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The STRANGER THINGS People Have Seen While Camping

| Updated Oct 12, 2023

Awaking to dozens of vultures, encountering an abandoned car with engine running and doors wide open… these are only two of the STRANGER THINGS campers have seen…

If there is one thing we love, it is to tell stories that make the hairs on your neck stand while warming up around the campfire. Or, take a side trip to Fort Walton Beach’s Zombie Walk (see that video at the end!). In other words, we love this spooky time of year!

Halloween has become a HUGE RV celebration! We aren't the only ones who love to camp during this devilish time of year. (Pun intended!)

Campers of all ages dress up, hand out candy, and tell spooky stories around the fire

But what happens when the spooky story is real? 

That very question was asked in our RV Lifestyle Facebook group! One member asked: 

“What are the STRANGER THINGS you’ve seen while camping?” 

The following is a compilation of the strange and spooky things people have seen while camping. (And we're not talking about average scary experiences like emptying your black water tank!).

**At the end, we also list out spooky and haunted places you can visit…**

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Empty, Running Cars with No One Around

abandoned red car in the woods The STRANGER THINGS People Have Seen While Camping

Have you ever seen a car parked with no one in it? No big deal, right? 

But what if that car was in an empty campground, running with the keys in the ignition and the doors open? That would be a little creepy. 

One of our members, Kimi, experienced just that. She and her significant other were in a desolate campground when they saw a car with the engine running. All the doors were open, and not a soul was around. 

They shouted, “Hey! Your car is running,” but no one answered. 

Kimi’s significant other wanted to check it out closer, but she had seen enough Michael Myers flicks to know better than that. They hightailed it out of there! (And I may have done the same!)

Talking Dolls

Okay, maybe dolls is the wrong word. But talking dolls does sound creepy, right? 

One commenter said that his neighbor across the road at a state park they were visiting had a ventriloquist doll sitting in the passenger side of his truck. 

One night, when the neighbor was leaving, he rolled down the window and talked to him and his wife as the doll! Talk about a little creepy…

Real Life Version of The Birds

The STRANGER THINGS People Have Seen While Camping

Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds? If not, you are missing out on this cult classic. 

The movie takes place in a seaside California town, where birds begin to suddenly and violently attack the townsfolk. 

Well, one RVer had a similar experience! He said that he woke up one morning and heard some scratching on the roof of his RV. 

When he went outside, there were 20 buzzards on his roof! They looked ominous and intimidating up close. Hopefully, not a bad omen!

Outlandish Campers

Campground Etiquette for Campers (DON'T be THIS Camper!)

I am unsure if these few experiences, told by Todd, are spooky or just plain anxiety-provoking. 

He said he was camping near a group of intoxicated men who repeatedly poured gasoline on the fire to make massive fireballs. Then, they would throw their axes into trees. That sure sounds like a scary experience!

Todd also saw an older woman who ran around the campground in a fishnet bodysuit. That is a stranger thing you don't see everyday (nor want to!).

A Death Next Door

Have you ever seen someone die right in front of you? Or at the next campsite over? 

One RVer, Michelle, has experienced this. She said that recently, they were visiting an RV park. A gentleman from England was at the same park. He had just ridden a peddle bike from New York to Torrey, Utah. 

While the gentleman was visiting with her camp neighbors, they invited him to stay for dinner, where he died! 

The campers administered CPR until the paramedics and park rangers arrived. But they were unable to save him. It's a sad experience that was certainly terrifying for Michelle and her family. Hopefully, there is some consolation that the man passed away while on an incredible adventure.

A Deer Friend (Pun Intended, Again!)

One RV Lifestyle member, Leonard, had a fun experience with a deer. It came out of the woods and was eating Doritos the children in the group offered. The weird part is that the deer had a long, orange ribbon tied around his neck!

A decorated, Doritos-eating deer… we think that qualifies as a stranger thing!

The Rich Beggar

This strange story comes from Josh. He said that a guy driving a $100,000 RV came into his campsite while camping. Only 10 minutes after meeting him, the man asked Josh for $2,000 to complete his RVing journey.

When Josh politely declined, he watched as the man went from campsite to campsite with the same request. I don't know if this story is strange or a lesson in trip budgeting

Eyes in the Woods

The STRANGER THINGS People Have Seen While Camping

The woods are so incredibly beautiful. However, we must admit that even we can get a little freaked out by the woods sometimes. And maybe for good reason! 

Christi wrote that she had something sneak up on their group from the woods while camping. It kept staring at them and traveled very fast. It had indescribable black eyes and struck them as very weird. 

That is when curiosity got the best of them and they decided to sneak up on it. They crept up behind the entity and discovered that it was none other than an elusive black trash bag. It only looked so creepy because the firelight flickered on its shiny surface. 

Want to Experience Your Own Creepy Story?

All of these Facebook posts got us thinking about the creepy and haunted destinations we've written about. Some of you may wish to experience the thrill of such places, or at least the intrigue.

So, here's a quick rundown of creepy places you can visit to experience stranger things for yourself…

4 Most Haunted Places in Colorado (Boogity Boo!)

Most Haunted Places in Colorado

From the Garden of the Gods to camping on the Colorado River, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Colorado!

But have you thought about visiting the “other side” of Colorado? The one where haunted houses are rife with paranormal activity. Strange things occur in the night at haunted hotels.

If this is the type of adventure you seek, the following is my list of spooky places and haunted spots to check out when in Colorado!

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10 Best Ghost Towns in Colorado 

The STRANGER THINGS People Have Seen While Camping 1

In the late 1800s, a mining boom attracted a mass migration of workers to Colorado. Over a thousand mountain towns sprung up hastily to accommodate these hopeful gold miners.

Out of all these former mining towns, only a lucky few are still booming, such as Idaho Springs, Breckenridge, Boulder, and Aspen.

The remaining towns are still abandoned and deserted to this day.

Few original buildings are left standing, and the gold rush is long gone. But the stories behind the ghost towns of Colorado still live through what remains.

The harsh winters and high elevations made for rough living and even rougher people. Visiting these places dating back to the late 19th century gives us an insight into the Wild West life.

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13 Ghost Stories Books to Read Around the Halloween Campfire

Faces are only partially visible by firelight. A pitch-black backdrop of the wild outdoors. Sounds of the unknown surrounding you. 

All that’s missing is an ominous voice telling a tale of horror to all those brave enough to listen!

The following ghost stories books are filled with scary, spooky (and sometimes silly) campfire stories. With them, you can be the ominous voice that scares adults and children alike!

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5 Most Haunted Places in Utah

Do you seek out shadowy figures and haunted attractions on vacation? If so, you want to take advantage of my list of Utah's top five haunted places.

These locations have inspired ghost hunters and horror movies alike!

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13 Great Halloween RV Destinations

The STRANGER THINGS People Have Seen While Camping 2

For many in the northern states, October is the last chance to do one more trip before winterizing and storing the RV.

Instead of just one night – Oct. 31 – many parks dedicate two or three weekends (or more) before Halloween. That’s why now is the best time to plan for your Halloween adventures (maybe even for next year!).

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places for Halloween camping across the U.S….

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13 Hilarious Camping Halloween Costumes for Adults

There's a growing trend of campgrounds hosting big Halloween bashes, not only on Halloween but throughout October. It’s a time for campers of all ages to let go and have fun dressing up and eating candy with fellow adventurers.

Many adults have traded costumes for handing out candy, but we say, why can’t you do both?! Why shouldn’t adults feel like kids again by participating in the fun rather than just observing it?

That’s why we’ve made this list of the best camping Halloween costumes for adults. We hope you get a big kick out of them as we do!

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8 Alluring, Spooky Road Trips for Halloween Camping

It's true, and thanks to the folks at, finding these routes can be pretty easy (though there is no guarantee you will see any of the reported ghosts and/or other supernatural phenomena). 

First, let us show you how much fun it is doing some Halloween Camping at a campground near you…

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Off the Beaten Path: Old Asylum in Michigan

It’s a chilly autumn night with a mist of rain falling on rustling dying leaves as the tour guide opens a creaky metal door that seems out of place in the middle of what appears to be an insignificant patch of grass.

Holding our flashlights, we enter with a group of 18 others.

The tour guide’s assistant bangs the door shut behind us, and with that, we are at the top of a stairway leading to a series of underground tunnels built in 1883.

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5 Creepiest Places in the U.S. 

As if you couldn't tell by the decorations, spooky TVs and movies being shown, and fallen leaves, Halloween is upon us.

But for the more adventurous and the true fans of fright, there are ways to get your scare on all year long.

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11 Magical Caves in the U.S.

Halloween time is not just for spooky experiences. It is also a time for a magical experience. If you want an enchanted palace to take the family this fall, check out 11 Magical Caves in the U.S.

Our Zombie Walk!

Like what you see in these videos? We'd appreciate it if you would Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (easy to do right here) and consider “ringing the bell icon” to be notified of any new video from us. 🙂 Thanks!

We stumbled across this Zombie Walk on one of our fall vacations. So, we decided to join in on the fun and stumble our way through the festival as zombies ourselves!

Plan Your Next Adventure to Coastal Maine

By popular demand, we announce the publication of the latest in our library of RV travel guides – a 7-Day Adventure Guide to Coastal Maine.

The STRANGER THINGS People Have Seen While Camping 3

With its dramatic rocky coastline, enchanting fishing towns, and windswept sandy beaches, Coastal Maine is a destination that should be on every RVers’ bucket list. 

We call these guides “7 days,” but they really are seven stops. They’re meant to be experienced at your own pace, a couple of days at one stop, a week at another, however long you want.

We have carefully curated this 66-page digital guide (not a printed book) so you can take in all Coastal Maine has to offer. We give you the routes to drive, the spot to stop, the places to eat, and the museums, excursions, hikes and adventures we think you will enjoy the most.

For an RVer, Coastal Maine has it all: stunning landscapes, short drives between stops, spacious campsites, that perfect small city and nature mixed with a seemingly endless variety of things to see and explore.

Mike Wendland

Published on 2023-10-11

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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