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Traveling with dogs: Where do they stay in your RV?

| Updated Sep 10, 2013

We've traveled a lot in our RV this year with Tai, our 70-pound Norwegian Elkhound.

Our Roadtrek eTrek is 24 feet long. He has two favorite places, on the floor up front beween the driver's seat and the passenger's seat while we are on the move, and back on the floor by the rear sofa when we are stopped.

At night, he sleeps up front on his bed- which we bring form home –  or, until we wake him up using the bathroom at night, sprawled on the floor in front of the refrigerator.

Top to bottom: Tai, Sequoia and Charley

During an extended family vacation out west this summer, Tai was joined by his “cousins,” my son's 120 pound dog, Sequoia, a St. Bernard and Alaskan Malamute mix; and Charley, my daughter's 75-pound Goldendoodle.

That's them in the photo at the left, chillin' in the Roadtrek's air conditioning with me while everyone was swimming somewhere in Colorado.

It's great fun to travel with your dog

That was 275 pounds of dog…. and they stretched out in a straight line pretty much from one end of the Roadtrek to another.

Granted, most of the Class B RVers I've seen with dogs have itty bitty ones, about the size of my dog's head.

But since Tai sincerely seems to enjoy traveling with us, it got me wondering how others do it.

Do you use restraints? Harnesses? Cages as you travel? Seems those things will work well with little dogs. But what about big ones?

Where Tai prefers to sleep, when we're not looking

While we're on the road driving, Tai stays on the floor. I think he'd like being able to look out the windows. How could that be managed with a dog his size?

Do you allow your dog up on the sofa? If so, what do you put on top of the material to keep it clean and avoid being ripped by doggy toes? Tai will sometimes sneak up there if we're not looking, or if we're sitting outside at our campsite.  But we shoo him down if we catch him there. We don't let him on the furniture at home and we don't in our Roadtrek. But he makes me feel guilty with those sad puppy looks that Dogs are so great at calling up.

Use comments below. I'd like to hear how you travel with your dogs. Or cats, as the case may be.


Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-09-10

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

194 Responses to “Traveling with dogs: Where do they stay in your RV?”

June 08, 2017at1:38 pm, Buffy The Mosquito Slayer said:

I haven’t purchased my RV yet as I need to sell my house first. I have used a seatbelt harness for my canine companions for 16 years or so now, while driving. They used to run free in the back of my car or truck, but I am now more concerned about their safety if I have to hit the brakes or get in an accident. Dogs can crash through windshields just as people can. When I do find my home on wheels I plan on setting up a secure bracket to clip her in. I will also have two cats that I adore that will pass the time in a crate while the vehicle is in motion. When stopped they will have the freedom to find their comfort space within the vehicle. I like Kathy Roseman Barefoot’s idea for the litter box.

April 04, 2017at8:23 am, Ann Plourde Jennings said:

We travel with two labs between 50 & 60 lbs each. We tow a travel trailer so the dogs ride in the truck with us. There is space on both sides of the bed that fits a dog bed which is where they sleep at night & perch whenever we are inside. They aren’t allowed on the furniture at home and we haven’t allowed that in our camper. They are with us when we are outside and are not left alone inside. This works well for us.

August 08, 2016at1:07 pm, Auntie_Social said:

The dog in front, the one who looks like a dwarf Norwegian Elkhound, loves to travel in the trailer with us. She’s small, though, only 16 lbs. so we have to bring dog steps along so she can get up on the bed when she wants! (She is actually a rescued pug/chihuahua mix. But she looks so much like an elkhound, that we sometimes call her that.)

December 17, 2015at4:42 pm, captainmike said:

my wife and I are thinking of buying a 19 foot RV and driving cross country for several months. we have two Dachshunds (that are not that well behaved barking wise)
what I have not figured out is if we want to go visit a museum in Chicago as an example, what do we do with them. if we leave them in the RV and park in a lot we don’t trust them not to bark at every noise outside the RV and the police constantly being called out to the RV.
I would love to figure this out before we even buy the RV.
what do others do ?

December 17, 2015at10:48 pm, Cathy Harding Lube said:

I would try “Richards Organic pet calm” they sell on Amazon or pet stores. It calms anxiety and stress.They lick it right out of your hand or you can mix it with a dab of peanut butter half an hour before you leave them. They will sleep an stay relaxed and quiet. I love this and am not a seller.

December 18, 2015at1:34 pm, captainmike said:

thanks for the lead on the pet calm. we never wanted to give our doggies drugs but this is natural so I think we will get this to have handy !

December 24, 2015at1:30 pm, KikiUnhinged said:

That’s just paranoid, really. Dogs at daycares must be vaccinated, especially kennel cough. Same with kennels. My dog has been going to daycares off and on for many years and dog parks also. She has a blast and it’s what has socialized her from an early age. I keep her vaccinated and the worst thing she’s ever gotten is environmental problems from playing ball like a wild child (eye goop from a piece of grass in it or “digestive indiscretion” (basically grass in her poop). If your dogs don’t have manners, then dope ’em up or leave ’em home. There’s few things that ruin someone’s trip, or even a walk, more than other people’s yippee yipey dogs and sadly, Dachsunds are top on the offender list. Sorry to be blunt but I know a LOT of Dachsunds. They all go crazy at other dogs especially and if you’re camping there WILL be other dogs. Good luck.

January 04, 2016at4:37 pm, captainmike said:

thanks for calling me paranoid
you must be both a Psychologist and a Vet !!

January 07, 2016at4:00 pm, KikiUnhinged said:

I wasn’t “calling you” paranoid. Rather, the assumption that daycares are prone to servicing diseased dogs is paranoid thinking and not a reasonable criticism of daycare businesses as a whole. This accusation is not a problem with doggie day care. It is your fearful thinking.

January 12, 2016at5:25 pm, KikiUnhinged said:

Oh brother. Please tell me you didn’t seek that out for my benefit. Daycares are not dog parks. They are licensed businesses, just like boarding kennels, that require medical records of the appropriate vaccinations. I hope you didn’t raise your children in the same glass cage your dog must be in. Dogs are social animals and it is more unhealthy to keep them isolated from other dogs just because you worry about the unlikely possibility of killer germs. Just relax and so will your dog.

January 12, 2016at6:17 pm, captainmike said:

it’s OK to stop being nasty and insulting my intelligence now

December 10, 2015at1:56 pm, Carey Aydelotte said:

My two Great Danes use the dinette bed, covered with two Costco round dog beds. It’s a perfect fit. When we’re driving, one of them is usually between the front driver and passenger seats (sometimes sitting, sometimes standing) and she watches the road as if she’s driving. Sometimes the other will lay down in the passenger foot area, but she’s usually on her dinette bed sleeping or staring at the windshield.

I have a 2008 Winnebago View 24J. I travel with a friend who gets the overhead bunk, I get the rear bunk, and the dogs get the dinette. It’d be perfect if there was a place to put the food and water so it’s out of the way. And if the dogs would stay on their bed when the slide is in, so I can get past them.

Great Danes sleep 99% of the time, so oddly enough they are great dogs for small spaces.

December 15, 2014at11:16 am, Cindy Jackso said:

We bought our RV so we can travel easier with our 20 lb. Schnoodle. She rides in her large car seat/bed with her halter hooked to the seat belt. We got the 4 seated B-Class, so she has her own seat and can watch outside, as we drive. She sleeps with us or up between the front seats, in her bed. We let her on the furniture. Our rear couch is covered with a double bed comforter & sheet. It’s part of our bedding, that we leave on all the time. It works great to have it as a couch or part of our bed at night. It’s also more comfortable for us to sit on vs. the leather.

October 07, 2014at12:24 pm, Micki Roser said:

Bear has hiked mountains in Colorado and Wyoming..swam in rivers all over the country..and jumps to get into the camper:)

October 05, 2014at8:12 pm, Yvonne Welch said:

Big Guy sleeps with us at home or on the road

October 05, 2014at6:29 pm, Allan Younts said:

Our German Shepard sleeps in her pen which we put in the slide out

October 05, 2014at6:16 pm, Debbi Horseman Powers said:

Traveled back and forth from Midwest to Florida with 2 100+ pounds labs in an SUV. Laid down back seat, put down thick horse blankets, luggage at back, dogs entered and exited vehicle by back seat doors. Never had a problem.

October 05, 2014at6:06 pm, Grace Murdoch said:

Orvis has great sofa covers that protect. I got a ring anchored to the floor between front seats. I put dog in harness and attach to the ring. Orvis also has a harness with a flexible “leash” that allows more movement

October 05, 2014at3:09 pm, Doug Knippers said:

I think this baby is tired!

October 05, 2014at2:15 pm, Dee Nelson said:

Our golden loves to be under the dining table!!

October 05, 2014at9:04 am, Sheri Kuhn said:

We have a Teardrop trailer and share it with our Collie and Chihuahua.

October 05, 2014at8:46 am, Sue L. Reavis Valent said:

Any place they want.

October 05, 2014at8:43 am, Stephen Allen said:

In her crate while underway, on the bed at night!

October 05, 2014at8:59 am, Sheri Kuhn said:

I’ve not seen another dog that so closely resembles our’s. He’s the perfect dog at home or away. Our Dusty loves to camp with us.

October 05, 2014at9:10 am, Stephen Allen said:

Tess can be a bit talkative at home but she loves to travel and is very good in the RT. She made a new best buddy at Acadia last week!

October 05, 2014at7:57 am, Mark Bistro said:

Yup, wherever they want….

October 05, 2014at5:32 am, Steve Yorks said:

They stay wherever they want.

October 05, 2014at5:13 am, Angela Beuschlein Ellis said:

Poor thing. All worn out.

October 05, 2014at2:49 am, Terri Beernink said:

All 4 took over the couch

October 05, 2014at2:19 am, Debra Stanton said:

In the living room of the 37 feet Class A on their beds!!!

October 05, 2014at2:19 am, Julia Denault Parker said:

Our 95 lb Lab Takoda in his spot in our small RV 🙂

October 05, 2014at2:12 am, Harry Gephart said:

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind and thoughtful posts and remarks, as they are very much appreciated. ..Thank You!

October 05, 2014at10:16 am, Sheryl Wood said:

So sorry, Harry. They are our best friends.

October 05, 2014at2:09 am, Harry Gephart said:

Sue Dicus Ferguson thank you for sharing thiss. We found Bailey in a shelter right after Hurricane Katrina. She was about 6 months old. We were out this past Saturday, and when we got home , we noticed that she had developed a cough as if she was choking on something. We also noticed that her belly was distended and had no appetite, which was not like her. We took her Monday afternoon and at that time after showing us the x-rays they told us she had cancer. We took her home and made her comfortable, and sometime Tuesday morning she passed.

October 05, 2014at1:22 am, Katherine Nemitz said:

At night or when we leave for a few, Razzle is in his crate. Otherwise, he usually likes to be on the back of the couch looking out.

October 05, 2014at1:15 am, Terry Messier Rademacher said:

Kamper our 11 yr old Vizsla has her own bed n blankets but it is a dog bed not human bed

October 05, 2014at12:22 am, Wanda Pepin said:

What do you do about busy bodies who complain about leaving your dog in the Roadtrek. I had someone call the police on me in a state that it isn’t against the law to leave a dog in the car. It was in the shade, ventilated and only 76 degrees outside. The police didnt do anything, but its still embarrassing. I take every precaution but still get nasty notes on the vehicle every so often. My little dog loves traveling and only fusses when someone comes up to the vehicle. Sigh. Any ideas?

October 04, 2014at11:37 pm, Mindy Sadler Storen said:

Here is my 3rd Husky, Dakota. He likes to hog the passenger (co-pilot) seat.

October 04, 2014at11:34 pm, Mindy Sadler Storen said:

It’s fun to see your Elkhound. I have rescued them for 15 years (also Huskies and Malamutes). Right now, we have 3 Siberian Huskies in our RV and they sleep (and shed) wherever they want. Here are two of them (Shannon and Kody).

October 04, 2014at11:06 pm, Vikki Smith said:

My spot in the bed.

October 04, 2014at10:57 pm, Gina Mueller said:

They are all just so precious

October 04, 2014at10:48 pm, Ron Donnelly said:

anywhere except the bed

October 04, 2014at10:45 pm, Sharon Harrison Ellers said:

He also sleeps on the sofa and under the steering wheel

October 04, 2014at10:45 pm, Sharon Harrison Ellers said:

Dandy has a bed in the RV and one in the car

October 04, 2014at10:40 pm, Katie Harville said:

Our Dakota loves the rv.

October 04, 2014at10:34 pm, Nancy Halton Doyle said:

Our Saint Bernards love the couch!

October 04, 2014at10:26 pm, Susan Hurrell said:

That’s exactly where mine sleep. We had to get a bigger RV for more seating.

October 04, 2014at10:20 pm, John Martin said:

Wherever she wants…..jus Sayin

October 04, 2014at11:34 pm, Mindy Sadler Storen said:

Seriously, SO CUTE!

October 04, 2014at10:08 pm, Robert Schultz said:

Wherever they want.

October 04, 2014at9:36 pm, Barbara Menzies Vincelette said:

Ruth Zito is this what Lexy does?!!

October 05, 2014at6:21 am, Ruth Zito said:

Yes she does..:)

October 04, 2014at9:35 pm, Brian Burridge said:

I travel with my 160# wolfhound/Mastiff mix. She sleeps on the floor, unless we stop, then she wants to get up in the passenger seat so she can watch for me.

October 04, 2014at9:32 pm, Terry Pettus said:

Wherever she pleases!!

October 04, 2014at9:28 pm, Harry Gephart said:

This picture is about a year old. We lost the one under the sheet this past week to cancer.

October 04, 2014at9:37 pm, Dovie Hannum said:

So sorry for your loss, I know it hurts.

October 04, 2014at10:04 pm, Michael Richardson said:

Sorry for your loss, Harry.

October 04, 2014at10:30 pm, Dick Rust said:

Sorry to hear that, our dogs are like kids to us. Our vet told us that the most of the amputees he does is from cancer. We have 3 Chi,s that take over the sofa. But that’s ok, cuz we have our recliners, but they want in our laps when ever we sit down. LoL.

October 04, 2014at10:57 pm, Sharrie St John Lewis said:

So painful. Sorry for your loss.

October 05, 2014at12:19 am, Deb Scoles Shamhart said:

So sorry for your loss.

October 05, 2014at1:57 am, Sue Dicus Ferguson said:

Sorry for your loss. My boxer/lab died April 15th of aggressive cancer. Once it was diagnosed he went fast. 10 yrs old. Had him since 5 1/2 wks. :(.

October 04, 2014at9:23 pm, Joseph N Doris Flynn said:

Our dog has a nice fluffy rug.

October 04, 2014at9:32 pm, Linda Maisey said:

So sorry for your loss.

October 04, 2014at9:22 pm, Retta Judy said:

Anywhere she wants but usually up on the table looking out the window. She is such a sweetie.

October 04, 2014at9:15 pm, Mike Laughlin said:

I can vouch for that our Beagles take over when we leave them

September 14, 2014at11:44 pm, Cindy Lynn Brown said:

Wherever they want!

September 14, 2014at8:59 pm, Missy Compton said:

Samson sleeps everywhere in our RV lol

September 14, 2014at8:47 pm, Vicki Harris said:

Anywhere but the bed.

September 14, 2014at6:26 pm, Barbara Byers Gottschamer said:

While on the road, Diva our 80 lb. Lab has all the floor space in front of the passenger seat. My feet go where there is space. She likes to be in front of the windows so she can see what is happening at the campground .

September 14, 2014at4:55 pm, Amber McDonald said:

Yep! They love it!!!

September 14, 2014at4:54 pm, Amber McDonald said:

Anywhere they want in our MiniWinnie!

September 14, 2014at12:42 pm, Dick Rust said:

Have 3 little traveling companions, the have taken over the couch, totally. We have to sit in our recliners. 🙁

September 14, 2014at10:16 am, Marsha Courtad said:

That dog is not very well taken care of…lol

September 14, 2014at9:54 am, Mark Handler said:

Tai’s favorite spot. 😉

September 14, 2014at9:38 am, Grama Zed said:

on the couch for mine!

September 14, 2014at9:17 am, Gail Russo said:

I need an rv for my pups

September 14, 2014at9:05 am, Beth King said:

On the couch, just like this one!!

September 14, 2014at9:04 am, Kathy Roseman Barefoot said:

We bought our RV with the dogs and cats in mind. Just hubster and me but we do travel with dogs and cats so bought an RV with bunks. Dogs get the lower berth and cats get upper. Works great, and, oh yeah, the cargo area under the bunks? We put a pass door in for the litter box – can be cleaned from the outside access door and keeps the litter out of sight.

September 14, 2014at1:19 am, Camila Carter said:

los perros en america

September 14, 2014at12:04 am, Terry Lookabill said:

Mine get to stay pretty much any where they like, Just like at home.

September 13, 2014at11:58 pm, Karl Clifton said:

Home to watch the house that’s her job

September 13, 2014at11:02 pm, William Cummings said:

I love that all of you take your pets along for the trip.

September 13, 2014at10:51 pm, Pat Stout said:

Best seat in the house:-)

September 13, 2014at10:42 pm, Naomi Adams Harless said:

Our Cash and Cabela after a long day at the campground. Being a dog is hard work. Jay J Harless

September 13, 2014at10:00 pm, Linda Drisko said:

Same place.our cat stays, unless ot is too rough on the road then he is in my lap.

September 13, 2014at6:44 pm, Pat Harrison Williams said:

Ours is in the bed w/us.

September 13, 2014at6:24 pm, Gary Epstein said:

Sadie likes to help Mom cook…

September 13, 2014at4:17 pm, Michelle Chartrand-Speights said:

The border collie sleeps in her crate and the pitbull sleeps with us in our bed. And they go every where with us.

September 13, 2014at3:36 pm, Kathleen Garner said:

Where ever we are

September 13, 2014at3:15 pm, Nancy Deneau said:

Mine sits in pass seat!!!! Co pilot!!!!

September 13, 2014at2:25 pm, Richard Foreman said:

Cheryl Foreman you ready? I am

September 13, 2014at1:46 pm, Glenn A Berrows said:

How do u get one of those RVs

September 13, 2014at1:07 pm, Stefan Rosik said:

Lovely. Truely loving that van 🙂

September 13, 2014at1:04 pm, Roberta Harwood Speller said:

I wish I had a pup to travel with!

August 14, 2014at1:43 pm, D Blue Musican said:

Sweet pic! We roadtreked & boondocked with 3 Rottweilers, they stayed everywhere they wanted to! Also served as excellent *Car Alarms* (even though they’re exceptionally sweet dogs.) Nobody messed withour rig! ^_^

August 11, 2014at11:51 am, Karyn RT said:

Our dog was up at the front by our feet the entire time we were driving. He didn’t like the motion of sitting in the back and the one time he did venture back there was when the cabinet locks were not closed and the drawers opening scared him lol

August 11, 2014at12:08 am, Karen Hyde said:

Mine love to be anywhere they can see me, they love RVing!

August 10, 2014at7:08 pm, John Mullally said:

It’s a dogs life

August 10, 2014at1:30 pm, Beth Mackie said:

Our 15 yrs old shepherd cross likes to sit in the third seat behind the passenger seat while driving and sleeps between the two fronts sleeps at night on his bed that we bring with us. We open the bathroom door at night and it wedges against the third seat this way we can go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without waking Spirit. If he wakes he usually decides he should go pee also.

August 10, 2014at12:11 pm, Chad Austin said:

Oh hell I let them do the driving.

August 10, 2014at11:26 am, J Tom Hopkins said:

Our big old Class A doesn’t stop that fast. And no air bag and a huge wide dash with a doggy mat I think we’re ok

August 10, 2014at10:38 am, Dale Brandon said:

Looks so happy and contented.

August 10, 2014at9:47 am, William Kelley said:

Do you mean , where do they let us stay in the RV LOL

August 09, 2014at8:55 pm, Gayle Little Leach said:

Our two babies travel with us all the time an sleep in the bed with us

August 09, 2014at8:54 pm, Sandra Bannister Sellers said:

They love 2 travel she loves the couch

August 09, 2014at8:14 pm, Roger Luffman said:

our two have their own special places to be while we’re on the road.

August 09, 2014at7:53 pm, Charlie Ford said:

Where do they stay in the RV? Anywhere they want to!

August 09, 2014at6:51 pm, Cecilia Samuels Rudden said:

Donald Rudden please!

August 09, 2014at6:10 pm, Russell Ramey said:

Our olde English bulldog sleep wherever they choose depending on the weather if its chilli they’ll snuggle in front of fireplace.(pug) also follows .

August 09, 2014at5:06 pm, Cindy Lynn Crawford said:

Max is depressed if he doesn’t get to go.

August 09, 2014at4:46 pm, Nancy Erkel Beno Higdon said:

Since we have a tag along she rides on the back seat of the truck.

August 09, 2014at2:12 pm, Janice Segassie Richardson said:

Pull out the sofa bed for the german shepherds. They would rather be in the bed with us but not enough room.

August 09, 2014at1:15 pm, Donna L Day said:

My Standard Poodle was very curious and had to be looking out a window when traveling, I bought her a harness which had a wide fabric front and clipped into the seat belt. She travelled happily sitting up in what ever vehicle we were in, without concern about what would happen in an emergency stop. Remember a dog who is not seat belted in is a projectile in an accident just a a child would be!

August 09, 2014at11:58 am, Dean Paterson said:

He sleeps in ned, travels in the cab w us

August 09, 2014at11:57 am, Bonnie Henderson-Ballard said:

Why of course on the pidow…

August 09, 2014at11:09 am, Shelly Vanoss said:

This is Midget!

August 09, 2014at11:08 am, Shelly Vanoss said:

This is Macie Mae

August 09, 2014at10:49 am, William Stanley Edwards said:

I would say the dog owns the RT. 😉

August 09, 2014at10:39 am, Carol Luce said:

Where ever they want.

August 09, 2014at9:52 am, Dana Hart said:

Looks like my Aunt Dee’s Max

August 09, 2014at9:50 am, Bob Cabaniss said:

They stay wherever they wish. They are part owners.

August 09, 2014at9:38 am, Sarah Meyer-Paterson said:

@Michael Bush, try Benadryl (1mg per lb of body weight). So if he weighs 80 lbs, he could receive about 75mg (3, 25mg tablets). It may make him drowsy, so find the dose that works for the nausea without making him too sleepy. The are also great new drugs available from your veterinarian that work for nausea/motion sickness.
Crates are best when traveling, but a harness that is attached to a seat or other stationary object is safer than the alternative, too. If you were in an accident, your pet is contained and not flying thru the vehicle or worse.
Everyone traveling with pets: be sure to have IDs on your fur babies and/or have them micro-chipped in case they are lost while on the road. Also keep copies of their health/vaccine records and regular veterinarian’s contact info.
My children have paws and I’m a licensed veterinary technician, so I may be a little overcautious, but at least I’m prepared in case of emergency. Safe travels! 😉

August 09, 2014at8:17 am, Terry Trammell said:

Mac loves the front window to watch and sleep(we covered with carpet) , to travel and sleep at night he is crate trained, has traveled since he was 8 weeks old, now 2 1/2 yrs

August 09, 2014at8:13 am, John Lard said:

Big o puppy all stretched out.

August 09, 2014at7:32 am, C Scotty Simson said:

My Great Pyrenees puppy cries for hours when we first start our trips then finally falls asleep. Once he wakes up he’s fine and seems to love the road. What’s with that?

August 09, 2014at5:58 am, Holly Butler said:

It’s where my pups stay home why not the RV

August 09, 2014at4:14 am, Linda Maisey said:

If your sofa’s are made of Italian leather dog nails will not go through it. We’ve had this leather for over 30 years and not a mark on it! Our dog likes to lie on the back seat…

August 09, 2014at2:09 am, Annemarie Norman said:

Are the vents on the couch to suck out the poochy poots? Lol

August 09, 2014at1:12 am, Jim Hickman said:

Snoring Bulldog sleeps anywhere in the RV during our daytime adventures! At night she snuggles in her kennel in the back of our Tahoe!

August 09, 2014at12:35 am, Debbie Oliver said:

HE probably sleeps wherever he wants to sleep!!! Beautiful dog..

August 09, 2014at12:07 am, Tony Verwiebe said:

That would my dog .

August 09, 2014at12:07 am, Janice Hruday said:

Having had the unpleasant experience of having both of my 70 lb. rescue dogs hitting the back of my car seats during an emergency stop; I don’t want them going through the windshield of my AClass. So I use harnesses with 6 foot leashes that are hooked into the sofa’s seat belts….they spend their time either lying on the sofa while moving or on the floor between the driving seats.

August 09, 2014at12:06 am, Linda Leedy said:

Our Melinda love to travel in our 5th wheel. She’s been on the road with us since she’s been 7wks old. And she just turned 1 in July. She stay’s in her our crate in the living room.

August 08, 2014at11:39 pm, Red Rover said:

The beds are the best spots.

August 08, 2014at11:39 pm, Mary Barrow said:

One likes to travel in a crate and the other one likes to be in an enclosed cat tent bed. They are chihuahuas.

August 08, 2014at11:34 pm, Michael Bush said:

Any ideas on what to do with a slobbering kangaroo Black lab ? He only does this the whole time he’s on the road. ..

August 08, 2014at11:24 pm, Katherine Nemitz said:

Our Razzle is in his car seat when we travel in the truck. When we are all set up in the 5th wheel, he sleeps in his crate or if we leave the 5th wheel to go to the store etc, he is in the crate. Otherwise he is with us, outside, walking, on the patio.

August 08, 2014at11:19 pm, Edwin Michaels said:

Anywhere they want lol

August 08, 2014at11:17 pm, Mark Meighan Sr. said:

This is my dream. I can retire in seven months. My Brutus is a130lbs of pure slobber.

August 08, 2014at11:12 pm, Ronald Iannazzo said:

My lab likes to lay between the front seats .Although she has the hold coach to lay down.

August 08, 2014at10:55 pm, D J De Haven said:

When we traveled with our two huskies they slept wherever they wanted. Seriously!

August 08, 2014at10:54 pm, J Tom Hopkins said:

They love to travel

August 09, 2014at9:35 pm, Lynne Rotas Falls said:

Sadly .. If you hit the brake you break your dog’s neck … Also on your lap and air bag goes off and you have a dead dog also ,.. Please keep them where they belong .. I’m notorious for pulling people over and writing a ticket for that!!

August 14, 2014at1:49 pm, D Blue Musican said:

RVs don’t have severe sudden-stop emergency braking ability… but we do keep dogs out of the front cab area. How about writing tickets to the reckless drivers cutting us off, racing in & out among traffic? Even their middle-of-nowhere freeway stunt driving is unbelievable – over a ‘gain’ of 3 seconds?! Lock ’em up!

August 08, 2014at10:51 pm, J Tom Hopkins said:

Fun to have along.

June 23, 2014at12:14 am, Cammie said:

those seat protectors from home hard ware are about $20 and water proof for seats, but In BC and alberta you may want to tether your (big) dogs to the seats with the vest hook-up or harness that fits into the seat belt. as you can be fined for an untethered animal -costly fine up wards of $300.. Then they can see out the windows too.

October 06, 2013at11:12 am, Joyce Fowler said:

Our 60 lb dog Patches has found the best place for her is in our shower. I have her bed and blanket in there and she knows she is safe from being stepped on by grandkids or having to move out of the way. When travelling she will lay for a bit between up front, then move to the shower, unless we stop, then she has to check to see if it is a McDonalds for her hamburger (a special travel treat.) We have a 30′ Class C.

September 29, 2013at8:13 pm, Jeff Bushnell said:

Our Poodle mix rescue loves traveling with us. Betty is between the Captain’s chairs up front when driving and sleeps in the “cave” formed when we lower the dinette table to make the king size bed in our 190P. One of the reasons we got the RT was so we could bring dogs with us. My cat, on the other hand, likes to stay at home. He does not like cars!

September 19, 2013at2:34 pm, Sue said:

I used to travel with two cairn terriers. One rode between the driver and passenger seat and the other in her bed. Now, I have just one and he travels in on the passenger seat with a harness that hooks into the human seat belt lock. I like it because it moves easily to my car when necessary – just move the connector strap and hook the dog into the car instead of the RV. I keep throw rugs or blankets on the seats to protect them. Don’t have a couch.

September 17, 2013at8:26 pm, Maureen said:

Well, after all these comments, I’ve decided when I’m coming back it will be as a dog and I hope to be able to choose a Roadtrekker for my people.

September 17, 2013at3:14 pm, Michael said:

Our Aussie goes about 55 lbs, I flatten out the seat behind the driver in our RS Adventurous and strap his soft sided kennel there. He can see and hear us there and is happy to ride in the security of his elevated home on wheels.

September 16, 2013at6:19 pm, Michele said:

Our lab/beagle mix travels behind the drivers seat on the floor. At night she tries each of the 4 seats up front plus her doggy bed on the floor but by 6am she’s nagging to get under our duvet!

September 16, 2013at12:03 pm, Susan said:

I travel with an almost 3 year old Schnauzer he lays between the front seats or he likes to sit on the couch. I leave the couch in the down position all the time and open the side curtains so he can look out. If he wants to see where we are going he sits on the bed looking forward. I travel in a 190 Versatile Roadtrek

September 16, 2013at11:52 am, John Campbell said:

We have two black Pugs,and when we travel, they like to either stay behind my wife’s seat, between it and the barrel chair behind it, otherwise my baby will sleep underneath my captain’s chair. At night, we kennel both dogs. We have a fat, lazy tomcat that we will need to start taking with us when we leave for an extended period, however, I don’t have the slightest clue on where to put a litter box. We have a 30′ Pace Arrow, and there is just no space to put one that will not be under foot, or where the dogs won’t eat Kitty Roca.

September 16, 2013at11:35 am, Christine Ducey said:

We have 3 small dogs and we purchased our 210 Popular specifically to travel easily with them. They wear harnesses that plug into the seat belts and they sit on the back bench. I cover the bench with a fleece cover; the fleece fabric is easy to cut to size with no hemming required. In camp the dogs have a wire fence the size of our outdoor mat; we set up our chairs in the fence with the dogs. They also have collapsible, small fabric crates that we set up within the fence area. At night they sleep in bed with us–there’s no changing that! A few times we have planned ahead at our destination for doggie daycare so we can have a day out on our own. We rarely leave them alone in the vehicle. If we do (to go to a restaurant, for example) we turn on the A/C and check on them frequently.

September 16, 2013at11:12 am, Nancy said:

We have a 170 Versatile with four seats in front. For our 70 pound dog, the bucket style seat behind the driver was too small. So we easily removed the seat cushions and replaced them with a plywood platform with legs. It is secured with Velcro to the seat’s wooden base and is topped with her dog bed. It lets her see out and gives her a place to call her own that is not in the aisle or in our bed.

September 11, 2013at9:49 pm, Mike Wendland said:

I would not leave a dog alone in warm weather with just the windows open. Run the AC (not the engine AC but the Roadtrek’s roof mounted AC) and it should be fine. At least it is with our dog it is. He’s fine left alone. But we would never do that for extended periods of time. And if it is really hot, we check him every 15 minutes or so to make sure the AC is still working.

September 16, 2013at11:48 am, Brenda Shannon Adam said:

I am new to this world having just purchased my first E-trek a month ago. I have a 75 goldendoodle who comes with me everywhere I go. With respect to the roof mounted AC in the E-trek, I too check on him every 15 minutes as I worry that it may stop working but a musician friend who keeps his guitar in his camper told me he uses a remote thermometer to keep tabs on the inside temperature. Of course there is a limit as to the distance but if you are in a local restaurant or in my case, at a music festival, that sounds like a great tool.

September 11, 2013at5:01 pm, Michael said:


I am thinking of purchasing the ss agile this year.

What about leaving the dog inside – windows opened – in the heat – when you do grocery shopping etc.

Does the roadtrek stay cool enough for the dog ?

September 11, 2013at12:20 am, Barb Mahoney said:

I travel with my two large golden retrievers in a Roadtrek SS Agile. I keep the couch in the bed position, and will tether the dogs there with harnesses to the seat belts when on the interstate highways. The rest of the time, they are not restrained. Arre, my male always wants to be on his bed between the front seats, and Sadie stretches out on the couch/bed. I have made a custom fitted cover for the couch/benches that is easy to wash, which sits on top of a waterproof mattress pad. I have microfiber mats on the floor which do a great job of collecting water and mud from paws (they are water dogs, after all!) The hounds and I have crossed the U.S. 3 times, gone to Alaska twice and countless “shorter” trips (under 1500 miles) in the Roadtrek in the past four years of ownership. I wouldn’t consider traveling without them!

September 10, 2013at11:55 pm, Darlene said:

Mike, I have heard people putting hangers on the couch. You might try putting a low curtain across the aisle using a tension rod and tuck under the cushions. Out of sight, out of mind? Our little Pickles likes to ride on my lap. We are hoping she’ll find a new place in our RS when it arrives.

September 10, 2013at10:05 pm, Mike Wendland said:

I should also point out that all the pictures on this post were taken by Jennifer.

September 10, 2013at4:04 pm, Carolyn Willis said:

Our 1st motor coach was a 2002 chinook. 21 feet long with the couch and dinnette made the bed. We traveled with our 55 pound Samoyed, Misha. Misha loved to sit on the couch behind the drivers seat while traveling. She slept on my side of the bed area around my feet. Bathroom runs were fun as she had to climb over both of us. We had a camp chair that was Misha’s chair. We also used a woven rug outside as the pavement would be hot at times. I did have a travel harness but did not use it very often.

September 10, 2013at1:30 pm, Sarah Eaton said:

Thanks, Mike, for not forgetting cats . We always travel with our cat (she’s the reason we purchased the Sprinter in the first place!), and she loves to go RVing. Her favorite spot is in her Sleepypod (a carrier with a removable top that becomes her bed). We keep the top off when we’re on the road, and the “pod” sits on the cabinet adjacent to the sliding door. She always has a great view of where we’re going. When she gets bored, she hops down and makes her way to my lap. Oh, the life of a cat! We also carry a small bed that we place on the driver’s seat when we are parked. Although she’s an indoor cat, she loves to go outside, and we walk her on a leash. She also likes to hang out in a long, mesh “tunnel” that we stake into the ground. This enclosure collapses for easy storage.

September 10, 2013at11:45 am, Leorah said:

We have an RS Adventurous and we have always traveled with our dogs, a small standard poodle and a miniature poodle. They are always restrained while we are underway to prevent them–and us–from being injured in a sudden stop. The standard rides in a collapsible crate secured behind the driver’s seat and the mini rides in a smaller crate secured to the rear seat behind the passenger seat. On occasion we have taken a foster tog with us, and that crate is secured in the back between the ottoman and the sofa. I have seen too many dogs escape from vehicles in accidents and become lost, or become injured when a vehicle stops suddenly, to allow my dogs to travel unrestrained.

September 10, 2013at10:58 am, Maureen said:

My medium-sized rescued, D’Asher, and my Havanese/Maltese cross, Izzie, always travel in their individual collapsible crates with no objection. The crates are their private dens and all is calm when travelling despite the fact that Izzie is an escape artist.These crates are belted to the vehicle when in use for safety. Izzie has that six sense and knows when we are at a destination and then lets me know it is time for a walk….otherwise they travel very quietly and safely. I am thinking about safety belts for extended travels and wonder if anybody has installed special connections to their RVs for this use. By the way, when I rescued D’Asher he was prone to travel sickness but Cerenia did the trick and no problems since then.

September 10, 2013at10:09 am, Judi Darin said:

My dog Koka’s favorite spots are the same as Tai’s, but I do let her on the sofa when we are moving, but not in camp. I cover the sofa with one of those quilted blankets that movers use to protect furniture. It tucks in neatly between the back of the sofa and the back door, but someday I will attempt to customize it to slip over the back of the sofa. It works well, protects the sofa, and is easy to put on and take off. Koka knows that when the cover is not there she is not allowed on the sofa. When we’re on the road I leave one of the back windows cranked open and she loves the fresh air. I always take her with me when camping!

September 10, 2013at9:48 am, Jacque T said:

We have a 75 pound goldendoodle and a fawn pug and a black pug. We have a 24 foot class b+ our dogs sleeo in bed with us till Buddy 75 lbs desides there isnt enough room and sleeps on the couch which is covered with a waterproof mattress protector. We put soft bath room cushionny rugs on floor and carry a wire adjustable pen with us. They like to sit in driver seat when we arent home and pugs like to lay on flooor between driver seats when we drive while Buddy couches it. We use the pen inside when we leave for pugs and again Buddy gets couch!

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