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15 Great Ways to Entertain Kids in an RV on a Rainy Day

Sometimes, bad weather confines kids to an RV, and all of that energy in a small space can really cause friction. So, here are lots of ways to entertain kids in an RV on a rainy day…

One thing that I love about our RV Lifestyle Community is how many members answer questions posed in our online group!

Recently, Ashley asked a great question. She wrote: 

“Parents, what are your favorite ways to keep the kids (ages from 2-11) entertained while “INSIDE” the RV? I’m thinking of things that aren’t too bulky, too heavy, or too messy…books, playdoh, legos, coloring books, card games, etc…we try to keep screen time to a minimum, so I was wondering what other ideas have been successful for rainy days, after dinner time, etc. that doesn’t involve just sitting them in front of a screen. Thanks!”

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15 Ways to Entertain Kids in an RV on a Rainy Day

15 Great Ways to Entertain Kids in an RV on a Rainy Day - playing cards
Great Suggestions for rainy days

Ashley received more than 80 comments full of great suggestions from other people. The following are some of those suggestions on how to entertain kids in an RV.

1. Board Games

Rv Lifestyle member Renee Withers said that her children love to play games. There are many board games out there to choose from. Think about bringing along a family favorite and maybe purchasing a new one to try on your next trip. 

Some favorites for kids are Guess Who, Battleship (Travel Size), and Charades for Kids (Snap Box).

2. Sticker Books

Sticker books are fun for kids of all ages. They can create fun sticker scenes. Or put a series of stickers together that come together to make one large picture!

The nice thing about sticker books is that they are a quiet activity and do not take up much storage space. That means they are easy to take along in the trailer!

There are also these really neat Sticker by Number books that have become quite popular lately.

3. Coloring Books and Supplies

Coloring is relaxing for children and adults alike. It doesn’t require much thought, and the simple motion can lull you into a relaxed state. 

(Speaking of which, you might want to check out 13 Best Travel Crafts & Activity Books for Adults. We need something to do on rainy days, too!)

This is an excellent activity for kids to do indoors because it is quiet and does not make a mess. 

The other great thing is that there is no shortage of coloring books or coloring mediums. 

You can choose different books, including nature scenes or intricate mandala patterns. You can also pick up crayons or fine tip markers. The choices are endless!

4. Playing Cards

15 Great Ways to Entertain Kids in an RV on a Rainy Day 1

Classics are classics for a reason. And sometimes all it takes is a pack of playing cards to entertain kids in an RV.

Playing cards has always been a fun way to pass the time when camping. Most people enjoy a game of cards. And the cool thing is that there are endless games out there to choose from, from single-player solitaire to multi-player options.

You can mix up the classic decks with this fun dog playing card design. I’ve also written an article on the 19 Best Card Games for Camping you can check out.

5. Nature Rubbings

Rv Lifestyle member, Mikayla, said they enjoyed doing nature rubbings with their children. What a great way to bring nature from the outdoors into an indoor routine. 

Leaf rubbings are easy to do, too. You and your children can collect attractive leaves or other fallen items while exploring the outdoors, then do a crayon rubbing in the trailer in the evening time. It is a great way to make natural connections throughout the day and keep them off the screen. 

Are you traveling in the snow or desert and don’t have any leaves? No worries! You can buy these leaf rubbing plates for your kids to work with.

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6. Secret Scrap

While this was suggested as a funny response, it sparked an idea. You could play this with kids inside a messy RV!

Choose a “secret scrap” in whatever mess your kids have made. Perhaps it’s the purple crayon among a table full of crayons and coloring books. Then tell the kids to clean up until they find the secret scrap. Once the kids grab the secret scrap and put it away, they win some sort of prize. 

Make the prize simple. Maybe that child can choose the family game for the evening or what to visit first the following day. 

It’s a way to entertain kids in an RV and take a load off your shoulders!

7. Audio Books

Another great suggested pastime is to listen to audiobooks. Children can lay down and quietly listen to a story being read to them.  Or even listen to them while coloring or doing a sticker book.

The great news is that there are hundreds to choose from in many different genres. You can even find some that span other age groups that the entire family will enjoy!

8. Nature Journaling

15 Great Ways to Entertain Kids in an RV on a Rainy Day 3
Kids Journaling

Our member, Carolyn, suggested journaling with kids as a quiet, indoor pastime. This is an excellent idea because it can help create connections between what children see outside and other skills, like creativity and writing. 

The good news is that you do not need a fancy journal to do this. Any small notebook will do. 

Your children can write about their day, draw pictures, fasten leaves to the pages or do nature rubbings. Consider looking up some nature journaling prompts to spark their creativity! 

I found this free printable nature journal for kids, which looks neat, too.

9. Cross-Stich

This set of cross stitch comes as a complete kit and is great for ages 7-13. They can also be turned into backpack charmers or used as ornaments.

You kid will like the calm embroidery and having a piece of art when it is complete. 

10. Knitting or Crochet

15 Great Ways to Entertain Kids in an RV on a Rainy Day 4
teach them how to knit

Knitting and Crochet are listed as one item since they are different yet similar. Both activities take yarn and create valuable items by using a needle or two. 

It’s a wonderful way to entertain kids in an RV and end up with sentimental decorations for everyone!

11. Weaving & Embroidery

Depending on your child’s age, weaving or embroidery might be a fun indoor pastime. While I already mentioned cross-stitch above, these might be appropriate activities for two different-aged children to do together. 

They both require concentration and handy work to create something artistic. 

Debra suggested these ideas and said that they are both fun pastimes. 

12. Rock Painting

This fun and creative activity can entertain children and teach them the value of sharing. First, they can paint rock in fun, colorful ways. This helps them express themselves.

Then, they can hide the rocks around town or on trails for others to find. 

Not only do they get to express themselves creatively. They also learn the value of sharing that fun with other people. 

The bonus? You don’t have additional clutter inside your RV!

13. Paper Dolls

RV Lifestyle member, Janeen, suggested a classic pastime to entertain kids in an RV: paper doll making. 

Not only are paper dolls fun to cut out and create. They help younger children hone their fine motor skills and imagination. 

14. Jacks

Another classic! Jacks is a fun ball bouncing game that can be played indoors. It is engaging and also helps kids fine-tune their motor skills!

15. Dominoes

This fun game can be played in different ways. Of course, the kids can play the traditional game of Dominoes. 

They can also set them up in mazes and then knock them down. Or use them as part of some other Rube Goldberg machine in the trailer! 

Just be aware that the setting up can be quiet, but the crash may be noisy. 

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