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Bored?! 13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing

| Updated Nov 29, 2023

Our RV Lifestyle Facebook group was asked about their unique camping hobbies. Here's what real RVers like to do for fun…

RVing is a great way to escape it all. You can relax in the quiet beauty of the natural world. Some people live in the peaceful and relaxing setting of a campsite. 

But sometimes camping by itself can be a little, ahem, dull. While a quiet and serene landscape may be incredible for a few days, you may need a hobby while on the road. 

One of RV Lifestyle's members recently asked a question in our Facebook group to get some hobby ideas.

Scott posted: “I’m curious what hobbies y’all do while RVing.”

His post got so many comments that we have narrowed them down to 10 unique camping hobbies. Then, we've added 3 more from the comments at the bottom of this article! So, here's a total of 13 unique camping hobbies you can try on your next RV trip.

13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing

Of course, many people responded with popular camping hobbies like hiking, biking, photography, fishing, crocheting, etc. But we narrowed in on unique hobbies that you may not have even considered before.

Maybe you'll find a new hobby on this list!

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1. Create Nature Art

Bored?! 13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing 1
pressed leaves in handmade paper

Many RVers enjoy creating art out of items they find in nature. For example, some folks like to create a nature journal and include leaf rubbings of the foliage nearby. 

One RVer, Justin, said he likes to make art from fossils that he finds. 

Another member said that she likes to make bowls out of interesting rocks she finds. 

While creating art out of natural items is engaging, be sure that you follow all park rules and laws. For example, picking flowers from a national park is a big no-no. You want to ensure you know what you are and are not allowed to do before starting a hobby. 

2. Metal Detecting

Another unique hobby some RVing people enjoy is metal detecting. You never know what hidden treasure might be found in a campground or on a deserted stretch of beach. 

We were surprised to learn you can get a good metal detector for only about a $100. Not too pricey for a new hobby that keeps you active. However, it's important to research metal detecting restrictions and the code of ethics before you dive into this hobby.

3. Wood Carving / Turning Pens

Bored?! 13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing 2

I am sure you have heard of woodworking, but have you heard of turning pens? It is a woodworking technique to create custom pens, pencils, and other writing instruments. 

Many people like to work with wood in varying capacities, whether by carving or making a helpful tool from wood. 

You can get a mini wood lathe and wood carving set to keep in your RV.

4. Painting Kindness Rocks

Bored?! 13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing 3

A LOT of people like to paint kindness rocks. This is where you paint a rock with a nice picture or kind words, then place it somewhere for others to find. The point is to brighten a stranger’s day with fun art. 

Be aware, however, that it is unlawful to hide painted rocks in state and national parks. The painted rocks are considered litter, and their bright colors and patterns can disrupt the ecosystem. Nor should you take rocks from state and national parks.

Be sure that your kind act does not become an accidental act of vandalism! You can read more about these regulations at DON’T Do These 10 Things in a National Park.

5. Quilting

Quilting is another relaxing hobby you can work on when traveling. It's a wonderful way to create items you can use in your RV or give as gifts. 

Some RVers make quilts out of t-shirts they buy wherever they travel. So, the quilt becomes a storyboard for their journey.

We've found a helpful article on How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt for Beginners. You can also purchase a Beginner's Quilting Kit to equip yourself with all the basic quilting tools.

6. Paper Quilling / Paper Crafting

Paper quilling is the art of cutting paper into long thin strips and rolling and pinching them into different shapes to create an overall design.

We hadn't heard of paper quilling before reading about it in the comments. But wow, it's really neat!

You can buy paper quilling kits online to get started. We've also found a great article on other fun crafts to make out of paper.

7. Jewelry Making

Another fun hobby you can try is jewelry making. Create earrings, necklaces, or bracelets that are just your style. 

One of our RV Lifestyle members, Vicki, sells the jewelry she makes on Etsy. Talk about a creative way to make money while RVing.

Jewelry making includes many different options, including wire wrapping, leatherworking, and beading. There are all kinds of great starter kits available:

8. Travel Journaling

A few RVers mentioned travel journaling, and we were surprised more people don't do it. Instead of waiting until after their trip (and inevitably putting it off), they journal and scrapbook as they travel.

We have a few related articles to get you started:

9. Lego

Lego aren’t just for kids anymore! Some folks find it relaxing to build intricate lego sets while camping. 

One member, Jack, said that he plans to travel with his Lego train sets. You may think taking these tiny bricks camping will be a disaster, but you can use an organizer box to stay tidy.

As an RVer, I recommend starting with the following sets:

10. Gardening

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Did you know that people love gardening in their RV? If you have a green thumb, you can still enjoy this hobby on the road! 

There are many different creative ways that people garden from their RV, including show organizers and mason jar gardens! You can also use a portable garden box that is a little more traditional. 

11. Geocaching


Geocaching was also suggested, and a commentator on this article agreed it needs to be included on our list. Sheila says, “If you like treasure hunting and hiking, try Geocaching,” because that's exactly what geocaching is about.

Geocaches are small, hidden “treasures” created by people like you all around the world. You replace the geocache once you find it, but sometimes you swap a personal item inside, sign a logbook, or do other fun things with it.

You can go to to learn more about the world's largest treasure hunt. It tells you how to download the app, create an account, find a geocache, and share your experience.

Just keep in mind, that geocaching goes against the Leave No Trace pledge in protected parks and falls under the 10 Things Not To Do in a National Park.

12. Letterboxing

Letterboxing is similar to geocaching, but you hunt for a rubber stamp contained within a hidden letterbox. You then stamp your personal log book with your unique find.

What's really cool is that many of the rubber stamps are hand carved! So, this hobby combines art and adventure into one.

You can learn more by visiting It tells you about the history, how to get started, and the code of conduct participants abide by.

Once again, though, the Leave No Trace pledge all campers should make prohibits leaving letterboxes on protected lands. Be sure to read the 10 Things Not To Do in a National Park.

13. Activity Books for Adults

Kids are not the only ones that need entertainment when on the road. Adults need to stimulate their minds and creativity, too!

Doing crafts and activities is good for you, especially if you need to calm your nerves while riding shotgun. Many studies show the positive effects of occupying your mind (especially as you age!).

Or perhaps you want to pass the evenings at camp with more than a book or a movie. It’s always good to mix things up.

We have an entire list of the Best Activity Books for Adults for you to check out.

Bonus Hobby: Trying New Camping Recipes!


Trying new camping recipes is a great way to spend your time and feed your tummy! Our sister site,, has a wonderful variety of camping recipes, and new ones are added regularly.

Here's a small sample of recipes you can try:

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Bored?! 13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing 4

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Published on 2023-11-25

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27 Responses to “Bored?! 13 Unique Camping Hobbies to Do While RVing”

April 15, 2024at6:17 pm, Ginny Renslow said:

Caution to Drone Pilots! Most National Parks do NOT allow drones to take off or land within the park. Please check park rules before launching your aircraft. I was surprised at the number of National Parks and Monuments that do not allow drones.


January 02, 2024at9:01 am, Patty Wincek said:

Reading has already been mentioned, but let me add crocheting and watercolor painting.


January 02, 2024at1:00 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks, Patty! Team RV Lifestyle


November 26, 2023at5:04 pm, Beth Gorton said:

Kayak in good weather, knit in bad. Read, nap, birdwatch, do sudoku – the possibilities are endless!


November 26, 2023at1:21 pm, Doug MIller said:

Drone flying and photography


November 29, 2023at11:01 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

that sounds fun! thanks for sharing – Team RV Lifestyle


November 26, 2023at9:38 am, Vic Delnore said:

Ham Radio!


November 26, 2023at1:09 pm, Frank N7ZEV Kostelac said:



November 29, 2023at10:51 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Mike does like that one! Team RV Lifestyle


November 26, 2023at9:01 am, Fred Church said:

Tying flies! And of course fighting the dog for the feathers back.


November 26, 2023at8:38 am, Ron McCulley said:

Model trains, RailFanning, watching trains, chasing trains, building a train layout, visiting train museum’s, take a ride on a steam train, anything trains.
Union Pacific’s Baily yard in North Platt, Nebraska is very intresting so are model train shows.


November 26, 2023at8:36 am, Victor Giordano said:

Landscape and Macro photography of your travels on the road. Then create a photo book….


November 29, 2023at10:51 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for adding to the list! Team RV Lifestyle


November 26, 2023at7:44 am, Graeme Walker said:

Sending postcards via Postcrossing, see I have done it for the past few years in ‘travel’ mode. When you get home you mode to ‘normal’ and you’ll get a ton of postcards from all over the world.


November 29, 2023at10:50 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for the suggestion! Team RV Lifestyle


July 13, 2023at9:54 am, michael clark said:

This maybe to extreme ,bit how about picking up a book?


July 14, 2023at12:21 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

We love a good book! Team RV Lifestyle


April 04, 2023at2:26 pm, Jeffery Hammonds said:

Taking a nap.


March 29, 2023at7:13 am, Sheila Grice said:

If you like treasure hunting and hiking, try Geocaching. Visit geocaching . com to find out more.


March 29, 2023at7:48 am, Sheila Grice said:

And for any LEGO fans, search Wayfinding . com for locations of interesting LEGO sculptures around the world!


March 30, 2023at9:31 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

That is a fun one! Thanks for sharing, Sheila! Team RV Lifestyle


March 28, 2023at7:19 pm, Bonnie Joyce said:

You left out one of the best . . . LETTERBOXING! Go to and learn how to discover amazing new places you wouldn’t find any other way. You follow online clues to the box, then stamp your personal stamp into its logbook, and stamp the stamp from the box into your logbook. Then you log your find online. We have planted boxes in almost all of the lower 48 states on our travels. Trail name is VanGo.


March 30, 2023at9:31 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing, Bonnie! Team RV Lifestyle


March 28, 2023at11:01 am, Heather Borgaro said:

You need a hobby when camping? Grab a trash bag, take a walk and pick up litter.


March 29, 2023at7:03 am, Ken Parr said:

Excellent suggestion, Heather, and very environmentally conscious. Also, good exercise and takes up the slack of park employees who think that they are above doing it.


March 29, 2023at11:17 am, Billie Sue Patrick said:

I expected this response. There is always someone who has to be judgmental about how other people camp. But one more time for the folks in the back. “Camping” means different things to different people. Some people only camp on weekends or their 2 week summer vacay and they want to spend every second communing with nature. Others are full-timers who do everything in their RVs that one would do at home. My husband and I spend about equal time at home and on the road, and I always take craft supplies with me. I go into withdrawal if I go too long without making something, and I feel especially creative when surrounded by nature. Also, there are plenty of days when the weather makes it too miserable to be outside. My husband doesn’t craft, and he gets bored and antsy. However, he doesn’t question or criticize how I choose to spend my time. I think he is actually a little jealous that I can amuse myself so easily. You are quick to judge how others spend their time. What do you do when it pours rain for days? Maybe you have some suggestions for my husband, but I can tell you right now that he isn’t going to pick up trash in the rain.


May 10, 2023at3:12 pm, Backcountry 164 said:

No one criticized you. Your post was more “judgmental” than the one you responded to.


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