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20 Best Travel Crafts & Activity Books for Adults

| Updated Dec 2, 2023

Whether you have a long road trip ahead or want to keep your mind busy in the RV, here are the best travel crafts and activity books for adults…

Kids are not the only ones that need entertainment when on the road. Adults need to stimulate their minds and creativity, too!

Whether you have hours to endure as a passenger or are passing the time at a campground, I’ve got something for you on this list. We start with the best activity books for adults, followed by great travel crafts…

20 Best Activity Books for Adults

Doing crafts and activities is good for you, especially if you need to calm your nerves while riding shotgun. Many studies show the positive effects of occupying your mind (especially as you age!).

Whether preparing for a long road trip or relaxing evenings by the campfire, these activity books will keep you entertained.

We start with relaxing adult activity books and then work our way up to more brain-teasing books. We go from sticker books to traditional activity books to cold case mystery puzzles and more!

If you buy something through our links, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps keep our lights on so we can continue to provide helpful resources for RVers. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.

1. Brain Games Sticker by Nature Book

8. Brain Games Sticker by Nature Book - Activity Books for Adults

Did you love sticker books as a kid? They have some fantastic adult versions, too! This Nature Sticker by Number book comes with everything you need to complete pictures using stickers. 

Each nature design is segmented into different spaces corresponding with a sticker. Place each one to complete a beautiful nature scene! 

It includes 40 different nature-themed images. 

2. Brain Games Sticker by Bible Book

Activity Books for Adults Brain Games Sticker by Bible Book

If you like the idea of the adult sticker book but want something faith-based, try this book. The Brain Games Bible sticker book features 28 images themed around the Bible. 

The great thing about this book is that it has different difficulty levels. Start with easier ones and work your way up!

By the way, here are 7 Ways RVers Attend Church While Traveling.

3. The Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book

Activity Books for Adults  The Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book

This Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book has it all! You can enjoy brain games, writing activities, puzzles, and coloring pages. 

The puzzle and brain games include word searches, find the differences, crosswords, sudoku, mazes, and trivia challenges. 

It's a great variety of the most popular activities, which is a great alternative to single-purpose activity books.

4. Adult Activity Books Coloring and Puzzles

Adult Activity Books Coloring and Puzzles

Adult Activity Books Coloring & Puzzles is another excellent activity book for adults. It gives you the best of both worlds with brain-bending puzzles and stress-relieving coloring pages. 

Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind sharp and hone your critical thinking skills. This one is packed full of such puzzles:

  • Find the Difference
  • Fallen Phrases
  • Letter Tiles
  • Math Squares
  • Cryptograms
  • Nonograms
  • Number Blocks
  • Sudoku
  • Word Search
  • Word Scramble
  • Word Fill-in's
  • Crosswords
  • and more!

5. Adult Activity Book: Word Search, Sudoku, Dot-to-Dot, and Coloring

Adult Activity Book: Word Search, Sudoku, Dot-to-Dot, and Coloring

If you complete the other two books and want more, don't worry! This Adult Activity Book has puzzles, games, and activities to keep you entertained. 

You can solve word scrambles, dot-to-dot, sudoku, word search, tic-tac-toe, dots and boxes, and even a USA map quiz. 

It has 136 pages to keep you busy!

6. 100 Amazing Patterns: Adult Coloring Book

13. 100 Amazing Patterns: Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books for adults are very popular these days, and this 100 Amazing Patterns one of the neatest ones I’ve seen. It includes 100 unique images to color and also includes bonus content. 

There is something very soothing and satisfying about the symmetrical images.

Each image is on a single-sided page. So, you don’t have to worry about the coloring bleeding onto your other art. 

7. The Ultimate Brain Games & Puzzles Book for Adults

The Ultimate Brain Games & Puzzles Book for Adults

The Ultimate Brain Games and Puzzles Book for Adults goes beyond your standard crosswords and word searches. It has a variety of puzzles, quizzes, trivia, and word games.

Some examples of the challenges:

  • How good are you at solving anagrams?
  • How quickly can you figure out a hangman answer – from just a few of its letters?
  • Could you name the presidents from just their middle names?
  • Have you ever tried to solve a word search that doesn’t contain any words?!

8. Cold Case Puzzles

Cold Case Puzzles

Attention mystery lovers and true crime fans! This Cold Case Puzzles book for adults includes over 100 crime-themed brain teasers.

  • Track criminals down through mazes and logic puzzles.
  • Unscramble anagrams and decode cryptograms related to historic cold cases.
  • Compare DNA sequences to see if they're a match.
  • Test your memory with crime scene photos and true crime accounts.
  • Solve verbal puzzles such as word ladders themed around crime.

It's spiral bound with 192 pages. It'll help you survive those long road trips!

Preview Product Price
Cold Case Puzzles Cold Case Puzzles $8.99Amazon Prime

9. Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

Pretend your Sherlock Holmes with this clever Sherlock Holmes Puzzles book. Solve more than 100 puzzles designed around the world's most famous detective.

It includes anagrams, cryptograms, and word searches. PLUS logic puzzles, coded puzzles and visual puzzles that test your mind and attention to visual details.

It's spiral bound with 192 pages. Plenty to keep you busy and entertained in the evenings or on long drives.

Preview Product Price
Sherlock Holmes Puzzles Sherlock Holmes Puzzles $7.99Amazon Prime

10. Jeopardy! Puzzles & Games

Jeopardy! Puzzles & Games

Enjoy a portable version of “America's Favorite Quiz Show.” This Jeopardy! activity book includes 27 crossword puzzles and 40 word search puzzles with 5 Jeopardy! style clues for each puzzle whose correct responses can then be used to solve the puzzle.

Each puzzle is centered around a favorite Jeopardy! category, such as world history and geography.

It's spiral-bound with 160 pages of fun challenges!

Preview Product Price
Jeopardy! Puzzles & Games Jeopardy! Puzzles & Games $8.00Amazon Prime

10 Best Travel Crafts for Adults

If you need to keep your hands busy as much as your brain, then you might prefer the following travel crafts over activity books. Or, perhaps you can get a combination!

This list gives you several great options, from crocheting to sketching to origami. If you don't find something you like on this list, check out 13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing.

11. Coopay 58-piece Crochet Kit

1. Coopay 58-piece Crochet Kit - Activity Books for Adults

Do you like to crochet or want to learn how? This Coopay 58 Piece Crochet Kit is the perfect set for traveling. 

It comes with many accessories, including five balls of yarn, crochet hooks, lace crochet needles, cable needles, and more.

It’s also great for arthritic hands since crochet hooks are ergonomically designed for comfort. 

Preview Product Price
Coopay 58-piece Crochet Kit Coopay 58-piece Crochet Kit $18.99Amazon Prime

12. DARN GOOD YARN 3 Cactus Crochet Kit

DARN GOOD YARN 3 Cactus Crochet Kit

Do you already know how to crochet and are looking for something fun and different? This DARN GOOD YARN 3 Cactus Set is darling. 

It comes with everything needed to make three cute cactus plants in pots. There are a few other options, too: Fox, Gingerbread Man, Peacock, Snowman, Succulent, Unicorn & Watermelon.

A set includes yarn, crochet needles, and patterns. If you are a beginner or intermediate crocheter, you can easily complete this activity. 

13. Travel Paint Set with Easel

Activity Books for Adults Travel Paint Set with Easel

Do you love to paint? Or are inspired by Bob Ross’s declaration that everyone can paint? 

This 85 Piece Deluxe Wooden Art Kit is a great option for those who already love to paint or beginners hoping to get into the craft. 

It comes complete with everything you need to start, including:

  • 85-piece drawing set
  • Watercolors
  • Artist brushes
  • Oil pastels
  • Acrylic paint
  • Palette
  • Sketch pad
  • And more!

The travel kit has a patented design, allowing the lid to transform into an easel. That way, you have everything you need, and it only takes up a small amount of space. 

Preview Product Price
85 Piece Deluxe Wooden Art Kit 85 Piece Deluxe Wooden Art Kit $42.99Amazon Prime

14. 52 Sketch Prompt Book

Activity Books for Adults 52 Sketch Prompt Book

Calling all sketch artists! This 52 Sketch Prompts sketchbook provides 52 pages of ideas for you to sketch. 

This is perfect for any adult who loves to sketch but has trouble coming up with ideas of what to draw. 

It’s like journaling and drawing all in one. Speaking of journals, you may want to check out 6 Best Travel Journals and 5 Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas & Tips.

Preview Product Price
52 Sketch Prompts 52 Sketch Prompts $7.95Amazon Prime

15. Drawing and Sketching Set

20 Best Travel Crafts & Activity Books for Adults 1

If you want to bring those sketches to life, consider this Prina 76 Pack Drawing Set Sketching Kit

The best thing about it is that all of the art implements fits nicely in a travel case, making it simple to take along. 

This set comes with a sketchpad, drawing tutorial, charcoal pencils, watercolor pencils, oil based colored pencils, graphite pencils, metallic coloring pencils, and more.

The zippered case keeps everything enclosed and secure, even when traveling far distances. 

16. Origami Extravaganza! Set

Activity Books for Adults Origami Extravaganza! Set

Here is an activity you might not have thought of! Or, maybe you love origami, in which case this is a great travel set. 

Origami Extravaganza comes with everything you need to do 38 origami projects. 

The set includes an origami book, 162 origami papers to complete the projects, and all the instructions needed. 

Origami is a great way to use your hands and keep your fine motor skills in check!

17. Amazing Origami Boxes

20 Best Travel Crafts & Activity Books for Adults 2

Do you like origami but want something a little different? Check this out!

Amazing Origami Boxes shows you 20 different original origami box designs that are all made from a single sheet of paper. 

This is not a set, so you need to purchase some origami paper separately. They also suggest buying different types of paper to vary your designs. 

Preview Product Price
Amazing Origami Boxes Amazing Origami Boxes $16.73Amazon Prime

18. Embroidery 3-Pack for Beginners

Embroidery 3 pack

This all-in-one Embroidery Starter Kit is perfect for beginners. It has everything you need to make 3 beautiful flower designs.

There's a stamped pattern on the embroidery cloth to use as your guide. Once complete, decorate your RV with the pretty designs or give them as gifts.

Who knows, it might become your new favorite camping hobby!

19. Paint by Number Kit for Adults

20 Best Travel Crafts & Activity Books for Adults 3

You're never too old for this adult paint-by-numbers kit. You can create professional-looking flower paintings with ease.

The kit has everything you need to make two designs on framed canvases. You can select the above flowers or choose from two other sets of designs, including a pineapple & lemons or violets and roses.

Just be sure you know the hidden meaning of pineapples before you display that one in your RV!

Preview Product Price
Paint by Number Kit for Adults Paint by Number Kit for Adults $25.99Amazon Prime

20. Diamond Painting Kit for Adults

20 Best Travel Crafts & Activity Books for Adults 4

Diamond painting is a hobby that's quickly growing in popularity. It transforms flat drawings into sparkling art pieces like the above “Tree of Life” diamond painting kit.

You use a “grabby stick” to grab a little colored gem, then press it on a designated spot. Little by little, it becomes a glistening masterpiece.

Do You Do Activity Books for Adults?

We’d love to hear your ideas and recommendations for activity books for kids. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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