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It’s all abut the lifestyle

We like to call our RV an adventuremobile.

It transports us to wonderful places where we create awesome memories.

It allows us to experience a lifestyle of adventure.

So when I saw a series of new videos just released by our friends at the Erwin Hymer Group of North America, I had to share them with you. All stress the lifestyle and feature the motorhome as simply the vehicle that makes it happen.

Eventually, the company plans to produce one for each model they manufacturer.

But the first three are now out and all I can say is hats off to Jim Rawn and his video team. The videos were beautifully shot and edited and do a marvelous job of portraying what the RV lifestyle is all about. Each tells a story around a different theme about how the motorhomes are enriching people’s lives.

Here are the first three videos:

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