My new StowAway cargo carrier for our RV

 My new StowAway cargo carrier for our RV

The one frustration we’ve had with our Type B motorhome is the limited storage space for the extra gear we would like to have with us on extended trips. So, after a lot of looking and the strong recommendations of our pal Campskunk, I purchased the StowAway2 Max Cargo Box for our Roadtrek eTrek.

stowaway open
There’s 16 cubic feet of storage in the cargo bbx. Maximum weight is 200 pounds.

At nearly $700 with delivery and taxes, it is not an inexpensive option. But it is a very solid and substantial cargo carrier and I am looking for many years of service.

It comes in black or white. We ordered the black one, which looks best with our eco green colored eTrek.

I had to move the license plate from the back of the Roadtrek to the back of the box. It comes with a lighted license plate holder.

It arrived by Federal Express Ground in two large boxes. The boxes didn’t arrive together. One came Saturday. One Monday.

Installation, as the company says, took about an hour. Much of that time is in getting the boxes open, emptied and the parts lined up. It really is a two person job. Not that anything is that heavy. It’s just awkward for one person to line up the bolts with the proper openings and do the assembly. I called my friend Jay, who came by to graciously lend a hand.

First, the swing away frame is assembled and inserted into the two inch hitch at the back of the coach. There’s a free hitch tightener that keeps it from wiggling or moving around.  Once the hitch and frame for the box is connected,  the cargo box is fastened to it with four bolts. Then the hinged top is affixed. Instructions are simple and clear cut, even for a mechanically challenged guy like me.

Here’s a side view. That’s a strip of reflective red tape on the side. The camr’a flash make it look yellow/orange. It makes the total length of the Roadtrek to a little over 25 feet.

The carrier measures 51″W x 23″D x 26″H and thus extends the length of the Sprinter  based Roadtrek to about 25 feet. It’s also large enough that it covers up the rear license plate. No problem, We drilled out three marked holes, installed  a new lighted license plate frame to the back of the box and put the plate from the back of the vehicle there. The box has side brake lights and they and the license plate light plug right into the receptacle next to the hitch. I did, however, have to buy a four to seven plug adapter to connect the lights.

The whole box swings far to the side, allowing total access to the back of the coach. The left door can be fully opened. The right door about three-quarters

The cargo box is huge, providing 16 cu.ft. of storage. StowAway says thats enough to hold four carry on bags, two camp chairs and two duffle bags. Maximum weight of the cargo contained in the box is 200 pounds. I’m not sure what we will put in there. I think some bigger, more comfortable chairs.Some fishing gear. A propane gas stove. A couple of tripods and some bulky items like a ground cover, an outside table and assorted other items.

A locking latch will keep everything secure and safe.

What I am most impressed with is how the whole cargo box swings far away, allowing you to open the left rear door all the way and the right side rear door about 75% of the way – more than enough to easily get to the “basement” of the Roadtrek.

I got the box just in time We leave tomorrow for an extended trip south, first to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, then on to Georgia and Florida. I’ll let you know what goes in it and how it all works.

I do see one issue with this new box. It goes where I used to have a hitch mounted bicycle rack. Now I need a new way to carry the bikes. I’m told there is a front rack system that will let me carry the bikes up front. So that’s next on my list of accessories to check out.




Mike Wendland

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  • Love ours, and we even tow our car behind the SS Agile and the StowAway. Love the swing away feature

    • We also have an SS Agile and have been considering the Stowaway2 Max. With the Continental spare tire kit, I’m a bit concerned about using a hitch extension. Were you able to use their 14″ frame, or did you get the standard frame and use a hitch extender? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  • I need one of these!!

  • whew…. looks a little too much like a casket

    • Good one! hahahaha

    • It DOES look like a casket! Love it!

    • I don’t know what funerals you have been attending. ­čÖé

    • … maybe I should get a casket with reverse lights, in case I change my mind….

      • Ha ha. Don’t forget to be oldskool and request for a bell pull too ­čÖé

  • Is this box has dust proof ?

  • Love this!

  • I thought I saw on their web site that they had some kind of bike rack accessory to add to this setup so you could carry your bikes. Perhaps I was looking at another site. I’ll have to recheck.

    I’ll be anxious to hear what you do carry in the box and how efficient it is vs any inconveniences with parking etc.

    I’m planning a 2-3 month getaway and am thinking about getting one.

  • Have one,great for extra stowage, & allows access to the rear doors.

  • Love the whole deal!

  • you gonna get one??


    Found this on the stowaway site it will work with your box. Good luck.

    • The problem with this is you have to remove the entire box from the frame… which totally misses the point. Might as well use a real dedicated bike rack. Alas, this is no solution at all. I’m thinking that I need to also install a hitch of some sort on the front and mount the bikes there.

  • For the washing machine and the freezer,LOL/*

  • For the washing machine and the freezer,LOL/*

  • What size vechile is this in the picz? Is it a class c? Or a van size? I have two RVs — wanting to picture in my mind how it would look.

  • It is a Class B Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

  • Nice piece of furniture!!!! ­čśÇ

  • How easy is finding parking with that thing on now that your RV is 25 feet long?

  • Noteworthy Parker Chase

  • The 2014 E-Trek has a maximum carrying capacity for occupants and cargo of 2,500 pounds.

    After loading up the RoadTrek with the regular stuff, my concern is how much the carrier and the additional 16 cubic feet of storage will eat into the remaining safety limit.

    • The capacity is 200#. In our case most of the stuff going in there is coming from inside the camper (i.e. folding chairs, dog food, etc) plus light bulky things. I don’t see the additional length as being much of a problem. If length became an expense like on a ferry, I would simply leave it home. Just pull a pin and disconnect the electrical plug and it is off.

  • I ordered one yesterday. We travel with a couple of Golden Retrievers in our 2013 C210P and this will be a great place to put their food and even their bed and still have tons of room for other stuff. I ordered the rack for the top to strap stuff on, too (25# limit). I had thought of getting one before, but the review sealed the deal. Katie at StowAway2 is a great person to deal with.

  • I would be interested in knowing how much your coach weights the way you normally travel. You can get this done at FMCA Perry, GA.

  • You can weigh your RT at any CAT Scale at a truck stop. They do not leave much wiggle room for weight, especially if your holding and fresh water tanks are full. I will not be putting more than the recommended weight in the StowAway, but bulky items that are kept inside like folding chairs and even extra blankets or in our case a dog bed and food , camera tripod, etc can be out of the way.

  • I’ve seen these on the back of Jeep Wrangler Toads. I’m not sure how the swing arm works but this carrier,, might fit on the swing arm and move out of the way with the box. We have this bike carrier and attach it to our Blue Ox Aventa while towing the car.

  • We have a the same box in white on our 190 Popular. We have a hitch receiver installed on the front and we carry the bikes up there on an XPort bike rack. The rack is the kind that folds up when not in use and has holders for the wheels. We find it fits the folding bikes (when not folded of course), the Mountain Bikes and the good (road) bikes. We are pleased with the Stowaway Swingaway which does allow complete opening of the big Dodge rear door.

  • At the 2:30 minute mark, Campskunk shows his StowAway cargo carrier containing his satellite dishes (!), tripods, and furniture.

  • I put the max swing away on my 2013 C210P yesterday. I did the install myself and it was very easy. I needed the 7″ extension to clear the Continental Kit. All I can say is that it is awesome. I was missing 4 bolts and I called, they sent them out Priority mail and I had them in 2 days. I got the optional rack for the top. It really looks good and it will come in handy.

  • I love the idea of adding an additional 16 cubit feet of storage to a RoadTrek. But the support arm gives me some worries. It just doesn’t look strong enough to support 200 pounds. Especially when you look at it from the side.

  • You are looking at the hook up for a 1 1/2″ receiver. The 2″ is far more rugged. I see no problem with the strength of the frame, it is very heavy and well-made.

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