Janet: Parking the Roadtrek With an Inch to Spare

 Janet: Parking the Roadtrek With an Inch to Spare

Closer Look

Starting Out
Starting Out

There once was a woman (me) who decided to change up her life. Due to circumstances beyond her control, change came whether she was ready or not.

She went out and bought herself a small, very cute Roadtrek Agile SS RV, packed it up and took off to see the country. She wanted to meet up with friends near and far and and get lots of hugs. She really wanted to thank all these people for their support and kindness they had given to her over the past challenging three years.

She traveled to Arizona and Colorado renewing friendships and seeing the sights.

This woman found that she really liked living in her cool little RV. She traveled and camped through Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi learning more and more each day about camping and sleeping and making her RV work. She took time to explore and learn new things, remembering to get out and stretch frequently. It was fun to see all these places she had never seen before. She was happy most of the time.

Snuggled Roadtrek
Snuggled Roadtrek

After visiting family in Florida and a good friend in the “Peach State” of  Georgia she arrived in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Very good friends awaited her arrival and were so excited when she finally knocked on their door.  But…what to do with that cute little RV?

First they tried Kay's house but the carport was too short.

Oh no, what were they to do?

They drove the cute little RV over to Zoe's and they drove it very carefully, with a little shouting and encouragement into the carport. It went in easily.

Wait a minute it was not level. Out came the blocks. They were placed under the tires on the right side. With a very slow drive forward and Zoe's good directions the RT was balanced and even, with an inch of room to spare.

One inch.

Now the neighbors saw this and were amazed.

How did they ever get this cute little RV in there, they wondered.

And the cute Roadtrek became the talk of the neighborhood.

Closer Look
Closer Look



  • Wonderful!
    Keep the stories coming.

  • Enjoy your travels.

  • Love it!

  • How did you get your job as tour guide? I want that job!!!

    • I answered an ad in the paper. That is how I got my job in San Diego. When I started doing over-the-road work I actually went to ITMI it is an expensive but worth it private school that teaches all the ins and outs but what it really does is gives you a foot in the door in a very competative industry. I love it. It is often hard work for little pay but I see wonderful places and go into places I might not choose to do on my own.
      I love the people most of the time and since I am somewhat extroverted it is a great job for me. I am exhausted when I get home, those seniors wear me out but I love most of them. You have to be willing to research and study because you become the resident expert on everything. It is a perfect fit for me.

  • ever so nice when you all post thank you

  • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Hey Janet, So good to hear your story. It supports an even stronger reason for my decisions to continue on my path as I too have so many friends and family across the US and Canada; and because I am a bit of a gypsy, I look forward to taking my dogs and visiting all of them and visiting as many little corners of North America as possible. My choice is an Agile….soooo….my questions is…..if you could change anything on your Agile, what would it be?

    • Maureen, A screen door for the Slider door side. I need to still spend more time in my RT. I will give this question some thought. I actually really like pretty much everything about it. Once I figured out how to make a firmer sleeping place I have slept like a baby and I really like it.
      Let me give some thought into this as I start my drive north on Sunday.

  • Thanks Janet…I look forward to hearing more. Happy travels!!

  • Is the RT Agile easy to use,,,We are two people ,,Have you had any problems with the unit,,,How long can you dry camp with the Agile,,Do you have any solar systems in your unit.
    Yours Roger Fethkenher

    • The Agile is very easy to handle. I do everything with care, as I have never had an RV before. Knock on wood, I have not had any problems with it. I have put about 3000+ miles on it and it has been working fine. I was suppose to get the solar panel but I am still waiting. I was disappointed it could not be installed before I left. In some ways I think that was good as I have had enough of a learning curve ith out them. Now when I get them I can focus more on them.
      I have not dry camped in my unit yet. I am a little intimidated by this so I thought I would get used to camping in it first before I dry camp.
      You will love it. Go test drive it multiple times. I did. I also drove other B Class before I settled on this one.

  • I do consider all the ideas you have presented to your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for novices. Could you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.|

    • I don’t know who you are but I must reiterate that I am a novice too. I am learning just like the rest of you. I am doing the best I can.

  • We’ve all had our moments of “dumb” luck!!

  • Do you let the air out of the tires to get her under there?

  • I’ll never forget the day I pulled into a place with a large carport forgetting that I had a satellite dish on top…oops

  • Lucky you.

  • Cutting it close!

  • Too close i would not of even tried if.

  • I forgot that my ceiling air vent was open when I drove into our carport. OOPS!

  • I think we all older RV,ers have done something stupid, w/o thinking. I know I have.
    Three times in fact, but I’m getting better.

  • Oops!!!

  • I took a sign off a telephone pole while trying to take too tight of a turn into a gas station. D’OH!!

  • 10 FEET OF CLEARANCE??????

  • Don’t Chang your tires!lol.

  • don’t do that, too many variables—gosh

  • Auto deflate.

  • A Inch is Good ! ! ! !

  • An inch is good as a mile as the saying goes

  • Let some air out of the tires.

  • I’d say this is close!

  • WOW! You could probably drive the Needles Highway at 60mph. I’m impressed!

  • Clearly, the Roadtrek needs to be designed with A/C internal to the vehicle, with the exhaust vent flush with a side of the vehicle.

  • Reminds me of mine. Getting a wheel alignment and the poor tech had to squat under the van. Had 8 inches to spare under the roll up doors and then only 3 feet to go up before the AC hits the ceiling.

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