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Tips: Food Storage 1

I’ve talked before about using Ziploc bags to store all sorts of stuff, from food to spare parts to things like cereal that can be emptied out of those big bulky boxes and stored in much less space.

Not too long ago, a listener named Diane from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin offered up an alternative suggestion.

The system Diane suggested is called Thrifty Vac.Tips: Food Storage 2

It seals all kinds of food in vacuum bags, using a hand pump that easily stores away.

“With the pump system, you can easily get all of the air out of your bag,” she told me, adding that advertisements for the product claim food vacuum-sealed with one of their bags can last up to two years.

There are various options for Thrifty Vac kits, but they are all less than $25 (as of this writing). The bags cost about 17 cents each. As Diane pointed out, you can even use bags like Ziploc brand with it.

“It’s an easy way to make sure food stays fresh and contained,” she said.

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One Response to “Tips: Food Storage”

June 30, 2017at11:10 am, SunnyOne said:

I went to the Thrifty Vac website, and it looks a little more complicated than just pump and seal. You need a large bag with some kind of sealer piece in it. You put your nearly all sealed up bag with the food into the larger bag and secure it with the sealer piece. Then you put the pump over the sealer nipple and pump out all the air. Seal the inner bag all the way and remove it. The good part is that you can use any kind of sealed bag for your food, you don’t need special bags with a nipple in them. The bad part, of course, is you have to store a second apparatus.

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