Taking my RV holiday shopping: Toasty comfy in the mall parking lot while the wife shops

The one thing that I most dislike about this time of year is holiday shopping.

Usually, I’ll do anything to avoid a shopping mall. If God intended us to go traipsing through crowded shopping centers he wouldn’t have had Al Gore invent the Internet and online shopping.

So you can imagine Jennifer’s surprise this afternoon when I actually volunteered to drive her to the mall to look up some Christmas gifts.

I took my Roadtrek Class B RV motorhome.

Heh heh heh.

It’s a diesel, so it needs to be exercised from time to to time. That was my verbalized excuse. But the truth is, I was lonesome for it. And sometimes, I feel pretty silly just sitting out in it in the driveway.

So off we went.”Take your time, honey,” I said as Jennifer got out to go shopping. I stayed in the Roadtrek.

I flipped on the battery and fired up the heater. Snow was spitting outside but I soon was toasty warm inside. I turned on the TV, sprawled out on the rear sofa and watched some football as I again bonded with my RV.

I was parked in a regular mall spot. Couldn’t have done that in a Class A or Class C motorhome. Made my wife happy. Reconnected me with my RV.

A win-win for both of us. Now if only my Detroit Lions would win.


3 thoughts on “Taking my RV holiday shopping: Toasty comfy in the mall parking lot while the wife shops”

  1. Most shopping malls also have spaces for large motor homes and Class As.Granted, they may be at the outer edges of the lot but one can take their Class A if they want. That said, who’d want as a Class A is no fun in heavy traffic and heavy traffic is what you get these days at shopping malls.

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