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10 Easy RV Hacks You Can Do This Weekend

| Updated May 26, 2024

These easy RV hacks are inexpensive, simple tricks to make your travel trailer, camper, or fifth wheel more comfortable and functional…

Social media is packed full of all kinds of life hacks to make life easier, more organized, and more enjoyable. As you can imagine, there are thousands of RV hacks you can employ. 

You really don’t need to “hack” your entire RV, but there are a handful of hacks you can do that will make a big difference. I’ve compiled them into this list!

Best of all, you can do these RV hacks in one weekend! Really, you can do them in one day, but you may need an extra day or two to get all of the necessary supplies.

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10 Easy, Affordable RV Hacks

I have ten great RV hacks for you to try, and I bet that others are going to share even more in the comments below. (I invite you to do the same!)

If 10 RV hacks aren’t enough, I’ll also tell you about a book of 400+ RV Hacks written by fellow RVers at the end.

1. Glow in the Dark Tape on Steps

Climbing into your RV at night can be a bit troublesome, and even dangerous. A simple solution to find your way and keep you upright is to use glow in the dark tape.

One roll of outdoor, waterproof glow-in-the-dark tape goes a long way. You can tape it to each step and your handhold, plus plenty of other places.

Another great use for it is on “head knockers,” like your RV awning support brace. It’ll save you from bumping your head at night!

2. Tension Rods in Fridge and Cabinets

RVers love tension rods! In fact, one of the most popular RV hacks is to use tension rods in the fridge or in cabinets to help secure items in transit. Press the items to the back and use the rods to hold them in place.

Or, you can put a rod between rows of items to keep them in place and to minimize rattling.

I recommend buying a pack of small tension rods (or even two packs) to keep in your RV. You can easily pop the rods in your fridge and cabinets as part of your teardown checklist.  

3. Pool Noodle on Awning Support

Awning supports are often at the perfect height to smash your head into! They’re right above eye level yet below the top of your head… thus, the top of your head konks into it a lot.

An easy, affordable, surefire way to protect your noggin is to use a pool noodle! You simply slit it down one side and pop it over the support rod. Your much more likely to see it and duck or, at worst, you’ll hit soft foam instead of metal.

This is actually just one of 15 Pool Noodle Camping Hacks for RV and Camper that I’ve shared before.

4. Coin on Ice in Fridge

Have you ever suspected that the power to your RV went out but didn’t have a way to tell? Wondered if the items in your freezer thawed and then refroze? 

There’s a great RV hack that can tell if your power went out while you were gone for an extended time. Plus, it can give you a good idea for how long.

You simply freeze a small cup of water. Once the water is frozen, place a coin on top of the cup that you’ll keep in a corner of the freezer. 

If you return to find the coin is frozen inside of the ice instead of on top, you’ll know the power went out. Based on how deep the coin is, you can estimate how long the power was out.

5. Hanging Organizer in Shower

Another favorite RV hack is to use a hanging organizer in the shower. This utilizes vertical space to store shampoo bottles, razors, soap, and more. 

This hanging mesh organizer is a great option. Though, it’s only one of 7 Best RV Shower Caddy Solutions (According to RVers) if you’d like more to choose from.

6. Secure Countertop or Tabletop Items with Museum Wax

There is a product that goes by many different names: museum wax, earthquake putty, or sticky putty, to name a few. But they all generally work the same way.  

You place a little bit of the wax or putty on the bottom of an item you need to secure. Then, stick that adhesive to the countertop, tabletop, or cabinet shelf to keep the item in place. 

7. Use Broom Holder for Flashlights, Tools, etc.

You can buy these no-drill wall-mounted broom holders and mount them anywhere to secure various items. They work great for flashlights, screwdrivers, and such. 

It’s a great idea to mount one by the door and your bed to use for flashlights. You can also mount them in your under-RV storage for easy access to certain tools.

8. Use Cord Holders… Everywhere

10 Easy RV Hacks You Can Do This Weekend

Cord holders are your friends! No more catching your foot on a charger cord dangling under the kitchen table. No more fishing for your phone cord by your bed. 

I recommend an assortment of cord clips rather than just buying a few. Trust me, you’ll find a use for them throughout your RV! 

You can even use them for pens and toothbrushes!

9. Store Board Games in Plastic File Pouches

RVers are always looking for ways to store things more compactly. This often means taking something from its original container and putting it into a more space-friendly one.

Board games are a staple of camping, but their boxes can take up a lot of space. So, a great RV hack is to remove the game board and pieces and put them into plastic file pouches.

You can then compactly store the file pouches in a box or lined up in a cabinet.

10. Use Drink Koozies to Protect Glass & Minimize Rattling

Drink koozies are, of course, popular among RVers who like to keep their drinks cool while sitting around the campfire. But that’s not their only use!

You can use a set of drink koozies to protect your glassware in transit. You can even use them flat between dishes or cut off the bottoms to slide them onto different glassware.

400+ RV Hacks

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2024-05-26

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

3 Responses to “10 Easy RV Hacks You Can Do This Weekend”

May 28, 2024at8:04 am, Ben Williams said:

I love these! Looking forward to putting some in use.
BTW- Marc & Julie Bennett’s book RV Hacks: 400+ Ways to Make Life on the Road Easier, Safer, and More Fun! (Life Hacks Series)
is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!


November 21, 2022at11:57 am, Lynn Jeffers said:

A magazine file rack from an office supply store will hold three wine bottles (or other libations) upright and tight to prevent tipping or spilling…don’t ask how I might know this! 🙂


November 23, 2022at6:42 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Great suggestion- thanks for sharing, Lynn! Team RV Lifestyle


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