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11 Best RV Travel Gifts for Mom

| Updated May 25, 2023

Whether your mom (sister or grandma!) is RVing or flying somewhere exotic, these are the best travel gifts for mom.

Does your mom, sister, or grandma love to travel? When it is time to buy her the perfect gift, get her something that she will truly enjoy!

There is no better way to say, “I love you,” than by getting her something that she knows you picked out just for her.

From a practical gift to a gift card, there are many ways you can surprise your traveling mom with something that she will love.

If you are worried about finding your mom the best birthday, Christmas, or Mother's Day gift, do not worry. I have compiled a list of the best travel gifts for mom you can find!

Best Travel Gifts in General

From camping in her RV to staying in a plush hotel, these gifts make great companions wherever your mom is traveling.

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Travel Journal

travel bullet journal ideas
There are so many types of travel journals.

If your mom is the type that likes to doodle, jot down notes, or write in a journal, then she will love a travel journal.

She can record her favorite travel memories when on a trip, and then reread them later, and even share them with you. It is a great way to transport her back to that trip and link memories to her fun travels.

Bullet travel journals are all the rage these days. Here are 5 Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas & Tips you could share with your mom.

Portable Charger

11 Best RV Travel Gifts for Mom 1
A portable charger is very helpful!

A portable charger can come in handy for almost anyone these days! That is because we rely on our phones devices for many things.

We look up reservations, driving directions, and nearby gas stations. Or read a book, listen to music, or play Candy Crush! You name it, we can use our device for it. Help mom by giving her this practical gift.

Reusable Water Bottle

11 Best RV Travel Gifts for Mom 2
A reusable water bottle is an excellent idea.

A reusable water bottle is an excellent idea for a mom on the go. These cute, insulated options will keep her hydrated, while also keeping her water fresh and cold! Choose from a variety of colors and patterns that matches her personality.

She can use this when traveling on future trips, and when she is home.

Crossbody Purse

11 Best RV Travel Gifts for Mom 3
A crossbody purse comes in handy.

This small crossbody purse comes in handy when going through airport security, exiting her RV at travel stops, or checking out tourist destinations when traveling.

They can keep her passport and wallet safer by keeping it close to her body, and away from thieves.

Best RV Travel Gifts for Mom

If you are still looking for travel-related gifts for RV-loving moms, I have a comprehensive list for you. Here are a few more ideas to explore.

Personalized RV Mat

A unique travel gift is to get mom a personalized RV mat to use at her campsite. Most moms want to keep the dirt outside of the trailer.

She will love a cute mat to put outside of her steps to clean off the dirt and grime from dirty shoes.

RV Travel Guide Book (Choose a Destination!)

Give your mom a ready-made travel plan!

We've written a library of RV Travel books that lay out seven-day guided explorations of scenic areas of the US that we've explored and think would make an excellent RV trip for you.

RV Adventure Guide Bundle
Choose one or get them all!

In each location, we provide a suggested route and itinerary (7 stops in each guide, one for each day of a week trip!) as well as links to multiple campgrounds and boondocking spots, local tips, and interesting things to do at each location.

You can hit everything in seven days, do a whirlwind weekend tour, or you can take your time and explore the area over a 2+ week period.

Planning an RV trip can be very time-consuming so that’s why we’ve done the research for you! Just take our guides and use them, we’re sure you’ll have an RV trip for the ages! Instant download. CLICK HERE for information on our RV Travel Guides

Inflatable Neck Pillows

This inflatable neck pillow is a great travel pillow because it can provide comfort and support while traveling, without taking up a lot of precious storage space. This is the perfect solution for traveling in your RV where there is limited space.

You can personalize her travel pillow by picking out a fun color and material that she will love. It makes for the perfect travel gift for moms on the go!

Interchangeable Flip Flops

Yep, these are a real thing! Give your mom the gift of style next she is traveling.

She can personalize her footwear to match different outfits, without lugging along a bunch of shoes. It makes for a convenient gift, and will not take up much space in her RV.

What a versatile present!

Eye Mask

When staying in her RV for an extended period of time, it can be difficult to sleep. That is because she is often changing locales, and experiencing new things. She may also encounter travel stress and fatigue when driving from one place to the next.

A great gift for travel lovers is this MZOO Sleep Eye Mask. Help your mom rest by getting her an eye mask to help her sleep at night. She will feel rested and refreshed the next day and ready to explore new places!

Best Sentimental Gifts

Is your mom the sentimental type? If so, consider getting her a meaningful gift from the heart.

If she cannot be with you, get her the next best thing: something that reminds her of you! Some gifts can spark a nice memory for her when she is on a long road trip.

Personalized Jewelry

11 Best RV Travel Gifts for Mom 6
How about a home state necklace?

One sentimental gift is to get mom a personalized piece of jewelry. It does not have to say her name, but can be personalized in other ways.

Consider getting her a home state necklace. It comes complete with a chain and outline of her home state, or a state that she loves. You can even select one that includes the state you live in if it's different from where your mom is.

You can also get your world traveler mom a necklace with the cutout of the world map. Or one that shows a gorgeous mountain cutout.

Another great gift idea for your sentimental mom is a piece of jewelry that has her birthstone. Or the birthstones of her family members. That way, she can travel with a piece of everyone from home, without even taking up packing space!

Personalized Travel Bag

Consider getting your mom a personalized travel bag that has her initials or a special message on it. Not only is it meaningful and special, but useful too!

She will love looking at the happy photo or special message when digging around for the next travel item she needs.

More Great Travel Gifts…

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Does she want to show the world that she lives the RV Lifestyle?

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Published on 2023-05-01

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