Every part of the country has it's share of myths and mysteries about monsters and spooky phenomenon.

But Michigan seems to have more than its share.

We had fun on one of our RV trips talking about three of the state's most famous legends and I recall and show some clips from some of the news stories I did on them during my reporting days.

The Upper Peninsula locations we visited were Munising, the Lake Superior town with all the Bigfoot statues and the great pastes from Muldoons, and Watersmeet, located off US 2 near the location of the Paulding Light, located at the end of Robbins Pond Road.

The Bigfoot hunting trip “expedition” I covered during my reporting days that I shared a story about was in Foley's Swamp, near Mio, MI, in the Lower Peninsula.

Here's a Wikipedia link to a story about the Michigan Dogman – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michigan_Dogman 

Here's another Michigan Dogman page on the web – https://www.ranker.com/list/dogman-stories/lyra-radford 

You can search the web on any of these myths and find enough to amuse you for several days.