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7 Best RV Outdoor Rugs & Camping Mats

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

The best RV outdoor rugs and camping mats are durable yet attractive and keep the dust down around your RV… 

Jennifer and I love the outdoors. However, we do not love all of the dirt from the outdoors being tracked into our rig. 

We have found that a great camping gear item is a durable and easy-to-clean RV rug. Most of these are made from plastic and are lightweight and easy to clean.

The best part about them? They combine the (clean) comfort of home with the outdoor peace of nature. They help you feel cozy and right at home while keeping the outdoors outside your rig. 

7 Best RV Outdoor Rugs & Patio Mats

The following are the seven most loved outdoor rugs you can buy for your RV. They are durable, attractive, and effective!

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1. Stylish Camping 9 x 18 Reversible Mat, Traditional Pattern

Stylish Camping 9 x 18 Reversible Mat, Traditional Pattern - Best RV Outdoor Rugs

The Stylish Camping Reversible Mat is a well-loved Amazon item. Over 12,000 people have reviewed this rug and given it over a four-star average! 

This rug is soft and durable and made from hearty virgin polypropylene material. That means it can withstand dirt and other camping wear and tear, like people sitting in chairs. 

It creates an excellent barrier between the dirt and the RV. People and animals will walk over it before entering the RV, leaving behind dirt and debris. 

It is also effortless to clean, so that left behind dirt can be washed away as soon as you get home. You spray it down with a hose, let it dry, and stow it again!

This mat is also good for the surrounding environment. It is breathable and will not harm grass beneath it. Most of us that love camping also love plants which makes this a plus!

Another bonus is that this mat is very lightweight and compact. You can fold it up, toss it in the complimentary storage bag and be on your way. 

Choose from three color combinations: brown and beige, blue and light green, or burgundy and beige.

2. Fab Habitat Outdoor 6’ x 9’ Ombre Rug

Fab Habitat Outdoor 6’ x 9’ Ombre Rug - Best RV Outdoor Rugs

The Fab Habitat Ombre rug is beautiful and unlike most other outdoor RV rugs. It is an ombre design that comes in many different color schemes. 

The great thing about the Fab Habitat rug is that it comes in many different sizes, too. You can get a large one for a sitting area and match it with smaller ones for other parts of your camping area. 

The rug is made from 100% recycled plastic tubes woven together very tightly. It rolls right up to stow in your RV.

It is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear from you and your camping visitors, including your pets. 

It is waterproof, which makes hosing it down a breeze. You can easily wash it, so it feels clean and fresh for each trip. Just make sure it dries completely before storing it.

3. Stylish Camping 9 x 18 Reversible Mat, Modern Wave Mat

Stylish Camping 9 x 18 Reversible Mat, Modern Wave Mat - Best RV Outdoor Rugs

This highly popular rug has over 7,800 reviews! People love that it is lightweight, easy to store, and has a modern design. 

The cool thing about this brand’s rugs is that they are UV coated to protect them against fading or other sun damage. They will not become damaged or look old. That means you can use them time and time again in outdoor camping. 

This rug can be easily swept to keep it debris and dirt free. Well, almost dirt free! It is outdoors, after all.

4. Sand Mine Reversible Mats 

Sand Mine Reversible Mats - Best RV Outdoor Rugs

This area rug is perfect for any geometric or Boho pattern lover! It comes with a timeless diamond design that can go with any decor. 

Choose between five different color patterns, including black and white, blue, brown and black, black and beige, and black and grey. 

You can also choose a size that fits exactly what you need. You can go as small ad a 4’ x 6’ rug or get an extra-large one that is 9’ x 18’! 

This is an excellent choice for those with large rigs who genuinely love an ample outdoor space to enjoy. You can easily sweep or hose it off between your adventures.

SAND MINE makes its rugs from virgin polypropylene, making them really easy to wash and extremely lightweight. You don’t have to worry about adding too much weight to your rig! 

(By the way, any of these rugs would go great with the Best FoldableTables for Camping.)

Preview Product Price
Sand Mine Reversible Mats Sand Mine Reversible Mats $89.99Amazon Prime

5. CGear RV Comfort Mats

7 Best RV Outdoor Rugs & Camping Mats 1

This recommendation comes from Donna B. in the comments. She says, “Our favorite is a CGEAR RV Comfort Mat. Pricey but has out performed & outlasted all our previous mats and is especially good in sandy areas.”

There are lots of happy reviewers backing up Donna's recommendation. These CGEAR RV Mats are extra soft and have a sand-free technology that allows sand and grit to pass through the weave.

These mats come in several sizes, colors, and designs with a convenient carrying bag.

6. Stylish Camping RH8181 8’ x 18’ RV Mat

Stylish Camping RH8181 8’ x 18’ RV Mat - Best RV Outdoor Rugs

Stylish Camping uses high-quality, durable materials and withstand the elements from camping. 

This particular rug is trendy and shows a camper with a cute message: “Home is where we park it.” 

It is available in two different color schemes. You can choose between black and white or brown and beige. 

You can also get a smaller version in 8'x11′.

7. Kohree Outdoor 6’ x 9’ Reversible Rug

Kohree Outdoor 6’ x 9’ Reversible Rug - Best RV Outdoor Rugs

The Kohree brand is well-loved for a good reason. They make versatile, durable rugs that are perfect for camping. 

The outer edge of the rug is treated to reduce any fraying. It is also thick and sturdy, and creases will flatten out over time. 

It’s easy to transport and will withstand UV fading over time because of a UV protectant coating. 

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2023-09-30

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6 Responses to “7 Best RV Outdoor Rugs & Camping Mats”

October 01, 2023at5:23 pm, Russ Smith said:

Another believer in CGear mats. Rather than rug that “blots” up moisture, sand, debris, this LIGHT matting allows air as well as all sand and most other debris to fall thru due to the weave structure. You can clean it by just picking it up and/or a light shaking, hosing it off (doesn’t absorb water) if necessary w/ food/mud etc stains. Folds/rolls up compactly and is super light for its coverage. VERY duarable.


October 03, 2023at3:29 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing this, Russ! Team RV Lifestyle


April 14, 2022at11:47 am, BRADLEY OLSON said:

What size rug do you own?


April 14, 2022at10:38 am, Donna Brandt said:

Our favorite is a CGEAR RV Comfort Mat. Pricey but has out performed & outlasted all our previous mats and is especially good in sandy areas. [Link deleted]


April 14, 2022at3:37 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing this mat that has worked well for you– Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


April 14, 2022at8:37 am, Roger Yost said:

Are any of the rugs reviewed able to be folded up and kept clean as you sweep them. The one we have folds up accordion style and is almost impossible to sweep and fold with laying the swept side back on the ground.


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