Super easy and affordable ways to organize and maximize RV storage space

 Super easy and affordable ways to organize and maximize RV storage space

In Elkhart, IN is a company called Organized Obie that offers so many easy and affordable ways to organize and maximize RV storage space.

I've used a couple of their mesh bags and storage solutions in previous RVs but when I just happened to be in Elkhart on business in our brand new RV the other day, I stopped by and asked for a tour.

I met Advertising director Steve Hite and, even though it was a Friday afternoon and the factory was about to close for the long Fourth of July Holiday weekend, he not only showed me around but offered to come out to my new RV and make some suggestions.

Steve spent a good two hours with me, making suggestions, showing me the different products, and making sure I  knew how to fasten them to the walls and doors of my RV. He never once looked at his watch, even though the rest of the crew and pretty much packed up and headed out for the holiday and his family was no doubt waiting for him.

“I know how exciting it is to get a new RV and get it all organized the way you want,” said Steve. “It seems there's ever enough space. We really do like helping solve your storage issues.”

And after I got all the products I thought I needed, Steve even offered to give my followers a 5% discount off the cost of any orders they make from the website. To get that discount, you must use the discount code RVLIFESTYLE (all in Caps).

Rise ‘n Roll's infamous Cinnamon Caramel Donut

My one regret, though, was I wish I had left Steve a half-hour earlier. Steve urged me to stop at a local Amish-owned Elkhart business called the Rise ‘n Roll Bakery. He especially recommended the cinnamon caramel donuts, so addictive they are known locally as “Amish crack.”

I got there just at closing time and, wouldn't you know it, they sold their last donuts of the day about ten minutes earlier.

Darn. Next time!


Here's a video of the visit and the way we used the company's products to organize and maximize RV storage space in our new 2021 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder, twin rear bed model.

VIDEO: How we used Organized Obie to Organize and Maximize RV Storage Space


Organized Obie specializes in aftermarket organizational solutions for Recreational vehicles, boats, and other places where storage may be tight. They make a wide variety of mesh and stretch nets using bungee cords and specially woven material that keeps things organized and secure.

We picked out an assortment of bags, nets, hangars, hooks, shower organizers, a unique shower towel rack and various other.

The video shows the results but here are still photos of some of our favorites.

making a mesh bag to organize and maximize rv storage space
A worker at Organized Obie sews a mesh bag used to organize and maximize RV storage space
A fruit hammock that we use to store fruit and thus organize and maximize rv storage space
Jennifer was delighted with this net that we fashioned as a “fruit hammock”  we can use to store fruit
a shower orgaizer is a great way to A worker at Organized Obie sews a mesh bag used to organize and maximize rv storage space
This is one of our favorite storage solutions – a shower organizer
This net in the RV bedroom holds eyeglasses and books...another way to A worker at Organized Obie sews a mesh bag used to organize and maximize rv storage space
We installed two of these nets in the bedroom to hold eyeglasses, books, reading material, cellphones and the like – another great way to organize and maximize RV storage space

The nets, bags, and mesh materials used to organize and maximize RV storage space couldn't be easier to install.

Most just screwed into the walls or backs of doors. The shower organizer uses adhesive strips to snap onto the wall. And the track that we installed in the RV's “garage” fastened to the wall with screws. The hangars and baskets we attached to the track just snap right in and can easily be adjusted and moved to different positions.

One little hint when installing the framed nets: Push out the left and right top edges a bit before you screw them into place. That will ensure a nice tight fit that will keep whatever you in secure. 

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