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SAVE on Gas & Diesel! (RV Fuel Discount Cards & More)

| Updated Jul 26, 2023

With gas prices higher than ever, every discount helps! These RV fuel discount cards and programs can save you money on diesel and gas…

Whether your RV runs on diesel or gas, fuel costs are a big part of your travel budget. RV fuel discount cards and programs help you stretch those dollars farther.

In this article, we will explore the best RV fuel discount cards, considering both gas and diesel options, along with other memberships and programs that offer fuel discounts.

The benefits range from discounted gas prices to multiple ways to save at specific locations. Plus, we highlight a few apps to help you find the cheapest gas prices wherever you travel.

If you buy something through our links, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps keep our lights on so we can continue to provide helpful resources for RVers. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.

Before You Get a Fuel Discount Card

RV Fuel Discount Cards

Before diving into our top picks, it's essential to consider a few factors when choosing a fuel discount card for your RV adventures.

You want to be sure to choose a fuel discount card that:

  • Aligns with your RV's fuel needs
  • Offers savings on a wide range of participating fuel stations
  • Provides significant discounts
  • Keeps any associated costs or fees in mind.

Availability of Participating Fuel Stations

It's crucial to check if the fuel discount card is accepted at fuel stations along your planned route. Ensure that participating stations are conveniently located along your journey so that you can take full advantage of the discounts offered.

Type of Fuel Required

Some fuel discount cards cater specifically to diesel fuel, while others cover both gas and diesel. Make sure to select a card that aligns with your RV's fuel requirements.

Annual Fees or Membership Requirements

Some cards may require an upfront fee or annual membership fee, while others may be free to join. Evaluate the potential savings and benefits offered by the card to assess if the cost or fees justify the benefits you would receive.

Overall Savings Potential

Compare the discounts provided by different cards and assess how much money you can save over time. Keep in mind that some cards offer fixed discounts per gallon, while others may provide a percentage-based discount. Consider factors such as the average price of fuel in your area and how frequently you fill up your RV to estimate your potential savings accurately.

3 Best Gas & Diesel RV Fuel Cards & Programs

We've selected the following RV Fuel discounts based on our own experience and feedback from our RV Lifestyle Facebook group. Note that two of them are for diesel savings, while one helps you save on both.

1. TSD Logistics Open Roads (Diesel)

SAVE on Gas & Diesel! (RV Fuel Discount Cards & More)

TSD Logistics Open Roads is an excellent option for diesel RV owners. This fuel discount card offers significant savings at more than 1,500 participating fuel stations across the United States, including Pilot Flying J, TA-Petro, and Speedway.

There are NO sign-up or membership fees, nor long-term contracts. Current members save an average of 30-40 cents per gallon off the pump price.

Instead of charging membership fees, Open Roads makes its money by keeping 10% of your savings per gallon. For example, if your fuel card saves you 50 cents per gallon, Open Roads keeps 5 cents and you save 45 cents.

It's a fair trade-off that still saves you big money. If, for example, you get a 25-cent discount filling up a 100 gallon tank, you save $22.50! That pays for a good lunch!

2. GasBuddy (Gas and Diesel)

GasBuddy is a widely recognized app that not only helps you find the best fuel prices, but also offers a Free Forever fuel discount card. This free membership card provides up to 25 cents off per gallon, depending on the participating station and the fuel type (gas or diesel).

The GasBuddy card can be used at over 150,000 fuel stations nationwide, making it a convenient choice for RV travelers. Plus, you can earn GasBack (free gas) through shopping and dining deals.

This discount card doesn't require a credit check but does require info to verify your identity. Plus, it links to your debit card.

We know many RVers aren't comfortable with providing personal info and linking cards. If that's you, don't worry; the free GasBuddy app can save you money by itself. The app is still great for finding the cheapest fuel in the area.

Plus a Nifty Tool for your Travel Budget!

The GasBuddy website also has this really nifty tool to help make your travel budget! The Trip Cost Calculator estimates your fuel cost based on your route and vehicle information.

3. Mudflap (Diesel)

The Mudflap App is designed for truckers, but diesel RV owners can benefit from it, too. You can get discounted fuel rates at over 1,500 truck stops nationwide.

Their network of participating locations is relatively small compared to other discount cards. However, you'll save about $0.40 per gallon! Plus, it's completely free to you. Mudflap makes its money through its partnerships.

Mudflap does not require a credit card or any fees to join. Unlike Open Roads, you do not have to wait for a physical card to arrive in the mail. Instead, you simply use the app to purchase the fuel.

The app links to your credit card (not your bank account), and requires you to go to the cashier inside to authorize fueling.

Other RV Fuel Discount Programs & Memberships

There are a few other fuel discount programs and memberships worth mentioning. The following may not offer the most fuel savings but do offer additional benefits that make them worth it.

4. Pilot Flying J myRewards

Pilot Flying J is a popular truck stop chain with a FREE loyalty program called myRewards. As an RV traveler, enrolling in myRewards grants you access to fuel discounts, free shower benefits, and exclusive discounts on numerous merchandise.

You save $0.10 on every gallon of gas or diesel for your RV. Plus, gain access to even more offers through their myRewards Plus App.

(Military also saves 10% off food and drinks when verified by through the app.)

This program is an excellent choice for those who frequent Pilot Flying J locations. Their network consists of over 800 retail and fueling locations in 44 states.

5. Good Sam Club

Good Sam Club is not just a reputable RV membership organization; it also offers fuel discounts. With the Good Sam Club membership, RVers save $0.05 cents per gallon on gas and $0.10 per gallon on diesel at Pilot Flying J.

This membership also provides other benefits like campground discounts and access to roadside assistance services. So, though the fuel savings is similar to Pilot J's myRewards, you can get more types of savings with Good Sam.

Good Sam membership starts at $29 for 1 year, which can easily pay for itself if you take advantage of all the discounts. You can learn more about Good Sam membership benefits here.

6. Costco Membership

While not exclusive to RV owners, a Costco membership can be a valuable addition to your fuel savings strategy. By purchasing fuel at Costco gas stations, you can enjoy consistently low prices, which are often significantly cheaper than regular gas stations.

On average, you can expect gas prices that are 20-30 cents cheaper than nearby gas stations. Most Costco locations only have gas, but some select locations sell diesel.

Like Good Sam, Costco offers lots of opportunities to save on more than just fuel. As you know, you can save on food, clothes, and various products. But you can also save a lot on theme park tickets, cruises, discounted restaurant gift cards, and more.

Other Ways to Find Cheap RV Fuel

All of the above cards, memberships, and programs offer fuel savings whenever you sign up. But you can still save fuel money WITHOUT signing up for anything.


By using the following apps to locate the cheapest fuel prices in your area. These free apps are highly rated, easy to use, and will help you save money wherever you travel.

7. Gas Guru

Gas Guru is a smartphone app that helps you locate the cheapest fuel prices in your area. Using your location, Gas Guru displays nearby gas stations and their current fuel prices.

This app helps RV travelers to find the best deals on the go. It's available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

8. IExit Interstate Exit Guide

The IExit Interstate Exit Guide provides information on upcoming exits, and shows fuel prices at the next available exits. This app lets you strategically plan your refueling stops for maximum savings.

It is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

11 Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage in Your RV

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Any of the above RV fuel discount cards, memberships, and programs will save you money. But you shouldn't stop there!

You can significantly improve your gas mileage with several clever tricks and tips. We've written an entire article on it!

Click here to go the article…

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6 Responses to “SAVE on Gas & Diesel! (RV Fuel Discount Cards & More)”

July 09, 2024at7:20 pm, Darren Weiss said:

For the TSD Open Roads Discount Card registration form, much more personal info than most discount cards that I’m aware of is required. The form requires a SSN and Banking information on an application form secured only by a weak domain verification only SSL certificate. For securing an online form such as this, an Extended Validation (EV) certificate should be used, making it much harder for criminals to impersonate or use man-in-the-middle attacks. Personal information is a very precious commodity these days, and I don’t sell mine cheaply or without being mindful of security concerns.


July 25, 2023at2:31 pm, Steve Schrimsher said:

It’s Mastercard, not Visa, sorry for the confusion. Also, you get1% off all purchases not fuel or Sam’s Club.


July 25, 2023at10:21 am, John Kern said:

The IExit app for the iPhone platform is a great source for available stations and pricing at Interstate exits. I prefer it over GasBuddy when traveling interstate roads. Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s available for Android devices.
Once you open the app it identifies the interstate you’re traveling and your direction of travel, and displays upcoming exits, their distance from current location, and services available at the exit. If you filter by fuel stops, it will list all stations with prices.
Also works great for finding dining and lodging options!


July 26, 2023at1:53 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing this, John! Team RV Lifestyle


July 25, 2023at9:49 am, Steve Schrimsher said:

Sam’s Club Visa is the easiest, best deal that I have found. No annual fee + 5 % off all fuel purchases which is typically 20-25 cents / gal for diesel+ 3% off all Sam’s club purchases. No other deal comes close and you don’t have to carry extra cards, just pay for fuel with it. You automatically get credit every month


July 26, 2023at1:52 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing, Steve! Team RV Lifestyle


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