Dirt, Roads, Covered Bridges & More

 Dirt, Roads, Covered Bridges & More

RT in the New Hampshire Woods. loving the dirt roads.

RT in the New Hampshire Woods. loving the dirt roads.
RT in the New Hampshire Woods. loving the dirt roads.

Today I broke in my new Roadtrek to 2 new experiences. Due too my crazy GPS, I rode the dirt roads of northern NH. She handled it well and it confirmed that I am getting pretty good at packing and making sure everything is secure before I get on the road. There were some rattles but no doors came open and nothing decided it needed to be somewhere else in the RV.

Experience two this morning was driving my RT across the Saco River covered bridge. It was so much fun I did it four times. I met James the park docent and he was kind enough to take a few photos. This is the third bridge on this site. It washed away in a flood, burned in a fire and was last rebuilt in 1890. I loved covered bridges.

Saco River Bridge
Saco River Bridge

These experiences all happened before 10 in the morning.

Friday I left my sister's home in NJ and started heading north. I have discovered that I tend to think I can drive further in a day than I can. Instead of being in Maine by that night I stayed at one of my favorite campgrounds on this trip. I even let my GPS pick it for me. I stayed at the Wilderness Lake Campground on a spring fed lake with a terrific view. It is so delightful to find these little treasures.

View from the camp site.
View from the camp site.

After getting settled for the evening I took a swim across the lake and back. I find that exercise in the morning (yoga) and in the evening really has helped me with driving and my back. It is important to move.

The next morning I make a big mistake thinking that I could easily skirt around Boston and head to Maine. You should have seen the traffic. It was a nightmare. It took me three plus hours to get from the 495 to the 95, and Still the traffic did not let up. I gave up and took another route. Where am I now? I am in North Conway, having breakfast and working way way into the northwest woods of Maine to meet up with some good friends and stay at their camp on Moxie Pond.

I am going to be without communication for the next three days. No cell towers where I am going. Sweet. I would like to leave you with some of my thoughts

Here is a growing list of things I would like to have on every trip I take.

  • A GPS, even if I think it is crazy at times.
  • A lake to swim in.
  • A trail to hike, longer than a mile with some up hill. I know, I love to torture myself.
  • My Camera.
  • Wine or beer or both.
  • Enough of those e-clothes to take care of everything.
  • A darn good sense of adventure.
  • A variety of tools. I am finding a wrench is worth it's weight in gold.
  • Duct tape. Need I say more?
  • Good camping sites. State Parks are still on the top of my list.
  • Good neighbors.

Lastly, here are things to leave behind or avoid all together.

  • Boston & Vicinity. (I really do love this area but whew what a morning)



  • buried waaay down in the “settings” menu on my GPS is an option – allow dirt roads or don’t allow dirt roads. i didn’t find it until after i got a really close look at Mount St Helens – i kept getting thumbs up signs from all the jeeps and 4WD/dirt bike people i passed on this 30 mile long (!) dirt road. i guess they don’t see many class B campervans back in the woods.

  • Way to go, Janet! And RT Campskunk – so do you have dirt road on or off?

  • what are e-clothes? environmental? eco? electrical? energy?

    • Go to http://www.ecloth.com.
      I really love them. They are a microfiber cloth. They reall are handy and I have cut out the heavy use of paper towels. Love them.

  • That list to take with is one of my new fsvorites..hope we meet on the roaf someday

  • Love your posts. We stopped at a corp of engineers campground. Very nice. You may want to check out for future stops. We have “we camp here” on favs on computer and have their app.

  • Love your posts! What a great view from your campsite! Enjoy every minute of your journey. And my GPS is crazy too, but I’m really glad I have it with me!!

  • Hello Janet, my husband Steve and I, own a 2012 SS Agile and we are currently at our summer home in Bar Harbor, Maine. We would like to invite you to visit us in Bar Harbor and would be glad to be your “tour guide” at Acadia National Park. You are also welcome to use our laundry facilities (my least favorite task when RVing)! If interested, let us know and I’ll get you the contact information. Safe travels!

    • Kathleen
      Thnk you so much for your kind invitation. Another time I would take you up on it. This time I cannot as I am visiting friends In northwestern Maine and am heading to Sebago Lake next before I begin the journey west again. I really appreciated the laundry offer.

  • Hi – I am driving to Maine this weekend and will be transiting Boston Sunday morning. Do you think the traffic will be as bad as you describe on Sunday? There is a route that goes north at Schenectady (I-90) and hits 95 around Exeter. Google says the time is longer, but I wonder. Thanks for any advice.

    • Not I-90, sorry. I-87 North.

    • Frank
      I am not sure what to tell you about the drive north. The route I did might be just fine. Listen to your gut and do what you feel is right. Maybe check the traffic on line. Have a safe journey.

  • Janet you are up in my old neck of the woods. I originally come from Berlin, NH and North Conway is barely 30 miles South. So happy you are doing so well on your journey. I am enjoying your adventures and how positive you are. Continue to enjoy!

  • Thanks for sharing what you love to do on backroad trips! I think these posts may be my favorite to read. If I have, scenic beauty, historical sites, and local cuisine, I am good to go. See you on the backroads!

  • Look at that scenery!!!

  • We discovered Indiana’s covered bridges on a trip last year!

  • So fascinating !!

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