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Another Rough Winter Day in Florida

| Updated Jan 5, 2014

orange2I've got it tough down here in Florida, and I expect some sympathy as you listen to my tale of woe. First of all, I had to get the orange crop in. This duty falls to the male with the least seniority in the family – makes me regret not having kids.

orange3First thing this morning, off I go with the ladder and the picker, filling the wheelbarrow with oranges. Backbreaking work, I tell you. After I get back from the beach in a few days I'm gonna have to squeeze all of them and freeze the juice for my parents' yearly supply of OJ.

camelliaWhile I was picking the oranges I had to be careful not to damage all the January-blooming flowers – the poinsettias and camellias. It's just one thing after the other down here. Can't hardly turn around without running into some growing or blooming thing.

storkOh yeah, the beach. As I told you in my last entry, I snagged three nights at Gamble Rogers State Recreational Area down near Flagler Beach. MORE work – pack the dishes, hit the grocery store for supplies, drive down that long stretch of monotonous A1A with nothing but the ocean to look at. Poor me. I did spot three wood storks on the way, which helped relieve the tedium.

gamble2014Check in, find our spot, plug in, and set up the dishes… it never ends. Now I gotta cook dinner and watch the waves roll in as the sun sets over the Intracoastal Waterway on the inland side of the barrier island we're on. I tell you, life is rough down here in Florida.




If you don't believe me, ask Fiona the Fearless Kitty.  She longs for the days less than three weeks ago when she was tromping through the snow, looking for a bare spot of frozen ground to try to dig a hole in. See that look of anguish on her face? She does like how the ocean picks up the blue of her eyes, though, so that's some consolation.

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Published on 2014-01-05

14 Responses to “Another Rough Winter Day in Florida”

February 21, 2014at8:57 am, Mary said:

Poor baby!

January 18, 2014at12:52 pm, Bobbi Braun said:

It’s 45 in Zephyrhills, FL. I know that’s warm for some of you but these Hawaiians are freezing.

January 18, 2014at9:27 am, Daniel J Diller said:

I almost can’t stand you, 14 in Lima Oh and snowing

January 17, 2014at9:40 pm, Keith Burgard said:

I used to pick oranges in Pasco county FLA.

January 05, 2014at11:22 pm, Maureen said:

Fiona rules!!!!

January 05, 2014at7:33 pm, Mary Z said:

Hey not too bad along the Oregon 71 in Bookings, but we could use some rain.

January 05, 2014at7:15 pm, Sue and Joe said:

We feel your pain. This is our first winter in FL and it is quite a burden. We have had to spend way too much money on sunscreen and ice. Looking forward to meeting you at the Tampa RV Show. Hopefully, our paths will cross.

January 05, 2014at6:37 pm, Sharon said:

Ah, a sad, sad tale. Life is tough sometimes, isn’t it? Stay strong. You’ll get through it somehow!!!

January 05, 2014at6:23 pm, Laura H P said:

How do you manage? We’d love for you to plug in at our place. Plenty of room, lots of beautiful white scenery…no waves crashing but the sound of snow drifting is a haunting melody you won’t soon forget. We’ll leave the light on for you! 🙂

January 06, 2014at7:53 am, Campskunk said:

if you left the light on for me, you’d be wasting electricity 😉

January 05, 2014at6:06 pm, Diane said:

Hee, hee… that is all coming to an end … real soon! I saw the weather forecast! Or maybe, you are heading to Key West??

January 05, 2014at6:11 pm, Campskunk said:

i wish those durn yankees would keep their cold weather up north where it belongs – i slid south a hundred miles so when the cold air gets here tomorrow night it’ll only go down to 30 or so and then bounce right back up. no need to winterize. being right on the water helps.

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