Off the Beaten Path: Kentucky’s Stonehenge

 Off the Beaten Path: Kentucky’s Stonehenge

Just a mile or so off I-65 south of Louisville in the town of Munfordville, KY, is one of those weird little attractions that offers a great excuse to get out of the RV, stretch your legs and say: “Well I'll be!”

Then get back in the RV and move on.

In this case it's Kentucky's Stonehenge, right smack dab in the middle of Chester Fryer's front yard. Yup. You read that right. A replica of the famed English landmark built by Fryer, who is said to have scoured over 1,000 acres of nearby Hatcher Valley Chester, relocatingnearly every large rock he could get his hands on in order to create his masterpiece.

Off the Beaten Path: Kentucky's Stonehenge 1

It's built to 1/3 scale and Fryer, a former Mayor, Magistrate and businessman of Munfordsville, is delighted to have folks stop by and traipse all over his front lawn. He likes to sculpt stone. He has a couple of other displays, a 13 foot high stone cross and a couple stone tablets with the 10 Commandments, along with some big rocks carved into the shape of cannons.

Like giant balls of twine and other roadside attractions, this is one of those quirky stops that make serendipity exploration so much fun.

To get there take exit 65 off I-65. Drive south on US Hwy 31W. Go about a mile. through two sets of lights and then turn right onto Lynn Ave., a small residential street. You'll see the Kentucky Stonehenge replica on your right. There's a street you can park on to take your photos.

We had no problem with our Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL Class B RV. The neighbrhood could also handle a Class C. But anything bigger is best advised to keep on the interstate and avoid the Munfordville exit.




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