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Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn

I came up with this version of making quick microwave popcorn.  Once the popcorn is done, add a teaspoon of seasoning of choice: cinnamon sugar, chili powder, spices and or sea salt.

Serves 2 – 3


1/4 cup                fresh non GMO popcorn kernels 

1 teaspoon          sea salt or spice mix of choice


  1.  Place 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels in a double lined plain brown lunch bag  (no printing or inks on bag).
  2.  Crease and fold the opening sides at the top of the bag three times and lay the bag flat on the glass plate turn table inside the microwave.
  3.  Set the microwave on HIGH for approximately 1 min., 45 seconds. Stop the microwave when the popcorn popping slows to an occasional pop.
  4.  Remove bag from the microwave, let it rest for a few seconds then carefully unfold the brown bag as steam will be escaping.
  5.  Pour the popcorn into a bowl and season with sea salt or spices. 

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