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STAY COOL While Camping with these 10 Summer Gadgets

| Updated Jul 4, 2023

These nifty summer gadgets will help you, your family, and your dog stay cool while camping this summer…

Oh, Summer! The wonderful time of year when the sun shines, and campers flock to their favorite destinations!

The sun's warm rays make us feel happy and alive and…. hot. Sometimes too hot.

That's where these cool gadgets come in. They will help you, your kids, and your dog stay cool while camping!

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A Quick Tip to Keep Your Cooler Cold!

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We just want to share a quick tip with you before we jump into the cool summer gadgets. We discovered a great way to keep your food or drinks cool while camping.

These poly ice packs can help keep your cooler cold for 2-3 days and remedies a couple other issues you may not know. They are called Herolily Ice Packs and you can get them from the show vendor's website at the best prices.

10 Summer Gadgets to Stay Cool While Camping

The following are seven gadgets that can help keep you and your family cool this summer (including your dog!). From fans to a cooling hoodie, don’t get stuck in the heat! 

1. Portable Neck Fan

One way to stay cool this summer is to use a neck fan. Many folks get sweaty on their head and neck, especially around the top of their shirt. 

This neck fan helps fix that issue. Simply turn it on and place it around your neck. 

It will help keep your entire body cool. The best part is that it’s hands-free, so you can do whatever activity you want. 

2. Handheld 3-in-1 Fan

This 3-in-1 fan is quite convenient. Its small size can easily fit in your pocket or bag, which is ideal when traveling. 

This great gadget also has a flashlight and backup power bank option. So not only can you enjoy the fan, but the backup light and power bank can get you out of a pinch when traveling. 

3. Cooling Patches

Another option to keep cool is to use a cooling patch. These patches can be adhered to most parts of your body, like your forehead or neck. 

They can help you feel cool and even help alleviate side effects from heat, like headaches. The cool thing is that these patches do not need a freezer to work!

They are also safe to use with everyone at the campsite, including babies!

4. Portable Waist Fan

Another great, hands-free fan option to keep you cool when it's hot is a wasit fan. This little fan clips onto your waistband or belt. It blows cool air inside your clothes in an upward fashion. 

This is fantastic for those folks that get sweaty backs or chests and want to put that sweat to good use! Blowing it off your skin will cool you off like a swamp cooler does at home.

Since it is hands-free, you can easily wear it while doing other activities.  It comes with a strap so that you can wear it around your neck as well.

Conveniently charge the fan using the 2A USB charger. Charged fans will operate for up to 23 hours. 

5. Cooling Towels

Another option that can help keep you cool during hot summer temps is a cooling towel. This four-pack comes in four distinct colors. 

The way it works is simple. Wet the towel and then wring out the water. Next, shake it out and then use the towel. 

Some folks like putting it over their head, while others prefer to put it around their neck. You can also use it to wipe over your arms and legs. Not only will it cool you down, but it can also help you feel cleaner when camping at a dusty location. 

6. Maginno Neck Cooling Tube

If a neck fan does not sound appealing, there is another neck cooling option for you. This neck cooling tube is a hands-free cold ice pack that sits around your neck. 

The cooling tube can help regulate your body temperature and last anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours. 

This option will not work for folks that do not have a freezer but can be a great option for those that do. 

7. Mission Cooling Hoodie Towel

Have you heard of a cooling hoodie? If not, don’t worry you are not alone. 

This lightweight hoodie is made from polyester and can be machine washed. It also provides UPF 50 sun protection for your head. 

The way this works is similar to the cooling towels I have already mentioned. You get the hoodie wet, wring it out, shake it, and put it on your head. 

Now I know that wearing a hoodie sounds like a hot option in the summer sun. But this hoodie will keep you cool in many conditions. 

It is a great option when hiking in the sun because it can provide sun protection while also helping keep your core temperature cool. 

You can also enjoy this gadget while milling around your campsite and not enjoying your RV’s air conditioning (if you have it). Whether cleaning your campsite or chopping wood, throw this hoodie on to keep you cool while doing it. 

You can also try it when it's time to sit down, put your feet up, and take a quick afternoon nap!

8. YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler

This gadget will help you stay cool by keeping your drinks cold. This YETI tumbler lives up to the brand by keeping your drink cold (and ice frozen!) for hours!

We were initially scared to look at the price tag since it's YETI, but it's surprisingly affordable considering how well it works. It might be worth the money if you don't lose it the first summer you use it.

(By the way, we have an article on Coolers Like YETI but Cheaper.)

9. Freezer Cup

Alright, since we included the YETI tumbler, we gotta include this wine freezer cup. These tumblers can be used with any beverage, not just wine. So throw in iced tea, soda, water, wine, or anything else you care to

Stick these cups in the freezer when they are not being used. Then when you are ready for a beverage, it is ready to go. 

The freezer will freeze the cooling gel that helps keep your drink cool even in hot temperatures. 

10. Cooling Dog Bandana

STAY COOL While Camping with these 10 Summer Gadgets 1

Don't forget about your pooch when figuring out how to stay cool this summer. This cooling dog bandana is a great start. It works just like cooling neck towels for humans.

But, that's not the only cooling gadget you can get your dog. We have an entire article dedicated to keeping your dog cool.

See all the ways to keep your dog cool while camping…

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