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Jennifer’s Tips: Just Add Water (To Clean Up)

| Updated Nov 20, 2017
Jennifer's Tips: Just Add Water (To Clean Up) 1

One task we RVers all have that is no fun is doing dishes. So anything that can make that chore less time consuming is welcome.

That’s why I’m happy to pass along a tip about a product that combines an ultra-durable Bounty paper towel with the grease-fighting power of Dawn dish soap.

It comes from our friend Joette George, who we met on a recent camping trip.

“Go to your local drug store or grocery store and buy a roll of paper towels,” she says. “Make sure that paper towel says ‘Bounty’ and it says ‘Dawn’ on it.”

Joette suggests that a lone square of paper toweling is all that is needed and that is consist with company claims that the product produces results four times cleaner than a used dishcloth.

“It just suds right up and it is great,” Joette says.

Bounty with DawnThe company further claims it is the thickest, strongest Bounty available on the market, with 70 percent more fibers in each sheet and cloth-like durability to stay intact while cleaning. Bounty with Dawn can even be reused—simply rinse and wring the grease out to keep tackling any mess with just one sheet.

Designed to leave virtually no streaks behind, Bounty with Dawn can be used on almost any surface. It is especially great for pots, pans, countertops, stovetops, glass, granite, stainless steel and mirrors.

It’s widely available in food, grocery and mass retailers all across North America or on Amazon, where you can get a roll of three for a little under $14. 

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Jennifer Wendland

Published on 2017-11-20

Jennifer Wendland travels North America with husband, Mike, in a small Motorhome. She has worked with Mike as a television producer and traveled extensively all over the world. She is a self-described "gym rat," enjoying fitness and exercise wherever she goes. She is a certified Water Aerobics instructor and has taught large group classes in leading health clubs for more than 20 years. She and Mike have three grown children and seven grandchildren. They travel about two weeks out of every month. When not on the road, they live in southeastern Michigan.

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