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Solving the problem of bad doggie breath in the RV

| Updated Nov 16, 2013

We love to take our Norwegian Elkhound, Tai, with us when we go Roadtreking.

Except for one thing.

His breath.

It stinks. Literally.

In the confined space of an RV, dog breath can get pretty disgusting. We've tried chicken-flavored dog toothpaste and brushing his teeth. It works a little. But chicken flavored dog breath is almost as bad as regular dog breath.

So it was with great interest that we just discovered  something called Orapup – a dog breath brush.

It comes with a couple bottles of Lickies, a liquid that you squeeze onto the soft bristles of the brush. Then you take the brush to your pup and, they love it, liking it all off. It has some natural enzyme that gets rid of bad dog breath and is also supposed to help prevent plaque.

tai brush
Hua Hua and Rachel give Tai the bad dog breath treatment on the brush.

My granddauhters Hua Hua and Rachel were over when we put it to the test.

Tai loved the stuff.

After he licked the brush clean, the girls did a doggie breath test. Their verdict: It works.

Jennifer checked, too. She says life with Tai in the RV will be better after he licks that brush. We'll be taking it with us on future trips with the dog.

Rachel, meanwhile, pointed out to me that the company also has a tongue brush meant for humans.

She suggested I might want to try it to help with my “Grandpa breath.”


Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-11-16

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

11 Responses to “Solving the problem of bad doggie breath in the RV”

September 12, 2014at10:21 pm, Lyn Amason Williams said:

We’ll, where does one get it?

September 06, 2014at9:33 pm, Rob Ritchie said:

Christine Landreneau-Ritchie

November 18, 2013at1:33 am, lisa parson said:

I can tell you Oraltech Labs advice worked for my bad breath and I think I tried most other products on the market. It’s not easy as the program has you treating all causes of bad breath just in case your suffering from any one cause and don’t know it. However when I had bad breath I lost many job opportunities and all my friends so I was happy to follow the program just to get my life back. Anyway it’s worth it to cure bad breath.

November 16, 2013at8:02 pm, Laine Wightman said:

We were told about Oxyfresh Canine Hygiene solution, bought some online about 5 years ago and put one capful (less than recommended on label) in our 3 dogs water bowl once or twice a day. Their breath has been good andtheir teeth white and without tartar at their annual dental cleanings for 4 years. In the past, our dogs have had extractions every year but not since. The stuff costs about 15 bucks but lasts a long time and is worth twice the cost. We are very enthusiastic but only know about it through a dog loving friend.

November 16, 2013at7:33 pm, Wil said:

Give “Minties” a try. Expensive, but they work.

November 16, 2013at12:20 pm, Donna said:

Lol! Ya gottaa love grandkids! Made my day!

November 16, 2013at11:28 am, Barbara Alexander said:

Gotta love those grand kids! They don’t mind being brutally honest!

November 16, 2013at11:06 am, Mike Wendland said:

Excellent advice, Tami. We have Tai’s teeth cleaned once a year. He was also recently X-Rayed. The breed is notorious for bad breath. Our previous two Elkhounds were the same. he vet tells us the “people food” is a major contributing problem. Tai doesn’t like that kind of talk but we’ve found his breath is better when he doesn’t get table scraps.

November 16, 2013at11:05 am, Barb Mahoney said:

Hi Mike and Jennifer–Something to think about is the fact that bad breath can be a clue to possible health issues. I lost one of my rescued Golden Retrievers to hemangiosarcoma. I later learned that his horrible breath was one of the symptoms of this dreaded disease. A check by the veterinarian may be in order to rule out any possible health issues for Tai.

November 16, 2013at10:56 am, Tami said:

I am sure you have heard this and it may not be your dogs problem but usually when a dog has foul breath it is due to a bad tooth. My mom’s dog breath was bad for years. When she passed we took the dog and like you, the breath was over whelming, so we took her to have her teeth cleaned. The vet found a bad tooth, pulled it and wala, no more bad breath.

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