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Fall Foliage: 5 Awesome RV Destinations for Fall Color

| Updated Aug 23, 2023

We have some awesome RV destinations for fall color to share with you! Whether you consider autumn the grand finale to summer or the calm before the storm of winter, few can argue that fall foliage delivers some of the most stunning scenery all across the country. 

Obviously, different places deliver peak fall color seasons at different times, so be sure to do some research ahead of time to ensure you aren’t too early or too late.

There are many great RV destinations for fall color, but we want to narrow it down to a manageable list. I also encourage you to share your favorite RV destinations for fall colors in the comments below. 

To get this conversation started, and in no particular order, here are our five RV destinations for fall colors.

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Why We Love Fall Camping

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We love Fall camping. RVing through all the beautiful colors and finding great sites to stop, take a break, and just enjoy the nature around us.

In the above video, we show some of our favorite places to go fall camping and boondocking.

5 Awesome RV Destinations for Fall Color

Among our favorites, of course, are many in our home state of Michigan. We have shared lots of our adventures through Michigan, and even have TWO Michigan RV Adventure Guides with complete itineraries.

1. Williamstown, Massachusetts – Fall colors in New England

It's fitting to start the list of our favorite RV destinations for fall colors with a location in New England since it's a destination for so many seeking fall colors. Williamstown, Massachusetts, is one of many beautiful communities in the Berkshires.

The Berkshires refers to a highland region in Massachusetts and is a rural getaway for many in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

Fall colors in this region are an incredible range of hues. Dark crimsons, bright oranges, and sunny yellows are accentuated against deep greens delivered by evergreen trees and the trees yet to change colors.

If you're looking for a place to start exploring the mountains and forests near Williamstown, Mount Greylock (especially the Stony Ledge Trail) is a wonderful destination. Alternatively, there a few scenic driving tours in the Berkshires you shouldn't miss.

When to Go: Late September through October.

2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee & the Great Smoky Mountains

photo at Gatlinburg TN one of the great RV destinations for fall color
The Gatlinburg, TN area near the Great Smoky Mountains is one of America's great RV destinations for fall color

When it comes to the best RV destinations for fall colors in the nation to see fall foliage, the Smoky Mountains deserves to be at the top of the list.

Gatlinburg is at the top of the list of Smoky Mountain towns to visit because of its great location at the entrance to Great Smoky National Park. More than 100 native tree types grow in the Smoky Mountains, including sugar maples, hickories, sweetgums, scarlet oaks, and red maples.

That means visitors get a spectacular show if their timing is just right. There are many trails in the National Park. Plenty of the trails lead to some stunning waterfalls, as well.

I wrote a post about the area many years ago that can be found here, if you're interested in learning more.

When to Go: Mid-October to early November

3. Hood River, Oregon – Best Fall Colors in the Northwest

Hood River, Oregon, a small town of about 7,000 people, is right in the Columbia River Gorge and just a stone's throw away from the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The Columbia River that cuts through the landscape divides Oregon and Washington and is fed by many amazing waterfalls.

With firs, cottonwoods, maple, ash, and pines, all the spectacular fall colors are present in this already breathtaking canyon. There are many ways to explore the fall foliage.

Bikers can tackle the Historic Columbia River Highway Trail. Hikers can take on the Multnomah Falls Trail to soak in both the fall colors and the stunning waterfall. Kayakers might even want to make their way down the Columbia River. It is one of the most spectacular RV destinations for fall colors.

When to Go: Mid-September to mid-October

4. Aspen, Colorado – Spectacular Yellow Fall Colors

With a town named after a tree, it's got to be a fantastic place to see fall foliage, right? When it's not ski season, things are a lot more mellow, and it's the ideal place to see the aspens change.

Thus, one of the top RV destinations for fall colors. In this area of the Rocky Mountains, there aren't many other deciduous trees beside the aspens. In addition, the aspen groves that speckle the rugged mountainsides are covered in evergreens.

That makes their bright gold color stand out even more among the pines. If you're lucky, a trip to Aspen may also mean you can hear elk bugling in the evenings. Since late September and early October are when elk enter mating season, their majestic calls can be heard echoing out into the dusk.

The Maroon Bells — the most photographed mountain peaks in the U.S. — are the perfect place in Aspen to see colors in the fall. That's because when you travel here, a glacial lake reflects these craggy peaks. While the mountains tower above the treeline, the aspen trees below the treeline turn a stunning yellow. 

When to Go: The last two weeks of September

5. Taos, New Mexico – An Enchanted Circle Tour of Fall Colors

Wheeler Peak
Wheeler Peak

Those who seek genuinely unique RV destinations for fall colors travel to Taos, New Mexico. The big attraction is the aspen trees that turn dark orange.

The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway is a popular 83-mile loop that delivers a spectacular tour of these beautiful trees. (The Enchanted Circle was featured in an RV Lifestyle report about “Boondocking in National Forests.”)

As a reminder, the Rocky Mountains do drop down into New Mexico. The mountains are ultimately responsible for the evergreens and the magical aspens in the Taos area. The Enchanted Circle makes its way around Wheeler Peak, a mountain towering at 13,159 feet.

So aside from traveling the byway, there is plenty of hiking and exploring to do. Tao also offers a vibrant art and music culture, as well as historical landmarks.

When to Go: Late September to early October

Do You Love Stargazing, Too?

Look to the Stars! National Parks Stargazing Festivals (2023)

If you love beautiful fall colors, you probably appreciate the beauty of the night sky, too.

With so many stars in the sky and a universe so vast, stargazing helps put life (and all of our problems) into perspective. It’s one of the biggest perks of camping when you have an open sky filled with stars above you.

To make stargazing even more enjoyable, we've created a list of the best stargazing items to take with you camping…

And some of the best Fall colors are in Michigan!

Finally! Mike and Jennifer's Michigan Bundle
(Michigan's Lower Peninsula AND Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Fall Foliage: 5 Awesome RV Destinations for Fall Color 1

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You are in for a HUGE adventure with this ebook bundle of the best of Michigan for RVers!

Mike Wendland

Published on 2023-08-21

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19 Responses to “Fall Foliage: 5 Awesome RV Destinations for Fall Color”

August 12, 2022at12:39 pm, Leaf Peeping Map 2022: Plan Your Fall RV Trips | RV Lifestyle said:

[…] 5 Awesome RV Destinations for Fall Color […]


September 12, 2022at7:06 pm, Pam Martin said:

Michigan fall colors never disappoint us, it’s always beautiful in the fall


September 14, 2022at3:40 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

We have to agree! Team RV Lifestyle


September 17, 2020at8:09 am, 6 of the Best Fall Color Drives in New England | RV Lifestyle said:

[…] we’ve talked about “5 Awesome RV Destinations for Fall Color” and it did include Williamstown, […]


September 13, 2020at5:31 pm, Francine Rexrode said:

Have to add Shenandoah National Park and The Blueridge Parkway where you can enjoy many miles of fall colors starting in Va and ending in western NC.


September 12, 2020at10:08 am, Mike said:

I see no rv campsites as part of the katy trail state park. It is likely there are other Mo. State Parks w RV camping.
Mo. has wonderful, well kept RV campsites!!


September 07, 2020at7:49 pm, Michele said:

Letchworth State Park, Castile, New York in October. 14,000 acre Park in northwestern part of the state. Deep gorge, several big waterfalls, 600 foot cliffs, 66 miles of trails, campground with electric.


September 07, 2020at1:57 pm, Charlene Hall said:

Hwy 112 in New Hampshire.


September 02, 2020at9:40 am, Linda said:

Nearby we take a day trip to Baldwin City Kansas and the Maple Leaf Festival. Missouri has beautiful fall colors. Our favorite destinations are wineries and State Parks specifically the Katy Trail, a Rail to Trail designated as a MO State Park. We hop on and off the trail as we travel across the state but for sure stop at Rocheport which is a scenic town and a good out and back destination on the trail. Sometimes we continue on over the Mississippi (on a ferry if they are running) to southern Illinois and Shawnee National Forest. Tunnel Hill Rail to Trail is in the area.


September 01, 2020at9:36 pm, Richard Bonin said:

Vermont will not be disappointing.

Follow route VT-100 to see beautiful foliage, quaint little villages and towns, the Green Mountains,
Maple sugar locations and so much more.


September 01, 2020at8:34 pm, Susan said:

Taos is great, but New Mexico still requires 14-day quarantine for any non-residents.


September 01, 2020at4:50 pm, Beth Gorton said:

Vermont, of course – but, like anywhere in these days of Corona virus, check the Vermont State Travel Map to see whether you’d need to quarantine. Please wait until next year, when hopefully there will be a vaccine, if you are coming from a yellow or red county on the map!


September 01, 2020at2:06 pm, Cathie said:

Let me add one more: Anywhere in the Adirondack mountains from Lake George moth to Plattsburgh.


September 01, 2020at1:09 pm, Mike Wendland said:

Have never had a problem with bear or cougar… It’s their home and we’re just visiting but we follow all safety procedures… and carry bear spray


September 01, 2020at11:31 am, linda said:

California’s Eastern Sierra (Inyo and Mono Counties) are a big attraction. Just head north on Hwy 395 in Bishop up into Bridgeport and you won’t be disappointed.


September 01, 2020at10:11 am, Mark Hopkins said:

Sad news:
Oregon fall colors top pick – Multnomah Falls trail is closed due to recent fire damage.


September 01, 2020at9:57 am, Stephen Yiung said:

To Mike. You have some wonderful places to visit in America,
My Question. Is when camping in these woods, Surely you are concerned
About Black Bears, or Cougars. While out walking. Please explain how you manage to stay safe from these Animals
Thank You Steve Young


September 01, 2020at9:35 am, said:

Letchworth State Park in Western NY has been one of the best for fall colors.


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