. Not to travel with someone who is disorganized. She must have had 12 bags with everything from a mandolin to a huge bag of tree branches from her yard for firewood! I would get her stuff organized and stowed, then WHAM! – turn around and it looked like an explosion happened!  This wasn’t a serenity promoter for me.   I have a hard enough time remembering where I put things.  She was hilarious and is a great friend, but next time, she and her stuff are going to be bungeed on the bike rack and she gets the tent.

I need checklists for everything from clothing, food to pre-ignition! Things like making sure all cabinets are latched so my favorite strawberry rhubarb jam doesn’t end up Jackson Pollack-ing the wardrobe cabinet. Propane off so I don’t celebrate the 4th of July at random. Windows closed (I really, really adore detail cleaning after going down a dirt and gravel road with the windows open… NOT).

There are items that are dedicated to the van, like excellent music for every type of weather, road or mood. Also cleaning supplies, dishes, wet wipes, bedding, hats, games and flashlights and such.  I mustn’t forget binoculars so I can spy on my neighbors, or cameras to document two-headed calves and the like.


I get the van checked regularly for fluids, tires and that kind of important stuff since I am also a mechanical black hole.  Especially since the guy in the service department is really handsome. His name is Kevin.  Winterize and de-winterize and winterize and de-winterize ad nauseum (am getting pretty good at that if I say so myself).

I also run the generator every month with the A/C on medium, sit inside and pretend I am at the beach. Sometimes I even paste beach scenes on the windows so it seems more realistic (use glue that wipes off easily!) A wave sound machine is good, too.

The other important thing I do to prepare for a trip is to call all my friends and make several FaceBook posts to brag about my great adventure and make them all jealous.  This is key.

Oh, the other thing I do is, sort of, generally. in a way, maybe, have a vague idea of where I’m headed. Kind of.

There are other things I do, but they are double secret.  Plus, I can’t find that list right now and I am too busy scraping jelly off the floor.


Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-07-03

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

21 Responses to “It’s My Way To The Highway”

March 05, 2014at7:17 pm, Laura Loschky Robinson said:

Tana, a 100-400 L. I love it for wildlife.

March 05, 2014at7:16 pm, Laura Robinson said:

Tana, It’s a 100-400 L. Love it for wildlife.

March 05, 2014at2:29 pm, Tana Fauske said:

What lens is on your Canon?

March 05, 2014at2:26 pm, Cathy Trowbridge said:

I wish

February 24, 2014at12:48 pm, Mary Acheson said:

We always buy the current year’s Rand McNally Atlas. It gives us places of interest and the Walmart/Sam’s directory. $14.95

February 24, 2014at8:47 am, Sandy Moran said:

Laura you are so reading your posts. Take a look at the benchmark maps for the west coast..really great for blm..sorry we didn’t make it to Pogo’s..I’m sure our paths will cross travels

February 24, 2014at1:23 am, Scott Atkinson said:

Great maps…I use them for my exploring…

February 23, 2014at10:46 pm, John Callahan said:

I love annotating my atlases. Mark all the places I read about or hear about. No one borrowing mine!

February 23, 2014at7:52 pm, Millie Dwyer said:


February 23, 2014at7:02 pm, Lorraine Parent said:

oui,,,j’ai hâte!!!!

February 23, 2014at6:48 pm, Lisa Gruner said:


February 23, 2014at6:46 pm, Lisa Gruner said:

Ha! Just have to wait for 50% sale!

February 23, 2014at6:13 pm, Aundra Erbacher said:

Hey I don’t see Arizona want to borrow mine

February 23, 2014at4:56 pm, Bennie Smith said:

These are good map books, but at 20 bucks apiece, they get expensive if you travel much.

February 23, 2014at4:56 pm, Bennie Smith said:

These are good map books, but at 20 bucks apiece, they get expensive if you travel much.

February 23, 2014at4:24 pm, Bob Powers said:

Might as well start off with the best on top

February 23, 2014at4:09 pm, Kc Stafford said:

Showing off some antiques ???

July 04, 2013at1:10 pm, Greg said:

For the western states, the Benchmark maps and mapbooks are also available and many people prefer them to the DeLorme series. We use the DeLorme when navigating off of the main roads in the midwest. The only issue I have seen is that there are a lot of items on the maps that no longer exist, they don’t seem to get eliminated when the maps are updated. Not easy to eliminate stuff without ground truth and human interaction with the map database so it is not surprising that things never disappear from the maps.

July 03, 2013at8:59 pm, Casey Maupin said:

I have ALWAYS been a map reader, but one time while going over the Appalachian Mountains to D.C., I used a GPS. We got to Maryland and it showed that I had passed our turn. Keep checking GPS.. Wasn’t accurate. Had to ask someone while on the side of the road.. The road we needed was a 100 yards in front of us. >.> Felt like a tool. Also while hitchhiking France, we never got lost until that one time I used a map.

July 03, 2013at6:52 pm, Kristi said:

I love a good map, too, Laura! The new electronic devices (GPS, map apps) have their place, But if I don’t look at an actual paper map, I don’t feel oriented. Sounds like you like to ‘bird’ like I like to i.d. fish. A RT is a perfect accommodation for birding.

July 03, 2013at8:54 am, Campskunk said:

i didn’t know about these – i always buy the map book with all 50 states and canada in it, so no wonder i never get the details of the small roads that are my primary interest as a boondocker. i spend so much time in certain states that i would benefit from a better map. and the only way to travel with a disorganized person is to just take charge and organize them. they’ll thank you for it. later. much later. maybe. 😉

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