A look at the new Roadtrek TS Adventurous

 A look at the new Roadtrek TS Adventurous

At the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Trade Show in Louisville this week, Jennifer and I got to spend some time in Roadtrek Motorhomes' brand new TS Adventurous – a high end model for 2014 built on the full sized Sprinter platform. This gorgeous new addition to the Roadtrek lineup is tricked out with a new interior and a proprietary technology system that lets you monitor and control your vehicle's various comfort interior settings and  from a tablet or smartphone from anywhere via the Internet.

Roadtrek TS
The Roadtrek TS Adventurous

Special on board cameras let you, say, check up on fido when you leave your pet back in the coach while taking a hike or when you are out for dinner. You can similarly adjust the air conditioning, lights and monitor battery, plumbing and electrical circuits.

As a tech guy, I was instantly hooked.

Jennifer liked the luxurious European styling, the new dark laminate polished cabinetry. It's a charcoal-like color accented by chrome. There is a built in work station for a laptop or tablet, raised appliances on a granite counter for ease of use and an induction cooktop for faster and more even cooking.

Also included in the TS is LED strip lighting with dimming control, power awning with outdoor lights, heated floors, a large 1350 watt air conditioner and rear electrical and water hook ups. It can seat seven, four up front on swiveling Captain's Chair, and three in the back on the sofa, which converts to a king sized-bed with the push of a switch

And the same innovations like solar power, heated floors, an engine generator and other features of models like the eTrek (also on the Sprinter platform) or the 40th Anniversary Special Edition (a Roadtrek 190 Popular model on the Chevy chassis) can be fitted to the TS Adventurous.


Mike Wendland

Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at RVLifestyle.com. He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.


  • Beautiful…
    Are you trading, Mike???

  • It left me speechless!

  • I would like to volunteer to be a driver to see how well a single lady and her dog, do driving the new unit. Looks just right for me.

  • Simply gorgeous….I noticed the change in handles. Are these on all new models.

  • Thank you Mike…wow! I especially like the work station since I work when we travel. A pretty luxurious office on wheels!

  • Great report & fabulous vehicle. Bonus: the opportunity to see Jim & a glimpse of Howard – important folks in my Roadtrek family!

  • I’m ready to trade in my 2013 RS for the TS. It does everything my model does not do…and I think I would love those new cabinet latches!

  • I love this new model! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Hoping to win the lottery and get to buy one …. until then, lest my 2009 RS Adventurous gets jealous, I love you too, Maria!

  • I want one!

  • They must get about 3 miles per gallon with all that added “luxury.”

  • Denny Vorley

  • My father in law has his 2012

  • Nice colour!

  • Our 2006 gets 22 mpg (US) & 26mpg Canadian!

  • Sweet! And I love the color!

  • I would sooo love this!

  • love the color. Not the typical style either.

  • Would love to have one & just GO

  • A chocolate motorhome!!!! Love it!!!!

  • ThTs..nice..I could see you in that one…

  • nice

  • Mon rêve…

  • Super beau j en veut un

  • Me too!! Fortune come my way, please

  • Can’t tell anything but the outside. What does the inside look like?

  • Love the color!

  • I am ready to go

  • When will Roadtrek have one of the new 4X4 sprinter conversions?

  • I’m small..u can take me along!!

  • At $97,000 + !!!!

  • Looks like I might be getting this one!!

  • It would be hoooooot!

  • I watched the video (no sound) I didn’t see where to sleep or how many it sleeps

  • What’s the starting price?

  • This is the way we camp.

  • u parents had big life ins lucky u, RICK HUNT

  • I would love to have one, but we can’t afford.

  • Arkansas Razorback fans would love this.

  • So nice

  • Very nice

  • Becky this is just the vehicle you guys need….home away from home.

  • She’s a beauty! 🙂

  • Dave this is what I want to get for retirement instead of big rv, been looking at them

  • How much new in the states. Here in Canada they are 100000 plus ouch

  • i NEED one

  • This is awesome!!!

  • Vera Nice

  • Matthew

  • Nice..Love it

  • Saw these at the Charger Fanfare, wasn’t impressed at all and then saw the $140,000 price sticker no way!

  • For this high-end model about $150,000+. I still love my 1999 Roadtrek 190 better. Roadtrek is a good motorhome. Love mine.

  • MPG?

  • moi j ai Roadtrek 190 1995

  • Would love one of these & just take off !!!

  • I have 2 Powerball tickets in my wallet. I’d gladly spend my winnings on one of these. All I need is a lot of luck.

  • Thanks for sharing. Will be looking into this model come January…

  • The only drawback on these is that cost more than some larger RVs with more room. That is kinda sad.

  • I want red 210 Popular like that

  • Purchase a full size van, much cheaper

  • I’ll take it..

  • You can park this in my drive any day yey.

  • i LOVE IT! out of our reach though! darn

  • I win the lottery? This is Purchase #1.

  • Needs to be a 4 x4 for me with that price.

  • Buy one. Dad

  • Please Kent Bazan?

  • Love it

  • I want one!

  • Sheldon Hopper my retirement

  • Joining Carter and Mary on a moho journey?

  • Oh,,,,Roadtrex Need to Have a Contest;;;;;……at least give some a chance at it. Wonderful

  • i want one

  • I want one!!

  • Love It!

  • Sue Aldrich, Kim Inman Taylor take a look at this

  • Looking for one that Ford comes out with.

  • Only $100,000!

  • Wish they would have used a Ford Transit. 🙁

  • The Ford transit van is on it’s way ! The cost should be about half what the M/B coast ! Go to ford .com & look for com.veh . van ,when you see them they look like a M/B van . Major M/H com. May have already started up fitting the chaises, they come in cut a way van as reg. van , with 3 roof heights ,& 3 wheel bases.

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