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10 Easy Campfire Snacks & Treats

Tired of s’mores? Here are 10 easy and delicious campfire snacks and treats to make you the star of the trip…

S’mores are delicious, so they have been a popular camping treat for decades. But they are not the only thing you can enjoy fireside!

From savory to sweet, I’ve made a list of delectable campfire treats the whole family can enjoy.

They will, of course, be a hit for any children or grandchildren you bring along on the trip. But aren’t we all kids at heart when it comes to treats? So, these are for kids of any age, from 1 to 100!

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10 Easy Campfire Snacks & Treats 

No matter where you plan to camp, one of the most beloved traditions is enjoying a snack by the nightly fire. Or heck, even enjoying a snack by your backyard fire pit!

There is something gratifying about sharing a fun treat with people you love, no matter where your campfire is. 

The following are 10 of the easiest (and tastiest!) campfire snacks and treats to take on your next camping trip. 

1. S’Mores Variations

Easy Campfire Snacks

I think our first suggestion should just be a twist on traditional s’mores. If you love s’mores but feel a little bored with them, then the simplest solution is just to mix things up.

You can try different cookie and cracker combinations or fillings. 

One popular option is to replace the chocolate in the s’more with a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Or, add Andes mints for a holiday twist on the old favorite!

Or, instead of making it with graham cracker outer walls, try Oreos instead.

Want something fancier (and a tad healthier)? Add fresh raspberries, bananas, or strawberries inside a traditional s’more. 

Get creative with your own ideas by incorporating some of your favorite treats that you would not otherwise try. 

2. Campfire Cinnamon Roll-Ups

Easy Campfire Snacks cinnamon rollups
Cook it over the fire.

If you love cinnamon rolls, then you will love these roll-ups! You need a package of crescent rolls, ¼ cup sugar, and a tablespoon of cinnamon. 

You combine the cinnamon and sugar in a bowl to make these delicious treats. Then separate the crescent rolls, wrapping each one around a skewer. 

Roll it in the cinnamon-sugar mixture and cook over a campfire for five minutes. 

You can also make an optional glaze for your treat. Mix ¼ cup powdered sugar with about two tablespoons of water. If it is too dry, add another tablespoon of water. 

3. Easy Campfire Tarts

easy campfire snacks
Cook the dough to make the shell over the fire.

While this recipe only calls for three simple ingredients, you’ll need some way to cook the tart shell. You can fashion a metal shot glass into a skewer to give you the right shape. But if you are not a typical DIYer, you can purchase some Wolf’em Roasting Sticks that have attachments to keep in your RV.

All you need to make these tarts is refrigerated biscuits (like Pilsbury), canned pie filling, and whipped cream. 

Simply wrap the biscuit around the end of the shot glass (or pastry attachment). Toast it over the campfire until it is browned. Then fill it with the pie filling and top with whipped cream!

4. Banana Boats

grilled bananas easy campfire snacks
Some even grill it without the peal!

Banana boats are another versatile campfire treat. You start by splitting open a banana down the middle, lengthwise. Be sure to keep the peel intact. 

Score the banana with a knife. Then fill the opening with goodies, close the banana up and wrap it in foil.

Place the wrapped banana in the embers to cook. You can also place them on a grate over the flames. 

While there are endless options to add to your banana boat, a surefire combination is something melty and sweet (like chocolate) and something crunchy (like nuts). 

Ideas to add to your banana boat include chocolate, caramel, pralines, white chocolate, coconut shreds, honey, candied ginger, sliced strawberries, or granola. 

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5. Kiss Pies

This is another variation on campfire pie. This might be a great alternative if you do not have what you need to make the easy tarts. 

All you need is pie dough, chocolate kisses, one egg, and some sugar.

To make them, unroll the refrigerated pie dough. Place chocolate kisses on the dough. Cut a 2.5-3” circle around each kiss. 

Push up each side of the dough to the center of the kiss. Pinch the sides together. 

Then brush each pie with a bit of egg wash and sprinkle with sugar. 

Bake over a campfire until golden brown. 

6. Foil Pack Fries

easy campfire snacks
Like this but with FRIES!

Foil pack fries are so easy and can be individualized for each person!

Take a piece of foil, about 1’ by 1’ in size. Fold up the sides to make it into a bowl shape. 

Add frozen fries to the foil pouch. Then top it with whatever you want (see below for suggestions).

Fold the foil to close the pouch and cook over the fire until the fries are heated through. 

The cool thing about this snack is that you can have many different topping choices, such as: 

  • Cheese (or mac & cheese)
  • Bacon
  • Chili or baked beans
  • Gravy
  • Veggies (i.e., green onion, bell peppers, onion, garlic)
  • Wingstop ranch dressing
  • Pulled pork, chicken, steak (cooked)

Not to put water on the campfire, but it behooves me to remind ourselves of  The Importance of Staying Healthy While RVing. Of course, we should all enjoy these campfire snacks and treats in moderation. 

Ok, now that the health disclosure is done, let’s get back to sweet goodness!

7. Bacon on a Stick

easy campfire snacks

Who doesn’t love bacon? This is the perfect campfire snack for those that love a salty snack. You can even do it for breakfast! 

Simply place the bacon on a skewer, turning it back and forth, so it looks like a ribbon. 

Then roast it over the open flame until it is cooked! 

If you want to go one step further, consider adding this to a s’more to kick it up a notch. Or as a topping for your banana boat.

8. Apple Pie in a Cup

If fall camping is right up your alley, then this treat probably will be too! It is like the fall season in an easy disposal cup. 

You need small plastic cups, graham crackers, diced apple fruit cups, and whipped cream. 

Take a small plastic cup and fill it ⅓ of the way with crushed graham crackers. Then top it with the diced apples from the fruit cup. 

Add whipped cream, and voila! Apple pie in a cup! 

9. Walking Tacos

Do you want to celebrate Taco Tuesday with a simple, no-hassle recipe? 

All you need to buy is individualized bags of Doritos and the taco toppings that you want. I like taco meat, shredded cheese, chopped tomato, shredded lettuce, and sour cream. 

Open the bag of Doritos, then top it with whatever combination of toppings you want! Then eat the “tacos” right out of the bag. 

Talk about a fun variation on taco night!

10. Road Trip Snack Boxes

While this is not a treat that you warm over the campfire, I couldn’t help adding it to the list. It makes for a fun, creative road trip snack that is excellent for adults and kids alike!

Take a plastic box that is typically used to house crafts or tackle. Whatever you can find has several separated compartments. Then fill each compartment with different finger foods. 

The best part is mixing and matching your favorites to make it enjoyable. But you should also add some things you normally don’t eat to mix it up even more. 

Some ideas of what to include are:

  • Grapes
  • Small crackers (like small-sized Ritz sandwich crackers or goldfish)
  • Carrots
  • Cheese cubes
  • Berries
  • Small cubed lunch meat
  • Candy
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate

Your Favorite Campfire Snacks & Treats

Please share your favorite campfire snacks in the comments below. We all love a delicious new treat to try! Also, let us know if you’ve tried any of the above campfire snacks, and how it worked out for you.

Speaking of campfires, you might also want to check out 30 of the Best Campfire Songs to sing while you snack. Or, perhaps you want to learn about portable camping fire pits, including smokeless options.

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May 12, 2022at7:15 pm, Bev Parkison said:

You can do so much with a campfire pie iron! We take pizza dough and make delicious toasted pizzas. Crescent rolls for pies and small tortillas for Tex Mex. I have two awesome cookbooks for “Pudgie Pies”!


May 12, 2022at8:22 am, Deborah Nuessly said:

We love using waffle ice cream cones for s’mores. Just fill with ingredients, wrap in non-stick foil and place at the edge of the fire. Rotate once then after 5 min or so remove and enjoy! A great less mess treat!


May 13, 2022at10:13 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing- Less mess is always a bonus! Team RV Lifestyle


May 12, 2022at7:24 am, Carol Abar said:

What size (diameter) flag pole do we need for supporting starlink ?
Hope you are enjoying your 5th wheel.


May 13, 2022at10:12 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Carol – Best to contact Starlink. Mike doesn’t work for the company and is just sharing his experience (and wouldn’t want to steer you wrong!) Team RV Lifestyle


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