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How to Secure Small Items While RVing (9 Tips)

| Updated Sep 7, 2022

From knick-knacks to drinking glasses to pictures, our RV Lifestyle community gives advice on how to secure small items while RVing…

Recently, one of our RV lIfestyle members, Angela, posed a question in our Facebook group. She posted the following: 

“I’ve got a question: How do you keep all small items, such as pictures, small plants, candles, whatnots, in place while traveling without having to pack it each time I move? Also, stuff in kitchen cabinets?”

Angela asked, and our RV Lifestyle community answered (almost 100 comments!). A lot of fellow RVers made great suggestions for securing small items while RVing. 

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How to Secure Small Items While RVing

The beauty of your RV is being able to move it from place to place. But of course, when you move it, you have to pack up your items to ensure that they do not break while in transit. 

The great thing is that there are options out there that can help secure your items. It will save you time not having to pack as much when you travel. 

Plus, you can also rest assured knowing that your belonging will be safely stowed so they don't break or injure someone. 

The following are several great items that can help keep your stuff in a place where it belongs. 

1. Museum Wax or Earthquake Putty

There is a product that goes by many different names: museum wax, earthquake putty, or sticky putty, to name a few. But they all generally work the same way.  

You place a little bit of the adhesive to the bottom of the item you want to be secured. Then, stick that adhesive to the countertop, tabletop, or cabinet shelf to keep the item in place. 

RVers swear by museum wax and earthquake putty, Jennifer and I included!

2. Command Strips

Command strips are a great way to keep items in place. You can use them in sorts of different ways. 

You can secure pictures or other hanging items to walls. You can also use them to keep things in place on countertops. 

Command strips come in various sizes and materials. The company also makes other useful organizing products, like wall hooks and heavy-duty double-sided security tape. 

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3. Cable Ties

Cable ties, also known as zip ties, can be used to secure items. They can band cables or other loose items together while in transit. They can also secure items to the side of the rig while driving. 

One of our members, Kim, uses them to ensure her cabinet doors when moving from one place to another. That way, the doors do not come open, allowing for items to fall out. 

4. Repurpose Pillows or Clothing While in Transit

Another suggestion made by a few folks is to repurpose items they already have in the RV to cushion fragile items. 

Joan says she stuffs her RV pillows in the cabinets to ensure that items do not shift and break. 

Another idea is to use your clothing to wrap around breakable items. You already have pillows, clothing, and other soft items at your disposal. You might as well put them to work for you!

5. Velcro Squares

Another great way to keep items secure is to use velcro strips. Renee, one of our members, said that she velcros her kitchen basket in place. 

Another member suggested using velcro strips to attach pictures to the wall. That way, they are securely fastened when in transit. You also do not have to waste time packing and unpacking those items when moving to a new area. 

6. Grocery Bags

Upcycle your unwanted plastic or paper grocery bags!

Grocery bags are great items you can easily repurpose to protect your glassware. You can place plastic bags between stackable cups or around other glass items to provide a thin layer of protection. 

Another Rv Lifestyle member, Russell, uses a wine box that has dividers. He packs his six wine glasses in the box when driving. 

Of course, bags alone will not protect all glassware if they are completely loose and can roll around. But it is one idea for those stackable items.

7. Non Slip Shelf Liners

Shelf liners can be used to help secure items. You place them on the bottom of the cabinet. The non-slip surface “grabs” your glassware, jars, or other items to prevent them from sliding around. 

8. Cabinet Tension Bars

Tension bars can be used to prevent items from falling off shelves. They get placed inside the cabinets, fridge, or closet at the right width to create a barrier, preventing items from falling off shelves. 

I will note that people had mixed results with tension bars. Some said they work great while others didn't have much success. So, it may depend on where you're using them and which product you select.

The rods I've linked to are highly rated.

9. Place Items in Another Area

Several different folks suggested moving items to a more secure or soft area. One person said that he moves items to the center of the bed while driving. They stay put, for the most part, on a soft surface and do not break. 

Another RV Lifestyle member said that she puts glass bottles and glasses in the sink. I'm guessing she pads them with dish towels or the like to help keep them from rattling or breaking.

Blast from the Past – Settling Into a New RV back in 2019

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Figuring out how to secure things in your RV is part of the move-in process of any new RV. This happens to be Jennifer's specialty.

She has always done a great job organizing things in such a way to make traveling from place to place easier. You can see how she does it in the above video from 2019.

We might need to create a new video on organizing for our upcoming NEW Class C – bringing that one home in September 2022 – stay tuned for that!

How to Secure Small Items While RVing – what are your tips?

Let us know in the comments here or in that particular Facebook post. Now that you have your RV all sorted – let's go RVing!

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4 Responses to “How to Secure Small Items While RVing (9 Tips)”

April 21, 2023at2:45 pm, Pam Shook said:

As for use of tension bars, we had a shelf that angled and did not extend all the way to the cabinet door so had a 4″ gap. So a friend cut 2 U shaped shapes out of 3/4″ thick wood and screwed on the inside of both sides of the cabinet. Then just dropped the bar in. No more having to tightening or vibrating loose.


April 22, 2023at9:49 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

That sounds like a great solution! Thanks for sharing, Pam! Team RV Lifestyle


September 08, 2022at2:48 pm, Jim Brown said:

Do you have a list of how and what you do when you set up camp and tear down camp. I mean like 1- level coach 2- plug in electric. Ect. I would like to fine both list. We have a 2015 Forest River FR3 30DS


September 09, 2022at9:51 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Jim! This would be a great question to put on our Facebook group. We have a very active group where people share their tips and help one another with various questions and just, frankly, share their love of camping. It is a wonderful, supportive community. Here is a link if you want to check it out. Team RV Lifestyle


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