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RV Quick Tip: No more messy grill

Do you hate having to scrub and scrape all the mess from your grill? Check out these handy grill mats, made with coated fiberglass and safe to cook on! There is nothing in the mat that seeps into the food. It makes grilling that much easier.

We saw this product at the California RV Show and shot the video at the vendor’s display booth. He also has a website where you can order and learn more about the product. It’s at

One Response to “RV Quick Tip: No more messy grill”

October 16, 2018at10:21 am, Judy Fricke said:

Mike, I was at a campout a few weeks ago where my steak was cooked on one of those. The steak cooked much slower, and the taste of the meat grilled was not the same.

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