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Roadtrek Facebook Group descends on Kitchener

| Updated Jul 15, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was a testimony to the power of social networking and the bonds that can develop from the small motorhome lifestyle.

Some 50 members of our Roadtreking Facebook Group folks showed up for a friend's retirement party and spent the night at Bingemann's Campground in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, just down the road from the factory.

They all toured the Roadtrek facilities.  Most went through in small groups, also touring a setup of new models out in the parking lot for people.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHoward Stratton, dashing vice-president of Roadtrek, is seen here on the left in the blue shirt.  Chris Deakins, service guru, is in the red shirt with his back to the camera, and Tim Mallon, the honoree of this get-together who with wife, Carol, recently retired, is in the tie-dye shirt at far right. These tie-dye shirts are giving the marketing people here fits 😉

The Mallons are active members of the Facebook group and the tour and mini-rally sprang up spontaneously. A day after it was announced, 50 folks had signed up. What's really interesting is that only a handful actually had met the Mallons. Most acquaintances were were made online, through the Facebook group. It was an excuse to get together and spend a few nights in their Roadtreks. That was good enough.


Here's another view of the ring of models set up in the finished vehicles parking lot. Roadtrek showcased every Class B model they make, just about every model except the Ranger. Rangers sell out so fast they leave the lot almost as soon as they're finished, so catching one sitting still is rare. Production and demand are at such a pace now that all these vehicles shown to the Facebook group will be gone by this weekend.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere's a tour group looking at a partially finished Adventurous model with Ruby Red paint.  Every tour guide Roadtrek had on hand was summoned – all leaves were cancelled.  In addition to getting a tour, several folks with minor problems got quick technical assistance to get them back on the road with all systems go.  It was a busy day for everyone, and later on, they reassembled for a bar-be-que at Bingemann's campground.

Jim Hammill, Roadtrek president, spent most of the afternoon and evening meeting and greeting the guests, showing off the Roadtrek models and swapping stories about the small motorhome lifestyle.

Jim Hammill talks to group members
Jim Hammill (right) talks to group members

Here's some more photos:

Serious tie-dye decor among the attendees – the way we figure it, if you're not embarrassing your children, you're not having enough fun.


We had great weather- didn't really need the picnic shelter, except for a little shade.
Bingeman's put on a delicious spread.
The Roadtrek-only parking area for the BBQ.

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Published on 2014-07-15

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July 16, 2014at12:29 am, Helen Steinheider said:

Campskunk, I really enjoy your posts. Being a cat lover, I especially enjoy reading about the lovely & vivacious Fiona. Love your sense of humor as well. I look forward to someday traveling around the country in my very own Roadtrek.

July 15, 2014at7:31 pm, lisa said:

Great summary of the first half of the event! Thanks for joining us…..

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