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9 Clever Dollar Store RV Hacks You Need to Know!

| Updated Jun 20, 2023

If you love RV hacks, you'll love these CHEAP RV hacks! Our RV Lifestyle Facebook community shared helpful Dollar Store RV hacks you'll want to try…

If you're an RV owner, you know that little expenses can add up quickly. But did you know that you can find affordable solutions to many of your RV needs at your local dollar store? 

In this blog article, we'll share 9 helpful RV hacks you can find at the dollar store. These tips will help you save money and make your RV life a little easier, from organizing solutions to personalized design. 

So if you're looking to stretch your budget and get the most out of your RV, read on for some clever ideas!

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9 Clever Dollar Store RV Hacks

dollar store Dollar Store RV Hacks

Whether a new RVer or an old pro, you might be looking for new RVing hacks to make your life easier on the road. 

In our RV Lifestyle Facebook group, one poster asked: What RV Dollar Store hacks have you used in your RV Lifestyle? 

Our group members had many excellent responses because they are real RVers that have tried it all. The following is a list of the top RV hacks you can find at the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, or Dollar whatever as there as many variations on this type of store! Also, we can't LINK directly to Dollar Store because they don't have one online store, as all the stores are independently owned. So, I linked to similar items on Amazon in case you don't have one of these types of stores near you. You can use this map to see if an Official Dollar Store is near you.  

Now that we have all that sorted let's get to the great hacks available for your RV!

1) Shoe Rack

One useful hack RV Lifestyle member Jeanne provides is using dollar store or Amazon over-the-door shoe racks to hang shoes. 

You can easily mount these racks just inside the RV door. It provides easy access to remove shoes before entering the RV. This will help keep your rig cleaner and organized without having to walk in your socks outside!

2) Plastic Bin Storage

Another great hack is to use dollar store plastic bins to organize your rig. 

You can use inexpensive bins inside cabinets, drawers, and closets to keep your space organized and tidy. 

Not only will this make your RV feel clean and organized. It can save you a ton of time because you can easily find the items you are looking for. 

In addition, you can use plastic bins in your outside storage to organize tools and other essentials you keep on hand. 

3) Self-Adhesive Plastic Hooks

Dollar stores have a cheaper alternative to Command Hooks that many RVers use throughout their RVs. These hooks are self-adhesive and are designed to easily come off by pulling the adhesive strip down and out.

You can find cheaper versions of Command Hooks at most dollar stores. However, I think a disclosure is required here. The cheaper versions are cheaper for a reason. You need to be sure to properly prepare the wall to stick them on, or they'll just break or fall off.

Furthermore, removing dollar store self-adhesive hooks may not work as well as Command Hooks. If you don't expect to ever remove it, no problem! But if it's for temporary use, you're probably better off going with the more expensive Command Hooks.

4) Wind Barriers

Another excellent suggestion came from Frank. He said that he uses inexpensive kitchen scrapers or choppers to block the wind on the sides of his Blackstone grill. 

If there is one thing I know about outdoor cooking is that the wind can be a bear! It can blow out your heat source or lead to uneven cooking when grilling. So I think this is a beneficial suggestion! 

Another commenter said that if you cannot find scrapers or choppers at the dollar store, grab some aluminum pans instead. They are sturdy enough to create great wind blockers as well. 

5) Stick-On Backsplash

If you want to spruce up the interior of your RV, you can use this inexpensive hack. Purchase stick-on backsplash for $1 per square foot. Then stick it behind the sink, or use it innovatively!

One RV Lifestyle member adhered it to the front of her cabinet doors, then painted them. The result was a trendy yet understated, finished look. It elevated the style of her RV interior simply. 

6) Wallpaper

Wallpaper is not just for walls!

Another style hack is to use inexpensive wallpaper to wrap your fridge or cabinet doors. You can pick a style of wallpaper that reflects the rest of your RV interior. Or use a different pattern for some fun flair. 

Of course, you can also use interesting wallpaper to create an accent wall or nook in the RV. Consider using it in the back of a shelving unit or some other unique place to add more style to your rig. And you can change it out for pretty cheap. Again, check the Dollar Store, but if you can't find what you want, use the Amazon link.

7) Carabiner Clips

Carabiner clips really come in handy when traveling! These little hooks can be used in a wide variety of ways. 

This helpful hack is for anyone with long hair. Use a carabiner to store hair ties while traveling. Instead of tossing your hair tyes in a drawer or cup holder, you can use a clip to keep them organized and collected in one spot. 

8) Stick-On White Board Sheets

Adhering a stick-on whiteboard sheet to the side of cabinets or walls can be extremely useful. You can jot down notes, phone numbers, meal plans, addresses, and other things when needed. The best part is your messages will not take up precious real estate inside your rig!

9) Outdoor Mats

Rv Lifestyle member Mark suggested picking up cheap mats outside your RV. He said some stores offer inexpensive outdoor rugs for $3 – $5. 

Outdoor rugs come in handy to help keep outdoor debris where it belongs: outdoors. 

You can even consider picking up two. Use one at the edge of the mat nearest to the dirt or grass outside your camping pad. That can help keep debris off of your outdoor rug and living space if you use it. 

Then place another rug right outside your rig door to wipe your feet again, ensuring that you do not track in dirt and leaves. 


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