Roadtrek and Chrysler Roll Out the New Zion Motorhome

 Roadtrek and Chrysler Roll Out the New Zion Motorhome

With T-shirts celebrating the launch, 200 Roadtrek employees joined by executives from Chrysler offices in Canada and the U.S. celebrated the completion of the first production model of its brand new Zion motorhome, built on the Ram ProMaster chassis.

The completed new model, painted in a color called Champagne,  slowly drove past a line of cheering employees for a noon-time sendoff, as other ProMaster units, in various states of assembly, were being worked on back on the shop floor. Roadtrek President Jim Hammill gave a big thumbs up as the first Zion drove past.

The first Zion off the assembly line
The first Zion off the assembly line

“This is likely to be our biggest product launch in the last 10 years, ” said Hammill to loud applause from the Roadtrek workers. “We are buried in orders.”

Paul Cassidy, Roadtrek's vice president of sales, confirmed the demand for the Zion after its official debut at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. the first week of December. “We've had orders from our dealers almost instantaneously,” he said. “Now I'm getting dealers emailing saying they are writing deals with retail customers. It's clearly hit the market with lots of intensity and the surprising thing is few people have even seen one yet.”

Roadtrek and Chrysler execs in front of the new Zion
Roadtrek and Chrysler execs in front of the new Zion

Ken Tuckey (yes, that really is his name), senior manager of National Fleet and Commercial Vehicles, Chrysler Canada, said the ProMaster makes for a unique RV.

“It's the only recreational vehicle on the market that has front wheel drive, making it lower to the ground, easy step in and it also has a very wide chassis so there;s a lot of content that the RV manufacturers like Roadtrek can put in the vehicle,” said Tuckey. “We at Chrysler couldn't be more pleased with this new Zion model that Roadtrek has produced. It's stunning.”

Ken Tuckey from Chrysler
Ken Tuckey from Chrysler

A team of Chrysler execs toured the factory before the rollout. Bob Johnson, from Chrysler's Fleet Sales office in Ingomar, Pa., said, “I just sort of sat back and watched people look at the Zion. They were clearly impressed. I think the touches that Roadtrek did to this vehicle  made this product stand out from all the other RVs that were at that (Louisville) show.”

We showed video and talked a lot about the Zion in our Podcast from the RV Trade show . You can find it at

Here's another Zion being built on the assembly line
Here's another Zion being built on the assembly line

Here are stats on the Zion:

  • Exterior length – 20’11”
  • Exterior width – 6′ 11″
  • Interior aisle width – 29″
  • Exterior height – 9′ 5″
  • Interior standing height – 6′ 2″
  • Wheelbase – 159″
  • Gross vehicle weight rating – 9,350 pounds
  • Occupant and cargo carrying capacity – 1,250 pounds
  • Gross combined weight rating – 11,500 pounds
  • Fuel type – Gas 24 US gal
  • Fresh water capacity – 35 US gal
  • Black holding tank capacity – 19 US gal
  • Gray holding tank capacity – 20 US gal
  • Rear king sleeping max width and length – 74′”x 76″

Here are some photos of the big day.

Roadtrek workers got a T-Shirt commemorating the launch
Roadtrek workers got a T-Shirt commemorating the launch. That's Jimmy Kennedy, front and center



Chrysler execs inspecting the Zion
Chrysler execs Jeff Sloan and Ken Tuckey checking out the Zion


There was a great catered meal for the workers who built the Zion
There was a great catered meal for the workers who built the Zion

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  • I really want to see the diagram of the floor plan from above like you get to see on the other models. I would like to see all the particulars of what is included with the Zion and what options there will be for the buyer.

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  • Oh I wish we could afford one of these. I don’t go too many places because I need to use the “facility” often. This would take care of that problem. But even the used ones are way more than we now can afford.

  • I believe the public launch will be in January, this is just a peek for those on this group, that’s why you can’t find anything on it on website

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