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17 Best RV Gifts for Dad

| Updated Oct 20, 2023

Stumped on what to buy your RV-loving dad for Father’s Day? We got you covered. 

There's always a Father's Day, Christmas, or birthday right around the corner. It’s time to think gifts! 

Luckily for you, if your dad has an RV or is into the camping lifestyle, there is no shortage of great gift options. Here are 17 ideas to help guide you toward the perfect RV gifts for dad.

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17 Best RV Gifts for Dad

From practical gifts to luxury gifts, this list has a little something for every RV dad. Whether you're shopping for Father's Day, a birthday gift, or Christmas gifts, here are some great RV gift ideas for you.

(This list of gifts work for both experienced and new RV owners, and are listed in no particular order.)

1 – Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 1
Time to grill!

Nothing says Father’s Day like a barbecue. So make it special by equipping your old man with this space-saving grill to take with him on the road. 

I own and use this all the time, but don’t just take my recommendation. It’s extremely well-reviewed. 

Lightweight at under 8 pounds, it’s easy to clean. Operating on a small propane cylinder, this model is highly portable for easy camping.

It's great for weekend RV campers as well as full-time RVers who need an easy storage option.

2 – YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 2
Bring the beer!

We covered the heat, so now let’s talk about “cooler” RV gifts for Dad.

The Yeti Tundra Cooler is the top of the line as one of the sturdiest around. But it’s also lightweight enough for one person to carry it.

Perhaps your Dad is afraid of bears while camping but doesn’t want to admit it. Rest assured, this cooler is bear-resistant due to its impressive insulation.

It may seem pricey but Yeti coolers built to last. The rubber latch will last far longer than the plastic kind. 

3 – Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 3
Where's the soda?

Maybe your outdoorsy father doesn't need a cooler with the Yeti’s bells and whistles. If he’s a light camper, this Coleman will do the trick.

It has wheels so just about anyone can transport it to the campfire conveniently. The storage capacity is 50 quarts which would fit 84 cans.

The insulation on this is no slouch either, keeping ice solid for five whole days.

For some other great and affordable options, check out Coolers Like YETI but Cheaper.

4 – JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 4
Blast the tunes!

What’s a barbecue with your Dad without some tunes? 

This Bluetooth speaker is not only tiny and easy to store. It packs some serious bass. You play something and can’t believe that quality sound comes from such a tiny package.

And if you’re playing music in the elements? Don’t worry. This bad boy is waterproof.

5 – Emergency Solar Hand Crank Survival Radio with LED Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 5
Be prepared!

Maybe your Dad is a little more concerned with survival capabilities than the sound quality. 

If so, this hand crank survival radio is the swiss army knife of radios. A cell phone charger and flashlight are built in. 

If you'd like more options to choose from, check out 5 Best Survival Radios for Emergencies.

6 – GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 6
Great chair!

Do you have the type of Dad who has a “favorite chair?” 

If not, get this one and it will become his favorite. It’s comfortable, folds open and closes easily and even has a rocking capability.

This outdoor “throne” even has a handy cup holder that’ll hold his brewski.

7 – Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 7
Get on the water!

This inflatable kayak is for when your Dad wants to get out of the chair and into the water.

This is one of the best RV gifts for Dad because it stores inside a small bag, making it easy to store and tuck away. Then when he’s visiting a lake or mild river, it’s easy to inflate and light to carry.

This one seats two people and comes with a pump and oars.

8 – Intex Challenger Kayak Inflatable Set with Aluminum Oars

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 8
Solo kayaking.

If your Dad likes to kayak alone, don’t worry. Here’s the one-seater version, just as high quality.

If your dad already has or wants a non-inflatable kayak, you could consider gifting him one of the 7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks.

BONUS Gift Idea

RV Lifestyle clothing and gear make great gifts! RV dads love our t-shirts with a variety of designs, including Happy Trails, Small House Big Yard, Boondocker, and more!

image of our new rv lifestyle clothing designs for all our MERCH!

9 – GoPro HERO 7 Waterproof Digital Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 9
Record all the Dad adventures!

Maybe your Dad videotaped your every move when you were a baby. If so, he might enjoy doing the same for his own RV adventures.

This GoPro is waterproof (so he could take it out in his inflatable kayak). It’s easy to use too with the touch screen and voice commands.

10 – Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 10
Be prepared!

Speaking of staying dry, every RV traveler could use a poncho built for hiking and backpacking.

This Sea to Summit model could even be used as a tarp in a pinch to get out of the rain. It’s big enough to keep your legs and backpack dry and is so light at only half a pound when packed.

If you’re looking for another kind of poncho, here are 4 more options.

11 – SOG SOGfari 18″ Machete – Hardcased Black Blade with Saw Back

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 11

Here’s an RV gift for the Dad who really likes to rough it on the trail. 

This machete has a dual blade. One side is for chopping vegetation, the other is a working saw blade.

And if this isn’t the style you think would work for your Dad, here are ten more camping machete options to consider.

Or, if your dad likes to cook, check out Camping Food Recipes' Best Camp Kitchen Knife (Our Top 15 Picks).

12 – Fledo Yoga Blocks

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 12
Yes, Dads do yoga.

If your Dad is less a machete swinging adventurer and more the zen kind, here are the yoga blocks I use.

They come in a variety of different colors and the foam material is comfortable.

13 – Camco Life Is Better at The Campsite Outdoor & Indoor Welcome Mat

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 13
Welcome to our campsite!

Here’s an RV gift for Dad he could use every time he sets up camp. Make his or any guest’s first step in his RV a welcome (and cleaner) one.

14 – Gourmia Single Serve Manual Hand French Press Coffee Maker

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 14
Coffee first – always!

And what’s more welcome than a hot cup of joe? This is the RV gift for Dads who love coffee, and the one I have in the RV. 

It uses K-cups, which means making a cup of coffee is as simple as pushing a button.

15 – Ultra-Sonic Pest Repeller

17 Best RV Gifts for Dad 15
Just plug it in!

Speaking of feeling welcome, give your RVing Dad peace of mind when camping by repelling rodents with these devices.

You can also check out this Ultimate ‘Bug Off' Shopping List for some other great gift ideas for the dad who hates mosquitos. (What dad doesn't?!)

16 – America the Beautiful National Park Pass

The best RV gift for Dad may be the gift of experiences. In this case, an annual pass to the National Parks. And depending on which “Dad” is getting the gift – you might want to look at the Lifetime Senior Pass or the Annual Senior Pass.

17 – Amazon Gift Card

Hey, there’s no shame in just letting him decide what he needs or wants for his RV. Just give him an Amazon Gift Card and see what happens!

Need More Gift Ideas?

Here are some more gift guides to help you find the perfect present for your loved one:

One More GREAT Gift Idea!

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With our RV Adventure Guide bundle, you can provide weeks of fun experiences for your dad.

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