How they are built: The Coachmen Galleria Class B campervan

We continue our video series visiting various RV manufacturing facilities around North America by traveling to Middlebury, Indiana near Elkhart to see how the new Coachmen Galleria Class B RVs are built.

We visited on the coldest day Northern Indiana has experienced in decades, a day so cold that the factory – and almost all businesses and schools in the area – were shut down.

Galleria Product Manager Nick Recchio and Plant Manager John Frey showed up, however, and showed Jennifer and me around and what makes the Galleria such a popular campervan.

3 thoughts on “How they are built: The Coachmen Galleria Class B campervan”

  1. Enjoyed the tour and thorough explanation of the how and why of the Coachman sprinter built out! I agree with Jennifer the cabinets are a work of art and I love the handles. How is the success with the cabinets latching? Would be good to see a comparison of the shower/toilets perhaps side by side in the various manufacturers you have compared. Mary Jane Curry

  2. Did they mention when they started using that foil looking insulation? Just wondering what year models would have it.

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