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Ban Boredom! 17 Summer Camping Toys for Kids

| Updated Jun 23, 2023

We bet you haven't seen most of these toys before! Ban boredom from your campsite when you take along these summer camping toys for kids…

Summer has arrived! That means families are hitting the road for their long-awaited camping adventure.

While you are likely excited to spend time in the wilderness, there is undoubtedly downtime at the campground when you will want to entertain your kids or grandkids. 

The following is a list of the best summer toys to take with you on the road. They will bring hours of entertainment to the kids. Not to mention ample opportunity to bond with your family! 

We've broken it down into categories for easy perusal. From water games and bubbles to catch and toss games, there is something for every age to enjoy. 

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Water Toys for Kids

One thing that goes along with summer is the sun. Consider taking a water toy to entertain the children and keep them cool! 

1. Reusable Water Balloons

Have you heard of reusable water balloons? These are so cool! 

They are easy-to-fill silicone balloons that use a magnet to stay sealed. They break open just like traditional water balloons. 

The best news is that these reusable balloons will not add to landfills. They can be reused over and over and do not produce waste. 

You also won’t have to worry about littering the campground with small pieces of plastic like traditional water balloons. 

2. Reusable Water Balls

Another fun toy for hours of water play is this set of reusable water balls. The collection includes 80 super absorbent splash balls in yellow, blue, green, and red. 

They are reusable and will not create a mess or trash that goes into landfills. 

3. Toddler Waterfall Wall

If you're camping with toddlers, it's worth making room for this waterfall wall. It is a little bit bulky, but it's lightweight, easy to move, and easy to take apart.

It'll keep ages 3-8 busy, giving parents and grandparents time to relax! It does not require a connection to a water hose, and you can use sand instead of water. So, it's great for the lake, beach, or any campground with access to water or sand!

More Camping Toys for Kids – Catch and Toss Toys for Families

Another great way to pass the summer daylight is by entertaining the kids with a toss-and-catch game. So many new and exciting games differ from the ball and glove we had growing up. 

4. Pop and Catch Game

The Pop and Catch game comes with two baskets with a launcher inside. When you have the ball, you press the button to launch it to your opponent. They try to catch it in their basket. 

5. Sling Ball

Sling Ball is a twist on the traditional game of catch. Each person has a net catcher that doubles as a ball launcher. You launch the ball to your opponent, and they try to catch it in the net. 

6. The Grab Football Game

If your kids like tossing a football, they will love this Grab Football game. Each player wears a glove with unique gripping material.

When it is their turn to catch the ball, they reach up and grab it with the help of their glove. Kids catch more passes, and camping neighbors get fewer fly-bys!

(Speaking of camping neighbors, check out Unwritten Rules of a Good Camping Neighbor.)

7. Active Flyers Flying Rings

Flying discs are a classic for a reason! They are similar to frisbees, without weight. 

Each ring is designed to fly and toss like a traditional frisbee but weighs 80 percent less. They can be played in any setting, including mountain areas or on the shores of a lake or beach. 

8. Ladder Toss

Throw a little competition into your trip! The Ladder Toss game consists of two ladder-shaped targets. Each team tosses balls fastened by a rope to try and land on the target. 

This set is easy to set up and can fold into a small carrying bag for easy stowing. 

9. Rainbow Tail Catch Game

This toy is excellent for younger children learning to throw and catch. It comes with eight rainbow tails that have a softball on one end. The kids can toss them alone or to each other. 

They can also be used more competitively, with teams tossing them over a volleyball net if your campground has one. 

10. Toss and Catch Ball Game

Here is another classic! Each player receives a Velcro game mitt. Then you toss a ball with the opposite velcro pad for a fun game of catch. 

It's a great introduction to catch for younger kids that are still developing hand-eye coordination. And there's something satisfying about the velcro sound every time you catch it and peel the ball off!

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More Camping Toys for Kids – Bubble Activities

Are you looking for another way to entertain the kids? Try bubbles! Kids love interacting with bubbles, whether blowing them or furiously running around trying to pop them. 

11. Bubble Gun Machine

This excellent bubble gun makes blowing bubbles simple. You fill the bubble tray and then use the bubble gun to produce large and small bubbles. 

Not only will kids love to blow the bubbles, but they will have a great time chasing them around. 

12. Bubble Wands Set

Another great way to have bubble fun is with a bubble wand set. It comes with a bubble solution tray and a set of various wands to use to make different types of bubbles. 

This set comes with 15 different pieces, with wands in various shapes and sizes. Don’t forget to get a bubble refill on your trip!

13. Individual Bubble Wand Set

Another great bubble option is to get a set of individual bubble wands. This one-dozen set can be given to all the kids in your group. 

Or you can hand them out to other kids in the campground. It is an excellent way for the children in your group to make new friends!

Psst! Click this link if you want to make friends while camping, too!

Camping Toys for Kids – Miscellaneous Games

Here are a few more fun summer toys for the kids! 

14. Bow and Arrow for Kids Set

A great outdoor toy for kids is a play archery set. They can try their hand at this wild sport and be entertained simultaneously. 

The set has an LED light-up archery target and ten suction cup arrows. The arrows stick surprisingly well. Just be warned your RV will probably become a giant target!

15. Walkie Talkies

I do not know what it is about them, but kids love walkie-talkies. They are great for hide-and-seek adventure games or keeping in contact when playing at the campground. 

This long-range 2-pack Walkie Talkie set makes a great outdoor toy for kids of all ages. 

16. Catch Tail Game

This fun catch tail game is a twist on flag football and tag. Each player wears a belt with several colorful “tails.”

Then you chase each other, trying to pull off the other players’ tails. It's like tag without the shoving or flag football without the ball!

Camping Toys for Kids – Yard Games

There are many great yard games that kids and adults would love. These are great for older kids to play with and can create bonding memories for the entire family. 

17. Croquet 

Croquet is making a comeback! It's the perfect game to take camping because you can set it up anywhere and enjoy new configurations every time.

It's fun for the whole family, and a great way for your kids to make new friends at the campground.

More Yard Games…

Check out our yard games article for more ideas, including Cornhole, Yardzhee, Slamhoo, Ring Toss Deluxe, and more!

What are YOUR Favorite Camping Toys for Kids?

Let us know in the comments!

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