AR State Capitol

I  have now been on the road for over a week. I spent Saturday night in the best camp site of the trip so far. It was in a state park that is part of the Little Rock Hike and Bike trail system. After driving for several days I did a 5 mile hike which offered me a great view of the Arkansas River.


Heifer International

I  spent the last 2 days traveling through Arkansas and Mississippi. I spent a lovely Sunday morning in Little Rock, the Capitol of AR.  After a delicious breakfast (chocolate brioche French toast with grilled bananas and drizzled in peanut sauce). I wandered around a pretty deserted downtown. I saw historic buildings and drove around the Capitol.

Have you ever noticed most cities proudly tell you that their Capitol was designed after the Capitol in DC? One of the more interesting sites in downtown is the Heifer International Building. This organization is the one where you can buy a cow for a poor family. I usually get this request in the mail at Christmas each year. The building is totally green and architecturally quite attractive. It was in the same complex as the William Clinton Presidential Library. I may not have gotten into these buildings but I did enjoy strolling on a quiet Sunday morning.


Janet on the William Clinton Memorial Bridge

In the afternoon on Sunday I drove through the backroads of southern Arkansas and Mississippi. What I can tell you about this country is that it is flat with miles of corn, okra and cotton. Did I tell you it is flat?  I did cross the Mississippi on a very beautiful bridge.

Here is my list of Things I Have Never Experienced in Southern CA

  • It is hot here, really hot!!! Have I mentioned the humidity?
  • Armadillo road kill.
  • A scorpion in the bathroom. (We do have these but I have never seen one)
  •  Have I mentioned the heat?
  • Getting out of my RT and having my glasses steam up.
  • Vegetable stands that advertise okra.
  • 2 lane wide freeways.
  • and just in case you missed it above the heat and humidity are outstanding.

I am now on my way to  Fernadina Beach, FL. I will spend the next few days visiting with my sister And enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. I hear they have sharks here.