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Praise God! 7 Ways RVers Attend Church While Traveling

| Updated May 30, 2023

Attending church is important to many RVers, but it can be challenging when on the road. Here's how real RVers attend church while traveling…

A Top Contributor in our RV Lifestyle Facebook group recently asked for advice regarding attending church while traveling. April posted:

“I would like to hear ideas on what you all do about attending Church (obviously if you attend) when you are traveling…”

April received nearly 500 responses with advice and encouragement, making it very clear this is an important issue for many RVers. So, we wanted to create this resource to share how RVers go to church while traveling.

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7 Ways RVers Go to Church While Traveling

Attend Church While Traveling

If you’ve ever read our About Me, you’ll know that Jennifer and I are regular churchgoers and have led in-depth Bible studies for many years. So, we had the same question as April when we first started RVing over 11 years ago.

At the time, there were really only two main options: visit a local church or do your own service. Sometimes we could attend campground services.

But today, there are many more ways to “attend” church wherever you travel. Here is how RVers from our Facebook group do it…

1. Take Their Church With Them (Online)

During the pandemic, tens of thousands of churches turned to online services out of necessity. They live-stream their services and keep them posted to be viewed at any time. 

So, many RVers simply take their church with them wherever they travel. They tune in (usually through their church’s website or YouTube channel) at their normal church service time or watch the recording.

This is what we do, too. The only limitation is you need wifi or cell service. But, in many cases, you can download the service when you do have wifi access or cell service and then watch it later. 

2. Join or Follow an Online Church

If your home church doesn’t have online services (or you’re not yet part of a church), you can join or follow an online church. You can start with a simple Google search or ask your friends if their churches have online services.

You can also refer to the Facebook comments from the post, as many RVers shared links to the online churches they attend.

3. Join or Start an Online Bible Study

Attend Church While Traveling

Many RVers shared they attend an online Bible study. Some even started one themselves. Again, this is easier than ever, thanks to the rise of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms.

Sometimes they meet weekly. Sometimes monthly. But what many of them do is encourage independent study and then reconvene at a designated time to discuss the lessons they’ve learned. 

So, a group of believers decide on a study (usually accompanied by a book or video series), and then study on their own and together depending on their setup.

Some helpful resources for Bible studies are:

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4. Attend a Local Church Wherever They Travel

Praise God! 7 Ways RVers Attend Church While Traveling 2

This is a favorite among RVers! Attending a local church is an excellent way to connect with a new community and learn about the area while connecting with God. 

It provides insight into a community better than any tour book could. It also widens your perspective on worship and church altogether. It’s fascinating to see how different communities worship and fellowship in different regions. It can open your heart and mind to a deeper relationship with God.

Many RVers simply google or enter “churches near me” into their GPS. You can narrow down the search by specifying your denomination (i.e., Baptist churches near me”). Then, select a church near you and go! 

If you’re Catholic, many commentators suggested using to find local Catholic churches and Mass times.

You can also plan your trip around visiting the 7 Most Beautiful Churches in the U.S. or hidden gem churches like the Hidden Saint Stephen’s Church.

5. Follow a Church or Theology Podcast

Instead of watching church service, many RVers tune in to church or theology podcasts. There are all kinds of religious podcasts available, from sermons to Bible studies to daily devotionals and more.

It’s a wonderful option for long road trips as you can listen while you drive. You can peruse your podcast app for options or google “best (enter denomination or interest) podcast (current year).” 

Most podcast episodes are downloadable. So, you can download a series before your trip, then listen off-grid. 

6. Join or Start a Campground Service or Bible Study

Attend Church While Traveling - create your own

Back in the day, many campgrounds hosted church services right onsite. And guess what! Many still do today. 

Some of these services are self-led, where believers convene at a certain time and play worship music or talk about the Bible. It’s a very open, welcoming experience where multiple denominations often come together. 

Other times, a person will have been selected to give a sermon, which anyone is welcome to listen to. A few songs of worship music are usually played, as well. If you’re lucky live music will be available!

This is a wonderful way to not only attend church while camping but also to make friends while camping.

7. Conduct Their Own Church Service or Quiet Time in Nature

Attend Church While Traveling while walking in nature

Many people replied to April’s post saying they conduct their own church service or quiet time in nature. As Suzanne put it, “Enjoy the church that is nature,” and marvel at God’s creation while spending time with Him.

They often sit down in the morning with a warm cup of coffee and a Bible or devotional in hand. Many listen to the sounds of nature or pop in earbuds with their favorite worship songs.

It’s certainly a great way to attend church when there is no church nearby or internet service available. And, of course, a great way to connect with God in general.

Some Tips for Attending Church While Traveling

  • Designate set “church times” so you don’t inevitably put it off for too long.
  • Be respectful of different churches’ ways of doing things. Sometimes different forms of worship may feel uncomfortable to you, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. 
  • If you attend a local church and realize mid-service that they don’t align with your beliefs, you can quietly and respectfully slip out the back. Or, you can respectfully remain through the service and try to take something beneficial or interesting from the experience.
  • Try multiple ways of going to church while RVing! You can try different ways to see which suits you best or enjoy multiple methods at a time. For instance, you can listen to a podcast while you drive, attend local churches when camping nearby, and “attend” your home church service online. 
  • If overnighting at a church, be sure to ask their permission and follow the unwritten rules of parking overnight. That article is for Cracker Barrel, but the rules are essentially the same.

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2023-05-28

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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May 28, 2023at10:48 pm, Matheau Giovannetti said:

Love this post! I also would recommend checking out ACMNP. That is short for A Christian Ministry In The National Parks. You can go to their website and see where and what time services are! My wife and I just served in this ministry in the Everglades National Park over the winter and are now serving in Acadia National Park for the summer/fall!


May 30, 2023at9:21 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for adding this information, Matheau! Team RV Lifestyle


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