About the 3rd week of a road trip we begin to have problems fitting stuff into the freezer.  It has been slowly filling up with frost for weeks.  But when the cartoon of ice cream doesn’t fit anymore we are desperate to fix the problem!

 We dreaded doing this on the road, but on our last trip it was clear we had to.  So we finished up the ice cream, purposely ran low on the food in the fridge, and scheduled some time for some RV freezer defrosting.

 It turned out to be simple, and only took about 15 minutes – half of which were packing the stuff in the fridge into our soft side cooler stored in the under-floor trunk.  That done, we got out Lynn’s travel blow-dryer, plugged it in and set it on the freezer door blowing hot hair into the freezer.

Blow Dryer has done the job!

The blow dryer has done the job!

While waiting for the freezer ice to melt, Lynn started cleaning the door shelves.  Before that job was half done there was water dripping from the freezer.  A couple of mop ups with a sponge and the ice fell off the top of the freezer compartment.  Then the bottom and sides were loose.  In less than 5 minutes the freezer was clean and dry.  It happened so fast we missed getting a photo before the ice was gone. 

Remember to empty the drip pan

Remember to empty the drip pan

We finished wiping out the fridge and dumped the drip pan which is under the fins in the fridge.  The fridge is now clean and dry.  We closed the door and turned the fridge back on.   It will take awhile to cool back down.

Freezer / Fridge Wireless Thermometer

Freezer / Fridge Wireless Thermometer

Since we use a double fridge / freezer wireless thermometer to monitor the temperatures, we stuck one of the sensors in the soft side cooler with the food and the other in the usual spot in the fridge.

 That way we could watch the fridge cool back down also make sure our food didn’t get too warm before the fridge / freezer had cooled back off enough to put the food back.  We were prepared to buy some ice, but that didn’t turn out to be necessary.

A feared task turned out to be no big deal.