Maximizing Storage: Above the Door Shelf Ideas

 Maximizing Storage:  Above the Door Shelf Ideas

We always admired Roadtrek's above-the-door pocket shelves (or rail pockets or whatever they're called) used on any of the Chevy or older Dodge models. They are so handy for so many things. People find a wide variety of uses  for these storage compartments. Here we cover what we do with them.

Maximizing Storage: Above the Door Shelf Ideas 7The first thing we discovered was the Eagle Creek Slim Pack-It Tube Cubes, which are available in the half size as well and in the quarter size.  They come in several colors and some are available with mesh fronts. These bags fit nicely in the shelves.  We have a variety of them – to most of them we have added laminated labels so it is obvious what is inside.  We have a basic tool kit in one, first aid supplies in another, a toilet kit in another, electronics (hand-held GPS, walkie-talkies) in another, some repair supplies in another, a quarter size bag with batteries, and another quarter size with MiFi and camera chargers, and extra camera batteries.

Maximizing Storage: Above the Door Shelf Ideas 8Maximizing Storage: Above the Door Shelf Ideas 9The rails also are perfect for holding a telescoping car clothes rod (ours is from Walmart, but it looks similar to this one).  It has many uses.  We hang our reminder tags from it, our wet towels go over it to dry after a shower.  We aim the front Sirocco fan on the towels to dry them faster.   When urban boondocking, we pull the rod back behind the front seats and hang a blanket over it to block views of the rear while leaving the empty cab area visible.  A black out curtain could be used. When not in use, we push the rod against the over-windshield door.  It's out of the way there until we need it.

Maximizing Storage: Above the Door Shelf Ideas 10Maximizing Storage: Above the Door Shelf Ideas 11We learned other tricks for using the rails from other Roadtrek owners.  Loren made handy moveable clothes hooks  that could be placed anywhere on the rails.  He used a piece of baseboard molding, some metal and some felt to prevent scratching.  He made both 1 and 2 hook versions.  They slide easily along the rail.  After seeing his we had to make some too!

Maximizing Storage: Above the Door Shelf Ideas 12More recently, Bob showed us that the Ikea Bygel containers hang perfectly from the rails.  A nice snug fit, they were designed just for this use.  The only problem is that Ikea has discontinued these plastic containers, but they're still available on eBay.  Bob had all black Bygel containers in his Chevy 210, but they are available in white, orange, red, and green too. In the photo left, we use this orange container to store the reminder tags when not in use.  We used to tuck them into the rail pocket, but they were always falling out.  On the other side we store headlights and flashlights in them.  They are handy for small items that don't store well.  We've seen Bygel containers used for bathroom storage while hanging from a rail.  We haven't figured out all possible uses for these yet, but we just picked up some white ones from eBay.

How do you use your above-the-door pocket shelves in your Roadtrek?  Maybe we can learn your great ideas!

Roger and Lynn Brucker

Roger Brucker and his wife Lynn have been Roadtrekkers since 2009. Both are retired, Roger from a Business-to-Business advertising agency and from teaching marketing for 25 years at Wright State University, Dayton, OH. Lynn is an electronics engineer, retired from the USAF Research Laboratory. Roger has authored or co-authored five books on cave exploring. They are cave explorers, kite flyers, and have four Standard Poodles. Their home base is Beavercreek, OH, a Dayton suburb. “We’ve done a lot of camping and long distance tandem bicycle riding, including an unsupported San Diego to St. Augustine ride in 2000,” said Lynn. Roger says, “But we love our 190 Popular Roadtrek because we can go anywhere on a moment’s notice, and stay off the grid for a week.” They are known to many Roadtrekkers for contributing ideas and suggestions on the Roadtrek Yahoo Forum and Cyberrally. Some of their modifications to Red Rover, their Roadtrek, are documented at

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