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80 Little Pros of Owning an RV (According to REAL RVers)

| Updated May 13, 2023

REAL RVers from our RV Lifestyle community share the little pros of owning an RV, including the simple pleasures you may not have considered…

Recently, one of our RV Lifestyle members wanted to hear about the little perks of owning an RV from REAL RVers. 

Timothy asked: What’s the one unexpected satisfaction that came along with RV ownership? 

As per usual, our community answered! We had hundreds of comments from real RVers about the joyful surprises they have found with RVing. 

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Pros of Owning an RV (According to REAL RVers)

Pros of Owning an RV

We recently wrote an article on 10 RV Life Pros and Cons (Beyond the Obvious). It's is a deeper dive into big RV life pros and cons beyond the obvious reasons every other list gives you.

But Timothy's question led to the many simple pleasures of RVing. So, we thought it'd be nice to compile those little pros of owning an RV, and offer related resources as applicable.

  1. Healthier eating from a freezer full of pre-portioned meals.
  2. You can live happily with less stuff. (What NOT to Bring on Your RV Trip (An Anti Packing List)
  3. Having a self-sufficient place to live if an emergency occurs.
  4. Meeting great people from around the country and Canada. (Mentioned many times!)
  5. Seeing our beautiful country while still feeling like you get to go home each day.
  6. Making your neighbors mad, but then they are gone the next day. (How to Deal with Bad Camping Neighbors)
  7. Or, if you do not like your neighbors, you can pack up and leave!
  8. Pulling over to use your RV's restroom when needed. 
  9. It is a home away from home, so no matter where you are, you are home. 
  10. Embracing tiny house living and leaving a smaller footprint for our planet. 
  11. Traveling with pets, like a cat or dog. Or your chicken
  12. There is an incredible feeling of freedom when RVing. 
  13. RVing is a great way to travel with a baby!
  14. You can keep the RV stocked, which means less packing for the family when planning trips. 
  15. You do not have to sleep on uncomfortable hotel beds. (The 3 Best RV Bedding Solutions)
  16. Making new friends is fun. (How to Make Friends While Camping (14 Icebreakers))
  17. Selling my RV and making a profit. 
  18. The total relaxation of being someplace new and taking it all in. 
  19. The satisfaction that comes from being able to fix something that breaks on the trailer. (RV Tech Course)
  20. How lovely the view is through a Class A window. 
  21. How relaxing the driving is. (How to Stay Comfortable on a Road Trip)
  22. Waking up to wildlife right outside your window. 
  23. Hearing thunder from inside the rig. 
  24. Romance and cuddling. (How to Keep the Romance Alive While RVing)
  25. The delight of enjoying an outdoor fire.
  26. The joy of eating outdoors. 
  27. The great people you meet!
  28. How much you miss it once you are home for a week. 
  29. The happiness from not having to brush or comb your hair. (RV Lifestyle hats)
  30. The initial happiness when leaving your driveway. It beats flying anywhere!
  31. The surprise of enjoying RVing if you are new to camping.
  32. You can have a mini vacation every weekend. 
  33. Your vacation starts the minute you start the engine. 
  34. It only takes 20 minutes to clean inside a rig (depending on the size). 
  35. Being able to have everything you need at all times. 
  36. Feeling free! (This was mentioned several times.)
  37. Designing an RV that matches your personal style and tastes. 
  38. Being able to get away last minute without kids. (11 Insightful Ways to Embrace Being a Senior RVer)
  39. Not having to lug around suitcases when you travel. 
  40. The peaceful feeling that comes with setting up. 
  41. RV horns are deafening! It's fun to honk them.
  42. There is nothing better than watching the sunrises or sunsets. 
  43. Having unique and fun adventures on every trip. 
  44. Having a home after selling a house and before buying a new one.
  45. The feeling that life slows down when you are RVing. 
  46. Improved health, like a bad back. (7 RV Safety Products for Seniors & RVers with Disabilities)
  47. Being able to embrace minimalist living. 
  48. Not having to pay any property taxes. 
  49. Enjoying the little things, like s’mores over an open fire. (10 Easy Campfire Snacks & Treats)
  50. Having a glass of wine by the fire. 
  51. Reading a book with my feet up, all while hearing the sounds of nature. (10 Best Books to Read While Camping)
  52. Enjoying all-season family trips. 
  53. The affordability! Being able to travel a lot more since the cost of a hotel does not factor in. 
  54. The view of nature is unreal!
  55. Having your own bed to sleep in (this was mentioned many times). 
  56. Smelling the smells of nature. Like the trees, flowers, and dirt.
  57. Not having to make a mortgage payment every month. 
  58. Everything has its place. So much less clutter is excellent! (10 Years Living the RV Life Taught Us These 10 Things)
  59. Having a guest house for visitors.
  60. Cruising slowly on windy roads. 
  61. Finding surprisingly beautiful spots that you have never heard of. (Serendipity Travel: Following the Winds of Curiosity)
  62. Escaping harsh winter weather, like snow. 
  63. Eating new foods in new places. It is fun to try new wines in wine country or foods that specific areas are known for. (Our 13 Best RV Road Food Stops – so far!)
  64. Having the convenience to pull over wherever you are and having what you need. 
  65. The joy of finding a spot for something you didn't think you would be able to have. 
  66. The sense of community that comes along with RV parks.
  67. Grabbing ice cream from the freezer while rolling down the road. 
  68. Being able to own a second home without the same price tag.
  69. Hearing the rain on a rubber roof. 
  70. Seeing the 50 states in our beautiful country. 
  71. The self-confidence that comes from being able to hitch, drive and maintain it. (How to Build Confidence as a New RV Owner)
  72. Waking up in a new place. 
  73. Being present in life. 
  74. Having a cup of coffee at the campground. 
  75. The way that teenagers open up when sitting around the fire with marshmallows, just talking. 
  76.  Not having to use nasty bathrooms (this was mentioned frequently). 
  77. Having no yard work!
  78. Feeling secure and having home stability (this was mentioned frequently). You do not have a mortgage payment, and a landlord cannot sell from under you. 
  79. No late night or early morning walks to the campground bathroom. 
  80. Learning that the campfire not only feeds your soul but also keeps the bugs away. (The Ultimate ‘Bug Off!’ Shopping List for Your RV)

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Published on 2023-05-13

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