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Make Money While RVing as a Pet Sitter!

| Updated Dec 26, 2022

Being a camp host isn’t the only job RVers can do. You can make money while RVing as a pet sitter! Here’s how…

I have written several articles on how to make money while RVing. Most point you to these great resources that help you find work camping jobs or seasonal jobs. 

Well, I just learned of a new job opportunity that seems one of the most enjoyable ways RVers can supplement their travel budget. Pet sitting!

As dog lovers ourselves, Jennifer and I travel everywhere with our dog, Bo. I know countless others travel with their pets, too. So, it’s fair to say A LOT of RVers are animal lovers. 

If you’re one of them and want to make some extra money, check out the following! I will explain what pet sitting entails and what pet-sitting apps you can use to get started.

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Make Money While RVing as a Pet Sitter!

What Does Pet Sitting Involve?

Pet sitting is typically used as an all-encompassing term for several different pet care services. Depending on the pet-sitting platform you use, the services you can offer are one or more of the following:

  • Boarding (pet stays with you)
  • House sitting (you stay with pet at their home)
  • Day Care (pet stays the day with you)
  • Drop-In Visits (you drop in to check on pet at their home)
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Training

The house sitting, drop-in visits, dog walking, and dog training services are probably the best options for RVers. Many owners may not feel comfortable boarding their pets or leaving them for daycare in an RV. 

However, some pet owners may be open to it. You’d likely have to do a bit of convincing to assure them they would be safe and exercised.

Make Money While RVing as a Pet Sitter!

What Skills Are Needed to Be a Pet Sitter?

Pet sitting, for the most part, doesn’t require any special skills. (Unless, you’re offering dog training). Much of the job is feeding, playing, and cleaning up after the pet. If you are or have been a pet owner, then you already have the foundation needed.

However, being able to care for a pet and being a successful pet sitter are two different things. To do well in the job, you’ll need to have good customer relations, and build their confidence in your abilities.

Owners look for additional traits beyond your ability to attend to their pets most basic needs. Pet sitters should be or have:

  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Level-headed
  • Good communication
  • Basic understanding of animal behavior

Some pets need additional care, such as administering medication, carrying them if they have mobility issues, or calming them down in stressful situations. You’ll usually know these special circumstances before agreeing to the job.

Knowing basic animal first aid would also be beneficial in not only providing the best care, but getting jobs over your competition. It’s a good idea to have a pet first aid kit, too.

If you really want to set yourself apart from the competition, you can become a certified pet sitter.

Challenges for RVers Wanting to Become a Pet Sitter

Becoming a pet sitter is a great way to make money while RVing. However, RVers ace some challenges that stay-in-place sitters do not. 

Primarily, you won’t be able to establish a repeat client base unless you camp in the same area frequently. So, you’ll always be on the search for new clients, having to convince them of your merits each time. Once you accrue great customer reviews, this will get easier.

Plus, many pet owners might be wary of your unconventional situation working from an RV. It might be harder for them to trust a non-local that’s just passing through. This will get easier once you get a few jobs and excellent customer reviews, but you’ll likely have a harder time getting that ball rolling.

Granted, you don’t have to advertise that you are a nomadic RVer, but you always want to be transparent about your situation. It’s always best to be honest because this type of job is founded on trust. So, if it's pertinent to the job and comes up, be upfront about your RVing lifestyle.

Despite these challenges, becoming a pet sitter is a great way to make money while RVing.

Make Money While RVing as a Pet Sitter!

Become a Pet Sitter on these Pet-Sitting Apps

The easiest way to become a pet sitter is to sign up on popular pet-sitting apps. Every site or app is different, but for the most part, the signup process is the same. You create a profile, write a bio, select services you’d offer, and types of pets you’d care for. 

Once you create a pet-sitter account, you’ll either be listed for homeowners to find or connected with potential clients. The matching method depends on the app.

The most popular pet-sitting apps and websites are:

Most platforms are for dog-sitting and cat-sitting, but some specialize in certain species. Meowtel, for instance, is the #1 cat-sitting app. 

You’ll want to compare the different platforms, including their fees, insurance coverage, and matching method. Then, decide which one is right for you. Or, you may want to sign up on multiple platforms to give you the most job opportunities.

Other Jobs for RVers

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In the beginning, I mentioned that I have several articles on how to make money while RVing. Instead of pet sitting (or in addition to), you can learn about more RVing job opportunities from the following:

Now, I need to add pet sitting to all those articles! If you are a traveling pet sitter, please share any advice you have in the comments below.

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Published on 2022-12-26

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