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RV Recipes: Filet of Sole with Lemon Butter Sauce

Filet of Sole is a tender non-fishy fish that cooks up quickly and is simple to prepare in a variety of ways, even in an RV. 

Here is a simple pan fry method that can be prepared on the RV stovetop or on an outdoors grill at the campsite

Serves 2 or more     

Note:  Refrigerate leftovers and use as an ingredient in soft tacos or lettuce wraps!


1 – 2 lb              filet of sole

1/4 cup             flour

2 tbsp               olive oil

4 tbsp               unsweetened butter

1 – 2                   lemons juiced

                           salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place filets on a cutting board, pat each piece dry, then lightly coat with flour, set aside.
  2.  Place oil in saute' pan, turn the heat to med/high. 
  3.  When oil is hot, add a single layer of fish and pan fry both sides until coooked through @ 145 degrees F.       Note: The filets are thin, cooking time is approximately 2 1/2 minutes each side.  When the fish is cooked through, rest the filets on a few layers of paper towels to drain the fat.
  4.  Wipe the saucepan clean, add butter and lemon juice to taste.  Simmer the sauce for a few minutes over medium heat.
  5.  Plate the filet of sole for serving and drizzle with the lemon butter sauce.  

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2020-02-07

Mike Wendland is an Emmy award-winning journalist, traveler, and producer of RV Podcast, the RV Lifestyle travel blog, and the RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube. Mike, traveling with his wife Jennifer and their Norwegian Elkhound, Bo, has vast experience and a great passion for exploring North America, previously working as a long-time NBC-TV News Channel Technology Correspondent and now sharing his love for the RV lifestyle with millions. Mike is not only an adept RV life enthusiast but also a skillful storyteller, bringing to his channels stories from the road that perfectly capture the magic and hardships of this lifestyle.

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