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Driving in a Blizzard

We have officially had our fill with winter. 

It's time to move on – to Florida for starters.

We just returned from a 1,200 mile trip from Manitoba to Michigan and experienced snow and sub-zero temperatures the entire route. I thought I had seen blizzards before. But the one we drove through from the Manitoba border and down I-29 in North Dakota till we were forced off at Grand Forks was the worst I have ever seen.

Visibility was less than 100 feet at times. The snow was driven by fierce winds and the temperature at mid-day was 10 below zero F.

We gave up and found a hotel to hunker down in until the storm passed late that night. It was interesting to watch the place fill up with other road weary travelers. There was a good-natured camaraderie that developed around the common area as folks sipped hot coffee and tea and shared their survival stories. The last of the blizzard refugees came in around 6PM and reported that the North Dakota DOT had pulled the plows from I-29 because they couldn't keep up with the storm. In some places, he claimed, the drifts were 10 feet.

That night, the temperature dropped to 30 below.The wind chill caused by the still blowing north wind put it near 60 below F. I think that at that low a reading, both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are about the same.

The next day, we set off east on US-2. The blizzard was over, the sun was out, the flat prairie landscape was beautiful and snow bows – see the photo – were everywhere. That happens when the light of the sun passes through snow and ice crystals, creating a snow rainbow or snow bow.

Roads were mostly clear – those northern state DOT crews know how to handle snow. But driving an RV in snow requires a slow and steady driving style. You need to take frequent breaks. Give lots of room between you and the vehicle ahead. And avoid making sudden turns that  could cause you to lose traction. Actually, those are pretty good rules for driving in any type of weather.

On this trip, though, I found the driving to be very relaxing. There was very little traffic and a whole lot of winter beauty.

But now we're ready for some warm weather beauty

We made it through Minnesota, Wisconsin, the UP of Michigan, across the Mackinac Bridge and finally, to our sticks and bricks home in Oakland County, north of Detroit. Tonight, we'll do our Ask us Anything live stream at 7PM on YouTube. We have lots of news to share this week and will be ding it in bots and pieces. We'll get the Wednesday podcast done, finish editing our Thursday video (our most epic RV factory tour ever!) , pack up and head south.




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