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How to Keep Your Dog Cool While Camping (10 Great Products)

| Updated Apr 30, 2022

Here are great products that will help keep your dog cool while camping…

From the day we hit the open road, Jennifer and I have had a furry companion right alongside us. Though we’ve lost our pioneering road dog, Tai, his successor Bo is upholding his dog-venturing legacy.

Traveling with a large Norwegian Elkhound, however, presents its own challenges. One of the main ones is how to keep our big furry dog cool.

We’ve learned some great tricks and picked up some helpful products along the way, which I’m going to share with you today.

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Heat-Related Risks for Your Dog

Keep Your Dog Cool While Camping - Bo and Jennifer
Bo and Jennifer

Dogs are resilient, well-adapted creatures but every breed is still at risk of succumbing to heat-related ailments. There’s no point in sugarcoating that heatstroke, sunburn, and contact burns can seriously ail and even kill your dog.

It is certainly worth mentioning first that dogs always need to have access to water and shade. Plus, they should not be left inside a vehicle or enclosed space when the temperature is greater than 70 degrees F.

But, dogs don’t just overheat from being left in the heat. They can also easily overheat from overexertion! The following products will help keep your dog cool while camping and protect them from heat exposure.

Products to Keep Your Dog Cool While Camping

We’ve been grateful for our fellow RVers who’ve introduced us to a lot of these great products and camping hacks for dogs. We hope they help you as much as they’ve helped us and Bo!

1. Shaded & Elevated Dog Bed

This cooling dog bed gets your dog off the ground while keeping them shaded. The meshed hammock-like bed allows air to flow around the dog to help keep them cool. 

The arched canopy gives your dog a nice shade cover throughout the day. It all collapses down into a convenient carrying bag to easily store in your RV.

2. Cooling Mat

If you need to take cooling up a notch, this cooling mat will help cool down your pet after a vigorous hike or keep them cool on a hot day. 

This mat is pressure-activated and doesn’t require electricity, refrigeration, or water. The patented gel formula automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use.

3. Cooling Dog Bandana 

This is a breathable “ice collar” for dogs that can keep your dog cool while camping for hours. You simply dip it in water, squeeze it out, and put it around your dog’s neck.

To make it cooler, you can pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes before putting it on your dog. He’ll be nice and cool and look cool with this bandana.

4. Nose Balm for Dogs

This moisturizing nose balm helps protect your dog’s snout from harmful RV rays and sunburns. It’s highly recommended for light-colored dogs, but every dog’s nose is susceptible to burning if exposed to the sun.

This balm is also great for treating dry and cracked noses. Plus, it’s water-resistant so it’ll last at the beach, lake, or splashing in a river.

5. Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax

This product was made for Canadian dog sled drivers to protect and treat their hard-pushing dogs’ paws.

This wax works like an invisible boot that protects your dog’s paws against sand, hot pavement, snow, and salt. It’s made with only the highest quality 100% Natural Food-Grade waxes and oils. 

Hunters, city dwellers, and travelers swear by this product.

6. Collapsible Water Bowls

These collapsible water bowls hook right onto your belt loop or backpack. It comes in a set of 4 so you can keep one on your beach bag, hiking backpack, leash, and any other pack you frequently use.

Of course, they work for dog food, too. They’re super lightweight so you don’t have to worry about them weighing you down.

7. Dog Water Bottle

This nifty product is an alternative to collapsible water bowls as it is both a water bottle and water bowl in one product.

It has a lightweight, durable, and pliable design that’s easy to carry. It’s leak-proof yet easy to dispense water for your furry friend.

8. Dog Life Jacket

Sometimes the easiest way to keep your dog cool while camping is to let them play freely in the water! This dog life jacket allows them to do that safely. 

Even the best dog swimmers get tired, so it’s recommended that all dogs wear a dog life jacket in deep waters or in crashing waves. 

9. Dog Sunglasses

Keep Your Dog Cool While Camping - sunglasses

These won’t keep your dog cool while camping, but they will protect their eyes from the harsh sun that’s making them hot in the first place. That’s I thought they were worth adding to this list.

Dog sunglasses keep your pooch’s eyes protected from UV rays, wind, and dust. These are especially recommended in the snow, where the light reflects off the icy ground.

There are some great options for large breeds and small breeds.

10. Dog Sunscreen

If you have a light-colored or short-haired dog, you may need to give them extra sun protection with dog sunscreen. 

Short-haired terriers, dalmatians, and similar breeds are prime candidates for this product. Not to mention hairless breeds!

This is a non-greasy, non-oily product and easy to spray on your pet from paws to tail.

More Great Dog Accessories for Camping

All of the above are great ways to keep your dog while camping and protect them in the sun. But I have even more recommendations for you! 

I encourage you to check out my list of the 10 Best Pet Accessories for Camping, too. It’ll help you be fully prepared for anything while traveling with (wo)man’s best friend.

You can check out our full shopping list of dog camping gear, too.

Plus, I ask that you please share any of your recommendations for pet products in the comments section below. We’re always on the lookout for better ways to take care of Bo and help our fellow RVing dog-lovers out.

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BONUS Items for your Dog


10 Best Pet Accessories for Camping with Your Dog 1

This compact first aid kit is specially designed for your pet. It even comes with an LED safety collar and a collapsible water bowl.  

Its contents can be used for everyday tick removals and small cuts to emergency situations. Its small yet holds a lot with its tri-fold design. 

We highly recommend you keep this right alongside your human first aid kit.

And don't forget to utilize a pet monitor if you leave your dog in your RV!

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