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What Makes Luxury RV Resorts in the US Luxe?

| Updated Feb 23, 2021

Luxury RV Resorts in the US are known for their amazing amenities!

More and more people are turning to RV lifestyles, some living on the road for months at a time, while others only travel for a week or two.

Along with this trend, more people are seeking out luxury RV resorts in the US. Not only do these resorts offer stellar 4- and 5-star amenities that rival hotel resorts, they come at a fraction of the price of one of those hotel rooms. Please note though, some Luxury resorts prefer you purchase a site for your RV.

Luxury RV Resorts in the US

I love to travel and spend most of my time living the RV lifestyle with my wife. We prefer the simpler boondocking method, but is boondocking for you? Or, do you prefer “glamping” (glamorous camping)?

Well, if “glamping” is your preference, then you'll love the amenities luxury RV resorts in the US offer!

What are the Amenities at Luxury RV Resort in the US?

When looking for luxury RV resorts in the US, you will want to do a little homework ahead of time.

While most of them offer pools and some sort of sporting or recreational activity, they are not all the same. Some resorts offer fine dining, while others offer more unique activities, such as pickleball courts or movie theaters. 

1. Fine Dining

RV living does not mean giving up fine dining. In fact, at many luxury RV resorts, you can find dining that is equal to or better than fine dining in a traditional restaurant setting. 

What do fine dining restaurants at luxury RV resorts offer? You can usually find farm-to-table cuisine offering locally-sourced ingredients. Ingredients that include proteins like grass-fed beef and organic chicken and eggs, as well as locally grown produce to enhance the main course.

Many restaurants also offer exquisite desserts, like fresh-baked pie a la mode, creamy cheesecake, or decadent cakes or skillet cookies to finish off your meal. 

If fine dining is a requirement on your luxury RV resort list, then you won’t want to miss Lassen RV Resort.  Here you can dine on “world fusion” featuring locally sourced ingredients. Try their wild-caught Alaskan cod or Puttanesca with no-nitrate smoked bacon black pepper sausage. Add a side dish of their watermelon feta salad featuring their homemade citrus-balsamic vinaigrette before adding their “cheesecake-esque” pudding topped with Cara Cara oranges soaked in Marnier.


2. Spa Treatments

What Makes Luxury RV Resorts in the US Luxe? 1
Photo by sergey mikheev on Unsplash

If you think luxury RV resorts in the US should include spa services, such as facials, pedicures, haircuts and styling, massages, and more, you are in luck.

Many luxury resorts offer spa services onsite. Or, they have an affiliation with a nearby resort with an up-scale spa where they can arrange services for you. 

In addition to spa services, many luxury RV resorts have on-site wet or dry saunas. Relax after a round of golf or exercise class. 

If you are interested in a resort that offers haircuts and skin services on-site, check out Voyager RV Resort. You can get a haircut after playing a round of tennis or taking a dip in their palapa-covered pool. 

3. Luxury Pool Areas

What Makes Luxury RV Resorts in the US Luxe? 2
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Most people would agree that luxury RV resorts in the US should include a nice pool area.

Most of the luxury pool areas will offer clean, well-manicured decks with heated pools and steaming hot tubs. Others go above and beyond with waterfalls, edge-less infinity pools, grotto pools, or resort-style salt-water pools. 

You can also find many luxe RV resorts that offer cabana service at their pools complete with bar and food service. 

If a gorgeous pool is a must-have on your luxury RV resort list, then you won’t want to miss Desert Shores Resort. Their grotto pools offer luxury like no other. 

4. Luxurious Clubhouses & Sports Facilities

What Makes Luxury RV Resorts in the US Luxe? 3
Photo by Joan Azeka on Unsplash

Luxury RV resorts usually offer chic clubhouses to host well-designed daily or monthly events and activities. While some offer exercise classes, others have cooking classes or host special dinners. Some resorts include clubs for “snowbirds” to meet and find friends from other parts of the nation. 

In addition to luxe clubhouses, most luxury RV resorts in the US will include various sporting facilities. These include tennis courts, putting greens, pickleball courts, or fishing, to name a few. You can expect them all to be kept clean and in excellent working order. 

Are you looking to play pickleball and practice your golf game in between swim sessions? If so, Emerald Desert RV Resort might be for you. Not only do they offer various sporting activities to keep you busy, but they also have a gym, spa, and fenced-in dog parks. 

5. RV Detailing

After traveling for a while, you might want to get your RV washed and detailed so that it feels like new again. Some luxe RV resorts offer this service as well as roof sealing, conditioning, or leak repairs. 

Emerald Desert RV Resort is just one of many luxury RV resorts in the US that offers RV Wash and Wax and repair services. 

6. Other Lux Amenities 

Beyond fine dining, spa services, and luxurious pool areas, some luxury RV resorts include other unique amenities. Some offer concierge services to help make your stay in a new city easy and accessible. Others offer:

  • sun decks
  • cooking classes
  • full bars
  • movie theaters
  • private bathhouses
  • putting greens
  • stocked fishing lakes

And that's just to name a few! 

One place you won't want to miss offers most of these additional amenities. Bella Terra of Gulf Shores RV Resort, located only minutes from the sandy, white beaches of the Gulf Coast, offers a gorgeous infinity-edge pool, complete with a jacuzzi and dry sauna. They also have a movie theater, cooking classes, putting green, fishing, and private bathhouses.  

Be Aware of The “Ten-Year Rule”

Many upscale RV resorts employ what’s called the “Ten-Year Rule.” It’s a code that prohibits RVs that are greater than ten years old, implying that they are too weathered and worn to stay at a luxe resort. If you have an older rig, regardless of its condition, you should call ahead to ensure the resort you want to stay at will allow it. 

Also, Be Aware of the Cost

When it comes to cost, a luxury RV resort in the US can come with a hefty price tag when compared to other types of camping. Just like other brick-and-mortar accommodations, you often get what you pay for. The more expensive the resort, the more amenities they provide. 

You can expect to pay anywhere from $45-$150 per night at a luxury RV resort in the US, with most staying in the $70-$100 range.

Those rates seem fairly reasonable but the kicker is many have a minimum stay requirement with weekends priced higher. So, a week at even the most basic resort can easily run you $1,000. 

Have You Stayed at Luxury RV Resorts in the US?

If so, please share your experience in the comments below! Since we tend to boondock, we'd love to hear your advice and suggestions on the best luxury RV resorts in the US.

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2021-02-23

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

5 Responses to “What Makes Luxury RV Resorts in the US Luxe?”

February 27, 2021at7:53 pm, Pete Grimm said:

A great Rv resort in Lake Placid, fl. Camp Florida RV resort, laundry and showers in every court, very clean. Private lake, pool , tennis etc. great food. Pet sections which is very popular!

February 23, 2021at3:30 pm, Stephanie Geohagan said:

Do any of the camps have playgrounds for dogs?

February 04, 2023at12:31 pm, Sandy Snyder said:

Many do have dog parks, though this article doesn’t mention them. A good, CLEAN park is a critical amenity for many dog parents.

February 23, 2021at12:32 pm, Luc Lemieux said:

Ocean Breeze RV Resort in Jenson Beach is the one that we really like.

Nice pool with upper deck, nice gym, private bathrooms, close to the Atlantic Ocean as well as walking distance to groceries and other stores.

February 23, 2021at7:29 am, Janet Odell said:

Year after year Bluewater Key (R) Luxury RV resort continues to make the top 10 or 20 Luxury RV Resorts in the US. The major ‘amenity’ is its location in the beautiful Florida Keys. There are 81 privately owned, lushly landscaped sites, all with their own Tiki. There are Bay Front, Canal and Tropical lots (non waterfront but they have access to a community dock). The tiered pricing model they offer is Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and is based on location and amenities each offer. About 74 lots are in the rental pool and available to rent when owners are not using them. There is a pool, laundry, clubhouse, private showers, restrooms, dog park (non fenced), people park, boat launch for shallow draft boats. Storage is available for trailers. All sites have full hook-ups with 30 & 50 amp service, HD cable and High Speed Fiber Optics WiFi throughout the resort. Located at MM 14.5, it is close to Key West. As part of the Saddlebunch Keys, it truly a kayak/paddleboard paradise!

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