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The Luxury Camper Van Buying Guide

Here's what you need to know before purchasing a luxury camper van and which companies are the most popular.

Are you thinking about what to drive on your next road trip? Many people are now turning to camper vans, also called adventure vans. And for this post camper van will also mean a Class B and B+ RV.

That is because they offer all the comforts of home in a smaller package than typical motorhomes do. In fact, many claim that luxury camper vans are nicer than a five-star hotel!

When looking into the best camper van for your lifestyle, there are several things to consider. You will want to think about who you will be traveling with, where you are visiting, and other amenities you may need.

The price tag may also be part of your consideration. Some luxury RV vans can go up to $500,000 and we'll go over that one in a moment (with a video, too!)

The following are things to consider before purchasing one, followed by my shortlist of six luxury camper vans to consider, as well as an innovative option that markets camping in a luxury fan as if it was a boutique hotel room!

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but a good starting point reference for your shopping, if it's a luxury camping van you are after.

What is a Luxury Camper Van?

The Luxury Camper Van Buying Guide 1

A luxury camper van most resembles a custom van or van conversion… with lots of extra bells and whistles and high-end options.

These usually start out as a full-size cargo van. It is then sent to a third-party RV manufacturer that outfits it with amenities for road tripping and camping.

Because everything inside the van is basically custom built, they can get much more expensive And usually, it is the price that first makes you think “luxury.”

You can't just say that anything over $125,000 is a luxury camper van – or can you? Places like RVTrader sell high-priced camper vans all the time, but not all of them are luxurious.

What makes a camper van luxurious for you?

Answer these Questions First About Your ideal Luxury Camper Van

Before running out to purchase a luxury camper van, you want to be sure to think about your needs. That way, you can get a van that matches your lifestyle. The following are a few things to consider before making this large purchase.

1. Who is Traveling with You?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when camper van shopping is, Who will I be traveling with? That will help determine the right size camper van you will need. There is a big difference between you and a partner needing to sleep in the van and a family of four needing beds.

Two people can fit comfortably in a van that has a cozy double bed and another seating area to stretch out in. A family would need a larger van to get a second bed in it, and space to move around a bit.

2. How Often Do You Plan to Travel?

Another factor when considering the type of van life you are seeking is how long you plan to be on the road. If you do not plan to live and work from the road, then you might not need as large of a van for taking only weekend trips.

3. Where Are You Traveling?

I know that you may not know all of the places that you will travel to in the future. But you likely have a good idea about some of your future travel plans.

This is important because it might help steer you to or away from different travel vans.

If you plan to tackle different terrains, you will likely want specialized brakes and tires and four-wheel or all-wheel drive to handle whatever is thrown at you. You will also likely want to be able to secure everything down in the van.

If you plan to go boondocking, you will also want to consider a van that has a large battery bank and inverter, as well as solar-powered options.

4. What Accommodations Do You Need?

Here's where the luxury part comes in.

How comfortable do you want to be?

Camper vans offer many amenities, thanks to their innovative design. You can choose features like stand-alone showers, full baths, king-sized beds, lithium battery options, automatic leveling, deluxe interiors, and seat and sofa coverings.

Frankly, the sky is the limit.

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Best Luxury Camper Van Models

When looking for a van conversion company, there are lots to choose from. The following is a sampling of some of the most popular luxury camper van models.

Luxury Van Chassis

When it comes to RVs, there are two chassis from generally used: The standard van chassis with the enclosed van “box,” and the cutaway chassis, which has a cab and just a frame on which RV manufacturers build their own box.

Both Ford – on its Transit models – and Mercedes Benz – with its Sprinter models – provide these two chassis to RV manufacturers.

Usually, because those built on the cutaway chassis are slightly bigger than the traditional van chassis, the cutaway models are referred to as B+ RVs. Technically, for registration and insurance purposes, they are a Class C. But they are a little less bulky than a traditional Class C motorhome, usually lacking the distinctive overhang.

This, for marketing purposes, you will usually hear them referred to as B+ models

Here's some of our favorite luxury camper van picks.

Leisure Travel Vans – Unity

luxury camper van
This is a photo of the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder Class B Plus RV (really a Class C) we used to own

This luxury camper van is built on the cutaway chassis just mentioned. It starts at just over $150,000. But with all the options like automatic leveling, solar panels, a large inverter, a built-in generator and high-end appliances, the cost goes way up from there.

This unit, unlike most luxury camper vans, has a small slide-out option that adds room and a king-sized Murphy Bed.


You remember Roadtrek, don't you? Whereas you might not think to put this van into the luxury category, check that starting price. Roadtrek has what would be considered a luxury van in their 2021 SS Agile starting at over $173,000.

It's their top-of-the-line Class B van. This model is built on the 144” long wheelbase of the short Mercedes Sprinter Chassis.


Pleasure-Way has what it would consider a luxury van in their 2022 Plateau FL and note, there are four seatbelts in this model. Price is $172,000.


Airstream is a luxury builder, but if you really want something special check out the Airstream Atlas Tommy Bahama Edition. Jennifer was really impressed with this one. I'm not sure if it was the built-in bar or the luxurious fabrics.

The costs of this. Better sit down. It starts at $273,000.

Coach House

If you want an amazing Class B van, you have two choices with Coach House.

If you want it on the Ford Chassis you can explore the Coach House Platinum III ($225,000) and if on the Mercedes Chassis you can explore the Arriva ($163,000)

Advanced RV

Did you see our report on the B Box? Watch the video where we took a little tour through one.

But let's deal with the price on this first. Because it is totally custom, we can only give you the average price for a new one. It's $380,000. Yup. For a Class B van. Some cost close to $500,000.

Watch the video below.

And, for something completely different, check out the rentable — Cabana Van

The Cabana Van company refers to their vans as “boutique hotels.”

These are not vans that you can buy, per se, but you rent them like you would book a hotel room.

Their vans come complete with a bed with a memory foam mattress, television, and heating and air conditioning. They also include a coffee kettle, drawer fridge, pull-out trash can, indoor and outdoor shower, and toilet.

Of course, you can also add on other amenities, like an outdoor kitchen, pop-up tent, and camp chairs.

Currently, only in Seattle and Los Angeles. And again, only for rent, not purchase.

The Best Camper Van Models

For a more detailed look at the best camper vans in general (all ranges), check out this article: The Best Camper Vans. We compiled that list based on our experience and other campers we've gotten to know.

Do You Have a Luxury Camper Van?

Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments. And if you want to learn how to build your own luxury camper van – we have some ideas for you, too!

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