Janet: My Roadtrek RV is a People Magnet

 Janet: My Roadtrek RV is a People Magnet

Roadtrek in the Garden

Roadtrek in the Garden
Roadtrek in the Garden

I have been in Northern New Jersey for almost a week. I am visiting my other sister, Ginny and her husband, Frank. When I arrived at their house they opened the back gate and my cute little Roadtrek moved into the garden.

Immediately it started to happen again. People that they have not seen in a long time were suddenly taking a walk in front of their house. One man wanted to know what Ginny and Frank had used for fertilizer this year to grow that RV and they wanted to get the same type of fertilizer.

The mailman almost missed the mailboxes looking at the RT. Last night we took the neighbors on a drive around the lake. I think I could charge admission. I started a guest sign-in book, last night with their neighbors. I wish I had thought of it sooner.

Since I have last posted here I have been doing some traveling on my way to New Jersey. I continue to like how smooth and comfortable my ride is. I love my seats, they are so comfortable. One of the advantages of having the RV is that when I get tired, I can pull off in a nice secluded spot and take a nap or a walk. Everything I need I have with me, including my hiking boots and my pillow.

It is fun to explore places that are a little off the beaten path. I had a marvelous visit in North Beach, MD.  This little town is within a few hours of Washington DC, yet, it would be hard to imagine . This is a quiet little town on the west shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It has a 7 block waterfront with a half mile long boardwalk that people stroll on in the warm summer evenings. It also has salt water marshes that attract a variety of wildlife. When it was first founded it was a vacation resort. Today it is a year round community for most people.

Janet & Joy
Janet & Joy

My friend Joy has lived there for many years. Each time I visit not much has changed. The day was picture perfect, sun, puffly clouds, minimal humidity and in the low 80's. I

t was one of those days that always reminds me that fall is on the way. She  and I spent a wonderful day exploring one of the nearby estuaries. There are boardwalks over the marshes that stretch for  a mile or more.

I love knowing I have the time to meander. I saw so many shore birds (closet bird watcher here) and snakes and other wildlife. This was a wonderful day with a very good long time friend. Joy and I have known each other since high school. We have not lived close to each other for years, yet each time we do meet up we pick up right where left off. It is good to have a friend you can do this with. It was an absolutely wonderful visit.

And….I cannot leave this area without recommending the Maryland crab cakes. There is nothing better. I have searched California for 28 years and have never found a crab cake than can compare. Yum!!

The House I grew up in
The House I grew up in

I drove north from MD, stopping in Delaware to visit the house where I grew up. It was fun to reminisce. I actually got brave enough to pull into the driveway and knock on the door. I think I am becoming my father's daughter. He would do things like this without a second thought. Funny how the house looks smaller than I was growing up.

I got to take pictures and the owner invited me inside. It was a little walk down memory lane. There are so many memories tied up with this house and my childhood, yet the visit was one of interest and curiosity. I remember the feeling of sadness I felt when the house sold and today it is more of a memory of a time in my past. I am glad I stopped. It is good to know I have grown.

Gin & Franks home
Gin & Franks home

I am now in Byram Township, NJ. I will be here until Friday when I start to move towards New England. When I was growing up my grandmother and then my father owned a summer house on a lake in NJ. It was a very different house then. It had no insulation, a pot belly stove for heat and an outhouse in the garage. We opened it on Memorial Day and closed it after Labor Day.

I learned to swim on the lake and it was the first place I started to notice boys and they noticed the 3 girls that arrived every June. Now it is my sister's and her husband's home. It sits right on the shore of Lake Lackawanna. They long ago renovated it and now have a lovely year round home. The best feature of the house is the huge front porch where I tend to plant myself and start the business of relaxation. It works really, really well.

I put Frank to work sanding my wood slats for my bed in the RV and when I got home late yesterday afternoon the slats were sanded and stained. It was a surprise and they are very pretty. I might never see them yet every time I sleep on them I will remember this wonderful act of kindness that Frank did for me. Now, maybe I can get my sister to make a storage bag for them. A regular Tom Sawyer here, heh, heh.

Sunday I spent the day in Lambertville, NJ. This little town sits on the Delaware River and once was a bustling mill town. Lambertville is known as “The Antique Capital of New Jersey”. Antique collectors will find everything from 18th-century furniture and decorative arts to 50′s Modern.Many artists are attracted to this area. You can tour studios and find unique art in the many little stores.

Sunday it was the Road Biking Captial. There was a long bike race that ended in Lambertville. It also has a wonderful wood-sprung dance floor in the town hall. I have been to English Country Dances in this hall. It is always such a good evening.image

Delaware & Raritan Canal
Delaware & Raritan Canal

Yesterday I met another very long time friend of mine in Lambertville. Chris and I met on our first jobs as RN's in Philadelphia. She has been extremely supportive of me over the years and her love and support over the past 3 years has been so appreciated.

We had lunch and then walked part of the longest trail in New Jersey, The Delaware and Raritan canal. If you did the whole trail it is close to 30 miles. We did a part of it and caught up on each others lives. It was wonderful to have this day with her.After lunch and a walk we sat in my RT and talked. I had at least 4 visitors that stopped to ask if they could look inside. This RV is such a magnate. It makes traveling even more fun.

Since I have started this journey I am finding that saying thank you is becoming easier and meaning it becomes deeper. When I arrive back in CA, I have decided I want to go to the hospital and thank all the nurses that loved Jim and I through the last week of his life. It is hard when caught up in emotional moments to remember to give thanks. The nurses and doctors did such a marvelous job and their compassion and caring was too amazing to over look.



  • Janet, Thank you for your updates. You should be on the marketing committees for the towns and cities you are visiting. I think these areas should see an uptick in tourism, thanks to your descriptions. Continued safe travels to you… and may peace be with you.

  • Sounds like a very nice trip, and I like your storytelling.

  • janet, you have discovered that it’s part of the duties of ownership, this giving tours thing. i give tours in grocery store parking lots, campgrounds – one toll collector came out of his booth to get in and look around. best comment was sharon’s niece, who said, “it’s like a tree house”. it is, and you’re ten years old all over again when you get your tree house – sorry, Roadtrek. i had to reconsider the “no girls allowed” rule, though.

    • Hi Campskunk
      I read with interest that you have set up your RT to dry camp for several days. I also did so by instilling 4 AGM 80 AMP batteries and a 2000 watt inverter. I can run allu electrical appliances in my 190 P with the exception of the roof AC which I run off of a Honda 2000 gen. What is your set up? If I recall one of your articles I think you have solar panels. What exactly do they do in terms of recharging your batteries and what type of batteries and inverter you have? Thanks for all of the great information that you give to all of us. Regards ,HERB

  • I love hearing about Janets adventures. She has a great writing style.

  • Thank you Janet for the interesting post. I agree with Judi, you are a very good storyteller. I like your idea of a guest registry. My sweetheart and I are about to take the big plunge and become “full timers”. God bless and may you have safe travels.

  • Saw one of these at the KOA campground in Kingsland, GA last night.

  • I have an older Roadtrek but can’t wait to get her out… once the snow has gone up here in Newfoundland 🙂

  • We have a rialta motor home. Volkswagen engine.

  • This is a year old. No new ones??


  • !

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