Things I am learning about My roadtrek

 Things I am learning about My roadtrek

Janet & the Atlantic

Janet & the  Atlantic
Janet & the Atlantic

I have been traveling in my Roadtrek for about 2 weeks. I want to remind you that I have never driven or been in an RV before in my life, I am learning quite a bit about this temporary lifestyle.

I am not living in this full time. I am on a journey and the purpose of this journey is to meet friends now and old and thank them for the support they have given me and my husband over the past 3 years. When I stop to visit friends I am usually staying in their homes, which are delightfully air conditioned. Sweet!!!

Ihave spent 3 nights in Fernadina Beach, Florida visiting my sister and brother-in-law. imageWhile I was there they sold their house in St Augustine. This is another reminder for me that life moves on. We had a marvelous visit and I also had a great opportunity to know my brother-in-law, Joe.

I have since traveled north spending 2 nights outside of Macon, Georgia with Ange, another dear friend. I met Hazel a true southern bell and her mother-in-law. Southern hospitality is alive and well, trust me.

I have begun to have a relationship with my Roadtrek. Every time I drive it or stay in it I learn something new. I continue to explore the parts of this delightful vehicle And myself.  Here is what I have learned so far.

  • Leave the inverter off unless you need it. (It still confounds me)
  • Pack light. I have not done this and I know I will do this the next time.
  • Keep  everything in it's place. If you use it put it back.
  • The pump only needs to be on when not hooked up to shore power. And, yes I found the switch.
  • The bed in my RT is too soft. I bought a 4 inch memory foam and it was still soft. Off I went to Home Depot and talked to one of my adopted salesmen. I now have 6 boards that I put in between a quilt, they act like bed slats.. My memory foam lies on top and I sleep like baby. When I get to northern NJ I am going to make a Bag for them.
  • I don't seriously think I can parallel park.
  • Figure out the GPS before you leave home and know it is not always correct.
  • Secure everything before you take off and stop often until you can find out where that last rattle is coming from.
  • Lastly,  when you see a scorpion in the shower at a campground use the shower in your RT.

I am staying with good friends outside of Asheville, NC for a week. I who am not a church goer, went to church today. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?




  • I continue to learn things about my RT too… I enjoyed reading your post and I look forward to reading more.

  • Sounds like you have a great start…at 2 weeks I was still reading my manuals and every forum I could find. … Umm…AC, DC? …oh my I need to understand those terms! ha ha. Looking forward to your next entry!

  • Janet – are you still in Asheville? I live here! I bought a used 200 versatile a few months ago – so much to learn. Would love to get together and compare stories!

  • You mentioned your water pump switch. I would also suggest that you not leave it on when you don’t need water. In other words don’t leave the switch on when you leave the vehicle for any length of time. Don’t leave it on at night time etc. If you have a small leak that will allow the leak to continue to leak and perhaps cause damage.

    The only time I turn mine one is when I actually need the water … then right off again.

  • Great article, Janet! I agree about scorpions.

  • Congratulations on your budding relationship with your Roadtrek. You’ll be an expert about the systems before long. Looking forward to hearing about the next leg of your trip.

  • On Friday my long term dream came true when I got my my 2006 Roadtrek Adventurous. I spent the weekend at a nearby state park reading manuals and trying out all the devices. Worked like a dream and I can’t wait to head out for a longer trip. So glad to hear from other women who RV. Now that I am more confident, I have several friends who I will invite to travel with me from time to time, but it is also fun just to know I can head out with my dog and my Roadtrek! What a blessing.

  • Janet, thanks for allowing us to follow you virtually. Have you got the paints out yet?

  • Janet,
    Do you have a website for your tour company? What a great job (until you get that weird client!) I am so sorry about your loss.
    Laura Robinson

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  • What beach were you at? Looks beautiful.

    • This is Fernadina Beach, FL. It is close to the GA border and is very pretty.

  • So – how do you stop all of the rattles? I have felt, cushions, foam….all kinds of things here and there – and still have not stopped them all. The worst is the microwave. I have it padded all around and it rattles so loud that it is deafening.
    (2004 170 Popular)

  • Happy to read that you went to church, keep it up it’ll make you a better person ready for the future. ⛪



  • Loved hearing the new things you’re finding out about your roadtrek.

  • Loved hearing the new things you’re finding out about your roadtrek.

  • Happy camper.

  • I read your comments with interest. We just bought a 10 ft Boler and are heading out for warmer climates for the month of March. I’m sure we’ll learn lots of tricks along the way, and look forward to all the interesting articles we see on this site.

  • David this is Fernadina Beach FL

  • Would love to have a mobile home and move with the seasons!

  • Great tips for newbies of what to learn at the beginning. Thank you

  • You have inspired me to give it a try,I know NOTHING about it but I want to learn.

  • Juliette Harlow

  • Great info

  • I want one of them

  • That looks like a nice place to be

  • Janet,

    Were you in Kitchener 2 weeks ago? When I checked in at Bingeman’s they said the only Roadtreker was on site 944 (I think) and had just rolled in after two months on the road from Southern California. Another couple from IN and I camped nearby, but you must have moved on. Would like to have met you, but maybe another time, another place.

    • No, sigh….I am home in southern CA and my RT is in the shop.Sigh. It could not have been me. Sigh.

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