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13 Hilarious Camping Halloween Costumes for Adults

| Updated Oct 6, 2023

Feel like a kid again on your Halloween camping trip with one of the hilarious camping Halloween costumes for adults…

There's a growing trend of campgrounds hosting big Halloween bashes, not only on Halloween but throughout October. It’s a time for campers of all ages to let go and have fun dressing up and eating candy with fellow adventurers.

Many adults have traded costumes for handing out candy, but we say, why can’t you do both?! Why shouldn’t adults feel like kids again by participating in the fun rather than just observing it?

That’s why we’ve made this list of the best camping Halloween costumes for adults. We hope you get a big kick out of them as we do!

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Best Camping Halloween Costumes for Adults

Kids normally know what they want to be for Halloween, so we’ve focused only on adult camping costumes. However, you can find many of these costumes in kid sizes or turn them into a family costume theme.

We will start with classic s’more costumes and then progress to more surprising options!

1. S’mores Couple Costume

This s’mores couple costume is comfy and fun! Since it’s a simple sandwich-board design, you can wear comfy clothes underneath for whatever weather you’re experiencing.

And, instead of passing out candy at your campsite, you can pass out s’mores! You can even swap the red and blue sprinkles in our All American S’mores recipe for black and orange sprinkles to make them Halloween-themed.

2. Campfire Sandwich Board Costume

If you want to turn the s'mores couple costume into a trio, add this campfire costume! Or, you can wear it as a stand-alone costume.

Like the s'more duo, this costume is a sandwich-board style that you can comfortably wear over your clothes. Plus, it comes with a faux roasting stick with a marshmallow on it.

Preview Product Price
Campfire Costume Campfire Costume $69.99

3. Individual S’more Costume

Pair this individual s'mores costume with the campfire costume, or wear it individually. This costume is a bit more restrictive than the other costumes thus far, but it still goes over your clothes.

The company that makes this costume makes all sorts of funny food costumes. They also make the next camping costume on our list…

Preview Product Price
Individual S'mores Costume Individual S'mores Costume $43.99

4. Deer in the Headlights Couples Costume

You can't help but chuckle at this deer-in-the-headlights couple costume, as it has a bit of adult humor. One partner wears the deer costume, and the other wears the road costume with strategically placed headlights.

The deer costume is a simple polyester-wrapped foam hat. The road costume is slim fit and quite short. But we imagine you can wear it as a shirt with pants. Or, you can buy this t-shirt alternative.

Preview Product Price
Headlights t-shirt alternative Headlights t-shirt alternative $16.98Amazon Prime

5. Haunted Tree

Just think of how much fun you can have hiding in this haunted tree costume along a path, scaring passersby. All in good fun, of course!

It brings me back to when I was scared to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as a kid because of the haunted forest. This costume even has the spindly hands!

Preview Product Price
Haunted Tree Costume Haunted Tree Costume $54.28Amazon Prime

6. Russel from the Movie Up

We were looking for a Boy Scouts costume and came across this Russel costume from the movie Up. What better Boy Scout is there than Russel?!

Plus, this costume is actually an accessory kit, so you can comfortably wear it with a yellow short and any khaki pants. You can make it a couples costume by pairing it with this Carl from Up costume. And don't forget about Kevin…

Preview Product Price
Russell from Up Accessory Kit Russell from Up Accessory Kit $34.56Amazon Prime

Preview Product Price
Carl from Up Costume Carl from Up Costume $84.99

7. Kevin from the Movie Up

We think it'd be a lot of fun running through the campground as Kevin from Up. It's the perfect excuse to raid candy bowls for chocolate!

The kids around the campground will get a kick out of it, as we're sure the adults would, too! Just don't forget that Kevin is a girl bird– you might be quizzed!

Preview Product Price
Keving from Up Costume Keving from Up Costume $79.99

8. Full Body Bear Inflatable Costume

Watch out for bear spray when wearing this inflatable bear costume! But, don't worry, it's certainly funnier than it is scary.

This costume moves around similar to the popular T-rex costumes that are so funny to watch. You're sure to be the hit of the campground costume parade.

9. Bear-Riding Inflatable Costume

This inflatable bear-riding costume is a hilarious alternative to the full-body bear costume above. It looks like you're riding atop a bear, controlling it with (albeit oddly-placed) reins.

The inflatable costumes are always a lot of fun, which is why we have a couple more on this list (with some inside camping jokes…)

Preview Product Price
Riding Bear Inflatable Costume Riding Bear Inflatable Costume $39.99Amazon Prime

10. Rooster-Riding Inflatable Costume

If you've read our article on camping with chickens, you'll understand why this costume made the list of the best camping costumes. A surprising amount of RVers travel with chickens!

That's why we couldn't help but include this rooster-riding costume. It's just plain funny.

Preview Product Price
Rooster-Riding Costume Rooster-Riding Costume $29.90Amazon Prime

11. Riding Flamingo Inflatable Costume

BEWARE that this riding-a-flamingo costume could imply a hidden meaning of flamingoes and pineapples in the camping world. Pair it with a pineapple costume, and you're sure to get a lot of laughs from fellow campers in-the-know.

Just don't blame us if unwanted guests come knocking on your camper door late at night! If you don't know what we mean by that, click the “hidden meaning” link in the previous paragraph.

12. Raccoon Costume

On a more innocent note, you could dress as a burglar instead. Or, rather, a raccoon!

A raccoon costume gives you the perfect excuse to raid candy bowls– no matter your age! Plus, this costume is a simple, affordable accessory kit you can wear over regular clothes.

Preview Product Price
Raccoon Costume Accessory Kit Raccoon Costume Accessory Kit $18.99

13. Bigfoot Costume

A camping costume list wouldn't be complete with a Bigfoot costume! This realistic Sasquatch costume could make any skeptic a believer. It's a bit pricey, but you can wear it every year… just don't get yourself shot!

Or, you can opt for this more affordable and funny inflatable Bigfoot costume. It'd fold up a lot smaller whenever you store it, too.

Preview Product Price
Realistic Sasquatch Costume Realistic Sasquatch Costume $199.99

Preview Product Price
Inflatable Bigfoot Costume Inflatable Bigfoot Costume $60.68Amazon Prime

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