Why RVers should join a national fitness club

 Why RVers should join a national fitness club

Over the past seven years as we’ve traveled across North America in our RV, in small towns and large cities, we find an Anytime Fitness.

And while this is the club we’re members of, this video isn’t meant as a commercial for them. It’s meant as a tip that inspires you to join a place like this.

There are lots of other 24 hour fitness clubs across the country. We picked this one because there are so many… over 4,000 across North America and they all offer pretty much the same amenities and equipment. The RV Lifestyle is generally a very healthy one. All RVers love the outdoors.

But getting to the outdoors is what causes the problem. All that sitting as you drive. There is a very real such thing as “Sitting Disease.” When muscles—especially the big ones meant for movement, like those in your legs—are immobile for hours at a time, your circulation slows, you run the risk of blood clots.

Too much sitting increases the odds of heart disease. It’s linked to chronic back pain and other health ailments. In fact one expert says “sitting is the new smoking,” meaning it’s a totally preventable health risk.

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Mike Wendland

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